Nikon Coolpix P1000 Review

Posted 10/07/2018 at 6:05 PM

Attention All Bird, Moon & Long Distant Photographers - the 125X Optical Zoom Nikon P1000 Has Been announced!

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If we told you before that you can take a clear sharpened zoomed-in photo of the moon with a digital camera, you would have thought of that as absurd. It sounds impossible then but fast forward to 2018, Nikon begs to differ. Now you can do that and more with its newest camera release.

The Coolpix P1000 will officially blast off and land safely in the palms of our hands with early shipping this September 2018. But as as with all big announcements like this, initial deliveries will be extremely tight.  Price for the Nikon P1000 is currently at $1548 plus we're giving away a BONUS  64GB SanDisk Extreme Pro SD Card if you want to secure stock early, we recommend placing a preorder as soon as possible.

You can place Pre-orders through our website, over the phone 02 9558 3116 or via email

The Coolpix P1000 is perfect for super-telephoto photography - think wildlife and astrophotography! It has streamlined operability and high resolution quality that is guaranteed to impress you. We set out on a mission to make sure that you know every nitty gritty detail of this zoom master that is the P 1000.

The P1000 comes equipped with a 125x optical zoom lens that can cover an incredible range of focal length. Its lens boasts of the world's highest zoom ratio at 24-3000mm equivalence. This doubles up to 6000mm if you use the Double Fine Zoom feature. If you want to push it further and it is inevitable that you want to go for 12000mm, you can use the camera's 4x digital zoom. You probably stopped to think about how far that is from where you're sitting or standing at the moment. If your forte is nature photography, you can capture photos of your subjects from a great distance - think birds perched high on trees or lions in the savanna. You can get so close without getting so personal with astounding clarity. We don't want to disturb relaxed lions, do we?

Sample photos of Nikon Coolpix P1000


Sample photos of Nikon Coolpix P1000

Just like its predecessor, the P900, it carries the same 16-megapixel, 1/2.3-inch sensor with an ISO range of 100-6400. A plus for the P1000 is that you can get the most out of your extremely zoomed images with RAW image capture. It also shoots at up to 7 fps (but only for 7 photos) with a fully articulating non-touch LCD screen and a 2.36M-dot OLED viewfinder. To make sure that you make the most out of shooting, the P1000 has added dedicated moon and bird positions on the mode dial.

The P1000 also has video recording capabilities with 4K/UHD videos at 30p or 25p as well as 1080p from 60 fps down to 25 fps with a manual exposure control and an external microphone input. Should you want to share your images right away or simply want to control it via your smartphone, it's packed with WiFi and Bluetooth using the new ML-L7 Bluetooth remote or the MC-DC2 wired shutter release. The camera weighs 1.4 kg. Maybe not as light as most digital cameras today but with a promise as a zoom master, we'll take nothing less.

We know this 125X Optical Mega Ultra Zoom Nikon Camera will be a big hit for many photo enthusiiast (including myself...) however, based on the interest for the P900, we understand it could be of  appealing to goverment agencies such as law enforecement (Police), SES, Park Rangers, Surf life saving clubs, rescuers due it's 3000mm zoom capabilities. So no matter what you're photographic requirements are, we can definitley cater for you. We're expecting initial shipments to Australia with an early shipping option here at Camera Warehouse early September 2018 at a tentative price of $1599.

Sample photos of Nikon Coolpix P1000


The new Nikon Coolpix P1000

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