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New Samsung cameras announced

Posted 22/03/2007 at 11:21 PM
We're pleased to announce that we will very shortly be adding Samsung digital cameras to our range. This follows the recent announcement of the Samsung S850, S1050, S730and S630 digital cameras.

The appeal of Samsung cameras lies primarily in their value. The highest-spec'd of the cameras announced is the S1050, which comes with a 10.1 megapixels sensor and 5x stabilised optical zoom. The camera also boasts shutter speeds down to 1/2000 sec and ISO equivalent of 1600. Combined with the image stabilisation, this provides a solid basis to capture great images in difficult conditions, for example when there's low light. The camera is fitted with a 7.6cm (3-inch) LCD screen, uses AA batteries, and will sell for around the mid-$400 mark (TBC).  The S850 has similar features, but offers 8.1 megapixel resolution and a 6.2cm (2.5-inch) LCD screen.

The budget-level S730 and S630 digital cameras offer 7- and 6- megapixel resolutions respectively. Both come with Samsung's proprietary image stabilisation technology and a 6.2cm (2.5-inch) LCD screen. Price-wise, these cameras are likely to straddle the $200-mark (TBC).

All cameras will be available in April 2007, and will be available to pre-order in the next day or two.

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