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The year ahead for Camera Warehouse

Posted 2/12/-1 at 10:00 AM

As the new year gets into full flight, I thought I'd take this opportunity to highlight some of the plans Camera-Warehouse has for the coming year.

Since taking on the Royal Express store in Sydney's MLC Centre, the company has gone from strength to strength, selling an increasing number of digital cameras, from a growing range of brands, and for increasingly diverse uses. We hope to continue this trend by:

  • using our growing purchasing power to offer you lower pricing than ever before
  • offering you more security by ongoing development of our in-house security policies and continued use of recognised Internet best practices
  • broadening the range of products available further to provide more choice of digital cameras, digital video cameras, accessories and more
  • continuing to bring you news of the latest developments in the Australian digital camera market before anyone else

Early in 2007 we hope to open a new office with a team of highly-trained, dedicated professionals, ready to help with any of your enquiries. At the same time, we'll be introducing new brands and product ranges to our portfolio, so that you can purchase all your photographic and digital video requirements from Camera-Warehouse.

Whilst it's not confirmed, in the latter half of the year we may also be opening new stores in 'other' cities in Australia, offering similar services to those of our Sydney store (photographic mini-lab and digital camera sales) to make Camera-Warehouse more accessible to our inter-state customers. More on this as it happens (I can hear the shaking of our competitors' boots already!).

Throughout the coming year, you can be sure that Camera-Warehouse will continue to offer you the best service and advice on buying a digital camera or digital video camera available.

Already this year Pentax have gained early market share with their K10D; Canon remains very popular with the EOS 400D; and Nikon's new D40 sets a new standard below $1000.

Camera-Warehouse 2007 Hot Topics:

  • Will FujiFillm's superb S5 Pro steal this year's industry accolades?
  • Will Canon release the long-awaited, eagerly anticipated, possibly fictitious EOS 40D...or will it be the EOS 450D...or the IXUS 1000...or EOS 4D (you pick a number)?
  • Will Sony remain committed to their Alpha 100 digital SLR range?
  • Will Pentax dominate 2007 with the K10D, or use their merger with Hoya to create a new optical masterpiece?
  • Will Sigma emerge as a force with their SD14 digital SLR?

All very exciting stuff, and you know where you'll get the answers to these questions first in Australia...right here at Camera-Warehouse.

For now, we wish you a happy and prosperous year!

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