Digital Camera Sensor Cleaning

If you are noticing dots or defects on your images or any physical marks on your image sensor; it's probably time to get your sensor cleaned.


We take the utmost care when assessing and cleaning your digital camera.

This is generally something that can be done whilst you wait in the store, however, if it is easier, you can arrange a drop-off and pickup time with one of our staff.

When you bring your camera in, we will check over the camera with you and then pass it off to one of our in-house technicians to perform the clean.

We will provide sensor cleans for any digital sensor; micro four third, APS-C, full-frame, and even and medium format sensors.


Full-Frame Sensors 



APS-C Sensors 


Micro Four Thirds Sensors 


Medium Format Sensors 


For more detailed information, you can contact us via Phone: 02 9558 3116, Email: or Visit us in-store at 395 Princes Highway, Rockdale 2216