Shimoda Explore DSLR Divider Kit

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  • Pocket divider
  • Horizontal folding dividers
  • Vertical divider
  • For storage customization
  • Tapered base
  • Made from compression-molded EVA
  • Single-layer wall design
  • Compatible with Shimoda DSLR Core Units

The Shimoda Explore DSLR Divider Kit allows greater customization inside your Core Unit. Each kit comes with five, nine-centimetre wide horizontal folding dividers that can change the layout into three, equally divided columns which allow you to line lenses on either side of a lens-mounted body. It's important to know that wider diametre lenses with large lens hoods are ideal for this type of set-up.

These dividers also fold in half to create shells or lids to keep loose gears in place. Meanwhile, the three vertical folding dividers allow you to create small spaces within your core unit, tight corners for narrow items like remotes and cables or make a more secure fit for awkward-shaped gear. Finally, the divider pocket is designed to store items like batteries, memory card wallets, or portable hard drives. It can be positioned as an actual divider or secure against a core unit wall.

This divider kit is sized to fit in Shimoda's DSLR Core Unit. Each divider is made from compression-molded EVA with a single-layer wall design. This eliminates frustrating battles with traditional velcro dividers. Each divider features a tapered base which allows simple, catch-free configuration. If you are looking for greater options inside your Core Unit, the Shimoda Explore DSLR Divider Kit is for you.

Product Features in Detail

More Gear Fit Options

The Divider Kit increases your options when fitting your camera gear inside a Core Unit. It also gives you more dividers to add to your existing set in case you lose some or just need more.

Pocket Divider

Stow and secure smaller items like hard drives, batteries and card wallets. You can place the pocket as a divider in between gear or fasten it to the inside of a Core Unit wall.

Vertical Folding Divider

Allows you to create new configurations not commonly found with dividers and inserts. Small drop-in slots and tight corners can be created for slim vertical items or for other customization needs.

Horizontal Folding Divider

Perfect for sub-dividing the height of a Core Unit.

Weight 0.2kg
Outside Dimensions 9W x 14H x 0.7D cm


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Shimoda Explore DSLR Divider Kit

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Shimoda Explore DSLR Divider Kit
Shimoda Explore DSLR Divider Kit
Regular Price A$73.00 Special Price A$65.70 save: A$7.30

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