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Pentax Binoculars Guide

Posted 1/07/2014 at 11:38 AM
Binoculars, also known as field glasses, are a pair of identical telescopes mounted together side-by-side to allow viewers to use both eyes when viewing objects from afar. Unlike telescopes, binoculars provide viewers with a three dimensional image, making the experience more powerful and memorable. Aside from eyeglasses, binoculars are the most used ocular instrument that’s why it is important to understand and choose the right and most suitable binoculars for you.


Good thing, PENTAX is here to make the selection a lot easier. PENTAX offers uncompromised optical instruments which provide great and memorable viewing pleasure.


Framework of High Quality Binoculars

It’s important for you to know what’s inside your binoculars. These specific elements dictate how your eyepiece will perform or function.


·        Body Structure

PENTAX Sport Optics is built to stand even the most extreme weather conditions and temperature. The rubber-armored casing is very sturdy and is designed to shelter the optical gears from shock and destruction. Despite the durability and toughness, these binoculars are engineered to give you the easiest control without compromising the performance.


·        Eye Relief

Eye relief is the distance of the eye from the surface of an eyepiece. Having a long eye relief will give you an extended time of viewing without having to worry about eye strain. PENTAX Sport Optics offers a long eye relief to give you that perfect and crystal clear view.


·        Lens and Lens Coating

Improve efficiency of light transmission and deliver bright, high contrast images with Super-Multi-Layer (SML) Coating. You don’t have to worry about those flares of light because these SML coated lenses pioneered by PENTAX will surely give you a clear view without the added eye fatigue during extended periods of observation. Also, these lenses are aspherical which means that they minimize possibilities of distortions and highly increase image vividness and sharpness.


·        Glass Prism and Phase Coating

PENTAX wants to give you high contrast images with our Sport Optics. The BaK4 Glass Prism has a perfectly round exit pupil and gives you nothing but a clear view. To give you sharper and improved resolution, the roof prisms are treated with high-resolution phase coating.


Suiting Yourself with the Ideal Pair


Different binoculars are made to meet a myriad of needs and applications. Choosing the right binoculars really depends on which activities you are going to use them. Binoculars can be used in travel, bird watching, astronomy, and sports events. Here are some factors that you should consider when buying your own pair of binoculars.


·        Magnification

Magnification refers to how larger the size of an image appears relative to the size of the actual object generating it. Binoculars vary in the degree of magnification. Some lenses have greater magnification, but these produce less bright image and smaller field angle. Binoculars of high-magnification are more prone to shaking and instability, so the use of tripods is highly recommended for these.



·        Field of View

Field of View or Angle of View refers to the angular extent that an image can be seen without moving the binoculars from any position or viewpoint.  It is important to note that pairs with a lesser angle of view are more suitable in viewing subjects from afar because these binoculars have greater magnification.


·        Image Brightness

The brightness can be determined by the exit pupil. The exit pupil is a virtual aperture in the eyepiece. It appears as a bright spot in the center of the lens. The larger the spot is, the brighter the image. In conditions of observation under poor lighting, binoculars with larger exit pupils are better because these give brighter images.


·        Roof Prism vs. Porro-Prism

Each kind of prism has its own advantages. The roof prism is engineered to give you a straight-line axis and a more precise ocular view. It is also more compact and easier to maneuver. The Porro-prism, conversely, gives you high-quality optics but is not that compact.



PENTAX Sport Optics offers you a wide range of choices, so you’re sure to find the perfect pair that is optimal to your needs. Here’s a snapshot of what PENTAX can offer:


·        DCF SP Series


It has hybrid aspherical lens elements for edge to edge sharpness in any lighting condition. Available in 8 x 43, 10 x 43, and 10 x 50.


·        DCF BC & DCF BR Series


It has open bridge design which lessens overall weight while improving handling and comes in protective rubber housing.


·        DCF CS Series


It has phase-coated roof prisms which provide high resolution, high contrast and sharp images. Available in 8 x 42 and 10 x 42 magnifications.


·        DCF NV Series


It comes with long eye-relief for comfortable viewing with or without glasses. It also has inner-focus optical design which increases durability.


·        DCF SW Series


It comes with high resolution phase-coated and super reflective coated roof prisms. It also has fully multi-coated lenses.


·        DCF LV Series


Available in 9 x 28 magnification, this product has nitrogen-filled waterproof (JIS Class 6) construction and has inner-focus optical design.


·        Marine Series


It comes with built-in compass and ranging reticle to determine distance from object. Also comes with long eye-relief for comfortable with or without glasses.


·        PCF WP II Binoculars


This series offers durable aluminum diecast bodies with full rubber armoring, high performance optics with BaK4 glass prisms, fully multi-coated optical elements and aspherical eyepiece elements for superior image quality. It can be used on or around water, and in any weather condition.


·        XCF Binoculars


At an exceptional value, this series offers many of the features of more expensive binoculars. It has fully multi-coated optical elements and BaK4 glass prisms which deliver exceptional image quality.


·        UCF Binoculars


These binoculars have dual-axis unibody design which gives compact portability in a durable design. Ideal for travel, these binoculars have unique design which prevents misalignment of the barrel and also have aspherical lens elements which add to the sharpness of the binoculars. The available series are UCP WP, UCF X II, UCF R, and UCF Zoom II.


·        Jupiter Series


Ideal for casual use, this series comprises feather-light binoculars with high quality BaK4 prisms and fully coated optics for superior image quality and minimal glare. It has a very compact and ergonomic body design that fits neatly into a pocket or purse.


·        Papilio Series


This series is very ideal for butterfly and insect watching, as it offers aspeherical lens elements, fully multi-coated optics and BaK4 glass prisms housed in a durable compact body. It also offers a totally unique close focusing feature, down to 1.6 feet.



The PENTAX PentaBright Technology is indeed the best solution for top-quality viewing. For more details about each model, just check out the brochures or visit


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