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Camera Warehouse is the trusted and most-reviewed retailer of dslr camera in Australia. As a staple type of camera, slr cameras has become synonymous to professional photography. It’s an iconic piece of device that continues to capture perfect moments in history, but a wide variety of DSLRs exist today.

Canon slr cameras like the Canon EOS line come with amazing features unique to this camera type. Apart from high-level options and hundreds of interchangeable-lens models, DSLR cameras of digital single-lens reflex cameras contain a mirror inside the body, which reflects light coming from an optical viewfinder and a prism. Hence, DSLRs provides true real-time photography – which is critical in a lot of ways.

There are no lags in between the view and making the shots as visible in the viewfinder, contrary to mirrorless cameras and point-and-shoots. However, this means previewing exposure settings through the viewfinder is not possible – that’s it’s also called a professional photographer’s device.

One of the most popular iterations of our canon cameras Australia is the Canon 3000d, which is also dubbed as the best entry-level DSLR for beginners. It comes in very well with its features of 18mp, 22.3 x 14.9mm APS-C sensor, an eye-level pentamirror, 100 – 6400 ISO, and shutter speed range of 30-1/ 4000 sec.

On top of better battery life, our canon eos price is much cheaper if not much competitive with perks and benefits not seen in other shops. To learn more about what type of camera requirement you need, talk to one of our photographers today whether in-shop, online or via call today.


The Canon DSLR Cameras

Canon DSLR Cameras combine breathtaking image quality and superb functionality, something that all beginners, enthusiasts and professional photographers can look forward to experiencing with every interaction.

Regardless of whether photography is a profession or a hobby, Canon EOS DSLR cameras encourage creativity, with avant-garde features, natural design concepts and outstanding image quality combining to offer you the advanced performance you can relish and rely on.

They are easy to use and provide unprecedented flexibility with the use of the vast range of accessories and lenses available with the EOS system.

Below are some Canon EOS models from entry-level, mid-level, all the way to pro-levels.

Canon EOS-1D X Mark III

The EOS-1DX III is the most advanced camera in the world. It is a hybrid DSLR x mirrorless camera for extreme professionals. It sits at the top of all competing DSLRs and mirrorless CSCs boasting Smart Controller, Deep Learning AF, and uncropped 4k HDR and Video – perfect for events like the Olympics. It’s the currently the most sought-out Sports Photography camera in the world aside from Sony A9 II.

Canon EOS 850D

Also known as EOS Rebel T8i, the EOS 850D merges and succeeds EOS 77D and 800D model into one worthy DSLRs in the era of mirrorless cameras. This update highlights 4k video capture, DIGIC 8 processor and an ISO effective range of 100 – 25,600 (expandable to 51,200).

Canon EOS 90D

As a midrange DSLR succeeding the long-running 80D, the EOS 90D comes with a higher-resolution sensor, superb RAW quality, and live AF view while also having the capability to shoot 4k video captures. It is, in essence, a DSLR version of the EOS M6 Mark II, observable through the nearly identical camera features and highlights. This model also comes with a 220k-pixel metering sensor with face detect, 7fps burst shooting with continuous AF, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

Canon EOS 800D

The EOS 800d is an upper entry-level DSLR that comes with Canon’s amazing Dual Pixel AF technology. This puts it on par of even the latest DSLRs in the market with speedy AF speed and Live View accuracy in both stills and video. It also uses Digic 7 processor, which enables a 6fps shooting. Its other features include 24.2mp APS-C CMOS sensor – making it a versatile and good staple camera to have.

Canon EOS 5D Mark IV

With the fully expanded ISO range of 50 to 102,400, Dual Pixel AF, 61-point AF system, 4k video capturing, 8.8mp stills from clips and a 30mp CMOS sensor – the EOS 5D Mark IV full-frame DSLR is definitely a beast. This is already a semi-professional full-frame DSLR camera perfect for serious photography, portraits, studio work, landscapes and quick videos.

Canon EOS 3000D

The EOS 3000d is probably the most complete entry-level DSLR camera in the market. It comes with all the features that anyone starting off needs and might need. It boasts a good megapixel count for object photography, a standard APS-C sensor that guarantees perfect and crisp shots under that right timing and settings, and actual weight of 475g (already including the battery and memory card) making it a perfect all-around go-to camera for casual photographers. *currently out of stock

Canon EOS 4000D

Like the 3000d, the EOS 4000d is for maximizing functionality and sought-out features in every dollar. It’s a smart purchase for those who want the most basic DSLR in the Canon EOS line-up. It also comes with a large APS-C sensor, optical viewfinder, manual controls, and a good ISO effective range. However, it’s body composition is mainly plastic, which may or may affect the user depending on the intended use. *currently out of stock