Celebrate Father's Day with our DJI Promo

DJI Father's Day Promotion

There's more to celebrate for Father's Day this September! DJI, together with Camera Warehouse, is offering a scan back promotion from 17th August to 7th September 2018.

In order to participate for this promotion, check if you fall under the following criteria:

  1. You must purchase selected DJI drones from Camera Warehouse.
  2. You must have purchased and activated the selected DJI drones during the promo period of 17th August to 1st of September.
  3. Serial numbers being provided of all units that are being claimed and must be submitted for verification by DJI.
  4. All claims must be submitted to a Camera Warehouse Sales Manager no later than the 14th of September 2018. Any claims made after this date will not be processed.
  5. All claims are subject to approval by DJI.

Here's a feature of all the eligible models and possible cash back you'll receive that are part of this Father's Day Promotion:

Claim a $241.18 cash back via DJI approval of these drones:

Claim a $105.88 cash back via DJI approval of these drones: