Camera resources

  1. SD Cards For Your Camera


    We have found that it can be easy to find out the difference in cameras regarding their photo and video capability to make sure it’s right for your needs, however, even our own staff get a little stuck when it comes to choosing the right storage card to match your camera. We also frequently see people with

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  2. Tripod Designs

    Tripod Designs

    Every photographer from the cell phone snapper to the elite nature documentary knows that a wavering hand or heavy gust of wind can ruin an otherwise perfect shot. To accommodate these unforeseen forces, photographers began to adapt the artist's easel to hold a camera in place rather than a painting canvas. However, it goes further than simply being a stick to hold your camera though. Much like the majority of camera accessories, there are general and niche options available on the market today. So how do you decide which style tripod to get?
    The Different Tripod Options
    The world of photography has never been more accessible than it is today, with phone cameras capturing pictures with quality never imaginable for such a small device or extremely affordable high-quality mirrorless or DSLR's. This has led to more and more new photographers hitting

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  3. Tripod Heads

    Give Your Camera the Support It Needs


    Even the highest quality camera using the newest technology can't digitally compensate for every movement made by a swaying arm or natural handshake. This is where tripods and tripod heads come into play. What was once just a stable appendage for your equipment to sit on has now evolved to give many options to your exact style of movement and orientation needed to get the shot.


    Types of Tripod Heads

    With the improvements in camera quality, the possibilities of what could be captured facilitated the need to stabilize shots in all environments. Depending on your needs, each tripod head has something to offer. To find the best one though, we'll need to dive into each option and how they operate.


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  4. What Are Digital Camera Sensor Sizes

    What Are Digital Camera Sensor Sizes

     Digital sensor sizes 

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