Canon EOS R5 Mirrorless Camera

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  • 5 Years Australian Manufacturer Warranty
  • 8K Video Capability 
  • 120FPS 4K
  • 8 Stops Image Stabilizer with Coordinated IS2
  • Next-Level AF With Advanced Face and Eye Detection
  • Continuous 20 FPS Still-Shoots With Full AF and Auto-Exposure Tracking
  • 100% Frame Coverage for Exceptional Subject Tracking
  • Dual Card Slots
  • Large 5.76MP OLED Electronic Viewfinder
  • Perfect for Portraits and High-Speed Shots

The Canon EOS R5 is one of the highly-anticipated updates to its exceptional EOS R full-frame mirrorless camera series making the EOS R5 the pinnacle of mirrorless imaging technology.

The new R5 takes advantage of EOS R5 RF Lenses, which allows it to take highly detailed, sharp, and dynamic images beyond all possibilities of current technologies. What’s even better is that the R5 can shoot videos up to 8K, the highest video recording capability to date and guarantees the sharpest and most detailed shots possible for any camera.

With its prowess in providing high-resolution videos and stills, the EOS R5 uses an updated 8 Stops Image Stabilizer with Coordinated IS2. This next tier of image stabilization technology allows Canon to lessen the chance of having artifacts, glare, and ghosting in your videos and stills.

Additionally, the EOS R5 has the most advanced and capable subject detection in mirrorless cameras today. Thanks to its Dual Pixel CMOS AF Technology, the R5 has pushed the boundaries on what professionals can do and gives the ability to tell stories in larger than life resolutions. 

Get the latest and finest camera technology available to take your creativity to the next level with the Canon EOS R5!

Product Features in Detail

The Next Generation of Full-Frame CMOS Sensors
Canon has dedicated half a decade to develop an advanced full-frame sensor that will take the EOS R5's performance to the next level. With its new CMOS sensor and DIGIC processor, the EOS R5 raises the bar in exceptional stills and video recording capabilities. This advanced unlocks the gate to new and exciting creative possibilities. 

High Accuracy and Precision Subject Detection Features
One of the EOS R5's most notable features is its exceptional subject detection and AF capability. Canon's Dual Pixel CMOS AF Technology links together its Ultra-High-Speed Autofocus calculations. With these features, it can capture continuous shots up to 20 FPS while maintaining high-speed subject tracking. Furthermore, advanced Face, Head, and Eye-tracking capabilities make it one of the best when it comes to high-speed shots.

8K Levels of Possibilities
With its next-level CMOS sensor and DIGIC processor, the Canon EOS R5 can deliver exceptional 8K video with an average of 29.97fps. Furthermore, videos shot in 4K have an average of 120FPS, making shots taken by the R5 one of the highest and most exceptional qualities possible in current 4K video technologies.

Artifact-Eliminating Advanced Image Stabilization
The R5's 8-stops image stabilization with Coordinated IS2 features allows photographers to take slow shutter-speed shots with minimal artifacts from camera shakes. In doing so, videos have less blurring and need for extensive post-processing, allowing owners to focus instead on taking a shot of that perfect moment.

Automatic File Transfer Through Cloud Technology
Dual card slots make it easy to change and swap cards when memory gets full. However, using automatic cloud transfers performed passively with Image. Canon's cloud platform makes you worry less and spend less time managing your stills and video files while you're on the go.

Lens mount RF mount
LCD panel Dot-matrix display
Multi-controller Yes
Quick control dial 2 Yes
Rating button Yes
Depth-of-field preview button Yes
PC terminal Yes
Screen size Full frame
Effective pixels (max. approx. megapixels) 45
HEIF support (in HDR PQ shooting) Yes
Focus bracketing (depth compositing) Yes
Dual Pixel RAW Yes
Maximum burst
RAW SD card: 66 CFexpress card: 180
JPEG Large / Fine SD card: 190 CFexpress card: 350
Possible shots (at 23°C / 73°F, Screen, Smooth) 320
Movie recording size
8K DCI / UHD Yes
4K High Frame Rate (119.88 / 100.00) Yes
4K UHD (59.94 / 50.00) Yes
4K DCI 59.94, 29.97, 24.00, 23.98/50.00, 25.00, 24.00 Yes
4K UHD (29.97, 23.98 / 25.00) Yes
Full HD (59.94, 29.97, 23.98 / 50.00, 25.00) Yes
RAW movies Yes
4K HQ mode movies Yes
HDR PQ for movies Yes
Time-lapse movies 8K / 4K / Full HD
Canon Log
Bit depth 10 bit
Exposure control P / Tv / Av / M
ISO Auto setting Yes
10-bit internal (card) recording Yes
Built-in microphone Monaural
Picture Style Yes (Default value changed)  
Clarity Yes  
Type Electronic viewfinder (EVF)  
Dot count (approx.) 5.76 million dots  
Viewfinder refresh rate (max.) 119.88 fps  
Brightness adjustment Yes  
Colour tone adjustment Yes  
Fine-tuning colour tone Yes  
Dot count (approx.) 2.1 million dots  
Screen/viewfinder display (options based on whether screen is open) Yes  
Brightness adjustment Yes  
Colour tone adjustment Yes  
Touch-based menu screen magnified view Yes  
AF method
Face+Tracking Yes  
Spot AF Yes  
1-point AF Yes  
Expand AF area (above, below, left and right / around) Yes  
Zone AF 9x 9  
Large Zone AF vertical (max.) 9 x 21  
Large Zone AF horizontal (max.) 31 x 9  
AF zone
Horizontal: Approx. 100%, Vertical: Approx. 100% Yes  
Horizontal: Approx. 90%, Vertical: Approx. 100% Yes  
Horizontal: Approx. 80%, Vertical: Approx. 80% Yes  
Horizontal: Approx. 40%, Vertical: Approx. 60% Yes  
Eye detection (= Eye Detection AF) Eye detection  
Number of AF divisions available for automatic selection (max.): Still photos 39 x 27 (1053 divisions)  
AF zone Horizontal: Approx. 100%, Vertical: Approx. 100%  
Focusing brightness range *Except RF lenses with a

