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Go Loco over the Cameras of Lomo

Posted 25/11/2015 at 11:13 PM


While digital cameras provide convenience in terms of photo storage and dissemination, nothing beats the feeling of holding a tangible photograph. This is why despite technology is fast advancing, there are people who are still crazy of how pictures were captured and processed before. If you are one of them, then you’d fancy having one of the Lomo’Instant cameras which are now available at Camera Warehouse.

Features of Lomo’Instant Cameras

Beauty is an understatement when Lomo cameras come to mind. Aside from the artistic effects that it can induce to each image, they sport sleek designs that will satisfy any aesthetic preference. They come in two types: the regular Lomo’Instant and the Lomo’Instant wide which uses Fuji Instax wide film to develop the snapshots. Meanwhile, the basic Lomo’Instant uses the Instax Mini film.


Other than the difference in the film that they use, the Lomo’Instant’s features are the same. They have a maximum aperture of f/8 for brighter shots and they have a tiny mirror to the left of the lens for precise selfies. The Lomo also permits unlimited multiple exposures to combine several shots in one frame. If you wish to take light-streaked photos for light painting or night time photo shoots, you can also hold the shutter open for as long as you want to get the desired effect.

To get the most of your shots, you can also choose from the three shooting modes available. For starters, the Flash-On Auto Mode lets the flash adjust its intensity depending on the brightness it detects. Then, the Flash-On Manual Mode is perfect for indoor shooting and lets you switch between the N shutter for normal daytime settings and B for long exposures. Finally, the Flash-Off Manual Mode works best for long exposure shots at night.

Additional Accessories for Lomo’Instant Cameras

For further enhancement of photos, you can also use flash colour gels that come in red, blue, yellow, and purple. Also, the splitzer is available for slicing frames in halves, quarters, or eights. To hold your Lomo camera securely, a compatible strap is also available. Finally, you can bring more style to your photos by using any of the three interchangeable lens attachments: the close-up, the portrait, and the fisheye.
Available Lomo’Instant Cameras at Camera Warehouse

The Lomo’Instant Cameras come in basic Black and White colours. However, you can also choose between the classic Montenegro, the vibrant Havana, the zen-inspired Kyoto, and the rustic Sanremo designs. Meanwhile, the Lomo’Instant Wide comes in White, Black, and Central Park designs.

You can also check the Camera Warehouse Website for Lomo’Instant packages with the three lens attachments or the three lenses plus the splitzer. On the other hand, the Lomo’Instant Wide combos come with lens attachments, colour gels and the splitzer. All items come with 12 Months Genuine Australian Warranty.

List of Available Lomo’Instant Cameras and Accessories with Product Codes

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