Defocus Smoothing (DS) coating
Still photos (with an f/1.2 lens, center AF point, One-Shot AF, at 23°C / 73°F and ISO 100) EV –6 to 20  
Movies (with an f/1.2 lens,
center AF point, One-Shot AF, at 23°C / 73°F, ISO 100, and 29.97 fps)
8K: EV -3 to 20
4K/Full HD: EV -4 to 20
Touch & drag AF Yes  
Servo AF characteristics (in still photo shooting) Yes  
Subject tracking settings Subject to detect People / Animals / No priority  
Still photo modes A+/Fv/P/Tv/Av/M/B/C1/C2/C3  
Movie modes A+ / P / Tv / Av / M / C1 / C2 / C3  
ISO speed (still photos)
Normal 100–51200  
Expansion for lower speeds (ISO equivalent) L: 50  
Expansion for faster speeds (ISO equivalent) H: 102400  
ISO speed (normal movies)
Normal 100 to 25600  
Expansion for faster speeds (ISO equivalent) H: 51200  
Metering brightness range
Still photos (at 23°C/73°F, ISO 100) EV –3 to 20  
Movies (at 23°C/73°F, ISO 100, center- weighted average metering) EV –1 to 20  
Zebra display (in movie recording) Yes  
Multiple-exposure simulation Yes  
Continuous shooting priority (CSP) mode Yes  
Safety FE (Automatically activated in continuous shooting priority mode)  
E-TTL balance Yes  
Continuous flash control Yes  
Shutter mode
Mechanical shutter Yes  
Electronic 1st curtain Yes  
Electronic shutter Yes  
Selection of shutter shutdown state Yes  
Shutter speed 1/8000–30 sec.
Mechanical: X-sync at 1/200 sec. Elec. 1st-curtain: X-sync at 1/250 sec.
High-speed continuous shooting + Mechanical shutter / Electronic 1st-curtain 12 (in A mode)  
High-speed continuous shooting
Mechanical shutter 6.0 (in A mode)  
Electronic 1st curtain 8.0 (in A mode)  
Low-speed continuous shooting Mechanical shutter / Electronic 1st-curtain 3  
High-speed continuous shooting + Electronic shutter 20  
High-speed continuous shooting Electronic shutter 20  
Low-speed continuous shooting Electronic shutter 20  
Bulb timer Yes  
Interval timer Yes  
Movie self-timer Yes  
Controlled by lenses Yes  
Controlled by camera Yes  
Co-ordinated control Yes  
IS effectiveness, in number of stops (still photos) IS-equipped lenses (co-ordinated control) 8.0 stops  
Movie digital IS Yes  
Based on focal length
(with lenses from which focal length data cannot be acquired)
DPRAW processing (portrait relighting, background clarity) Yes  
RAW image processing
Adjust face lighting (Auto Lighting Optimizer) Yes  
Clarity Yes  
HEIF→JPEG conversion 8K / 4K  
Voice memo Yes  
DPRAW processing (portrait relighting, background clarity) USB Type-C  
Wireless File Transmitter support Yes  
Overheat control (for movies) Yes  
USB Power Adapter PD-E1
Charging Yes  
Powering Yes  
WIRELESS COMMUNICATION automatic upload Yes    
5 GHz Wi-Fi support Yes    
Recording media CFexpress card / SD, SDHC, SDXC memory cards    
Card slots 2    
(approx. width x height x depth in mm, based on CIPA standards)
138.5 x 97.5 x 88.0    
Weight (approx. ** g including battery and memory cards) 738    
This product comes with 5 Years Warranty with Canon Australia. Our products are sourced from authorised Australian suppliers and therefore come with genuine Australian warranty. Camera Warehouse does not participate in 'Grey Market' or 'Parallel Import' activities.

Canon EOS R5 Mirrorless Camera (Body Only), LP-E6NH Lithium-Ion Battery, Charger, Camera Cover, Battery Pack Cover, Strap

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Canon EOS R5 Mirrorless Camera
Canon EOS R5 Mirrorless Camera


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