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How to Protect Your Cameras and Lenses with a Wonderful Dry Cabinet

Posted 16/03/2017 at 12:34 PM

In this day and age of sophisticated camera equipment, keeping it in peak performance is a premium. Since the effects of natural weather cannot be controlled, humidity can cause moisture to accumulate in the camera or the lens. To maintain the top condition of delicate materials, it is best to store them in a Wonderful Dry Cabinet.

History of the Wonderful Dry Cabinet

The Wonderful dehumidification product in 1994 as the company started to create safety cabinets, camera bags, and waterproof cases. Then, the Legend Camera Services was created in 1998 to look after cameras, lenses, and other equipment. But due to the humid weather in the Australian coast, they always receive lenses that have to be cleaned for fungus. The company saw this as an opportunity to find a product that will absorb moisture and they discovered the Wonderful Dry Cabinet.

How the Wonderful Dry Cabinets Work

How Dry Cabinets Work | Camera Warehouse

Mould and moisture thrives in a moist environment. But once digital cameras and camera lenses are stored inside this anti-humidity cabinet, the moisture is absorbed to keep the devices dry and to prevent fungi from growing. A built-in induction hygrometer shows the amount of moisture the cabinet. To keep cameras and lenses dry, the moisture level should be kept within the 40 to 50 percent range. The same hygrometer does not require a separate power source to function. It also avoids electronic shortage because it is not connected to the dehumidification loader.

As the dry cabinet is constantly connected to a power source, it will initially be on stand-by mode and consume low energy. But once it needs to adjust the level of humidity, it will automatically work to keep the cabinet dry. Aside from digital cameras, camera lenses, and other photographer equipment, the Wonderful Dry Cabinet can also be used to dry seedlings, semiconductors, medical supplies, and paintings to name a few.

Wonderful Dehumidifier | Camera Warehouse

All of these dry cabinets have an electronic dehumidification controller with an up-and-down trapdoor and two dehumidify windows. As the trapdoor opens to the inside, the special, odourless moisture absorbing material starts to ingest moisture via the dehumidify windows. This decreases the level of moisture inside the cabinet. As the cabinet is plugged to reheat, the absorbent regenerates while the trapdoor opens to drain the moisture.

Whenever these cabinets absorb moisture, no electricity is used. With the dehumidification time lasting only 40 minutes, this cabinet is also saves a ton of energy. Meanwhile, the setting of preferred humidity level can be achieved through the controller that automatically switches off when the set level is reached. A Wonderful Dry Cabinet can reach low humidity for as fast as two to three hours granted that there are no items inside. Likewise, its structure enables effective moisture absorption throughout the year. Therefore, temperature changes or even power failure will not disrupt its function.

Available Wonderful Dry Cabinets

Wonderful AD-026 Dry Cabinet | Camera Warehouse

The smallest in the bunch is the Wonderful AD-026C Dry Cabinet which has a capacity of 23 litres and a weight of 9 kilograms. It has one carry tray that can be used to adjust shelf height and to efficiently use the space. Digital cameras and lenses can be kept dry in its interior that measures 28.5cm in width, 23.5cm in depth, and 34cm in height. Its exterior dimensions measure 30.1cm x 26.2cm x 37.5cm respectively.

Wonderful AD-041CH Dry Cabinet | Camera Warehouse

Next on the list is the Wonderful AD-041CH Dry Cabinet which has two carry trays and a capacity of 38 litres. This cabinet weighs around 12 kilograms and has interior dimensions of 31cm in width, 30cm in depth and 40.5cm in height. Its exterior measurements in width, depth, and height are 33.4cm, 32.8, and 44cm respectively.

Wonderful AD-051CH Dry Cabinet | Camera Warehouse

Another step higher and you get the Wonderful AD-051CH Dry Cabinet features three carrying trays for your camera  equipment. It has a capacity of 50 litres and weighs around 12.8 kilograms. Its interior dimensions are 31cm wide x 30cm deep x 53.8cm high. On the other hand, its exterior dimensions are 33.4 x 32.8 x 57.3 cm.

Wonderful AD-89CH Dry Cabinet | Camera Warehouse

For bigger cameras and camera equipment, you will need the Wonderful AD-89CH Dry Cabinet also has three carrying trays but with a capacity of 72 litres. It has interior sizes of 37.5 in width, 34.5 in depth and 54 cm in height. This dry cabinet weighs around 15.5 kilograms and has exterior dimensions of 41.9 x 37.3 x 59cm.

Wonderful AD-109CH Dry Cabinet | Camera Warehouse

A step further and you get the Wonderful AD-109CH Dry Cabinet which has four carrying trays that can support up to 106 litres of capacity. This cabinet weighs approximately 21 kilograms and has interior specifications of 37.5cm (W) x 34.5cm (D) x 79.5 cm (H). Likewise, its exterior dimensions are 41.9cm wide, 37.3cm deep and 84.5cm high.

Other anti-humidity cabinets available are the AD-108C (four carrying trays, 20.5kg weight, 103 litre capacity) which has interior measurements of 37.5cm in width, 34.5cm in depth and 79.5cm high. There’s also the large AD-128C which has four carrying trays that can be placed in any of its two doors. These trays can carry a maximum capacity of 142 litres while it weighs around 24kg. Last but not the least is the Wonderful AD-169CH Dry Cabinet which has a 147-litre capacity that can be distributed in five carrying trays. This 28-kilogram cabinet has interior sizes of 37.5cm in width, 34.5cm in depth and 110.6cm in height.

All Wonderful Dry Cabinets have removable carrying trays that can be placed to adjust shelf height accordingly. They also have a hygrometer to indicate humidity and an Internal Automatic Humidity Control which has three output settings: low, medium, and high. All cabinets also feature a clear glass door that allows you to see everything inside without opening.

Availability, Pricing and Warranty

Wonderful Dry Cabinets are available at Camera Warehouse. The AD-026C is worth $205 while the AD-041CH costs $265. Meanwhile, you will need $335 for the AD-051CH and $465 for the AD-89CH. The AD-109CH has a $585 price tag. Great for taking care of your cameras and camera equipment, all of these anti-humidity cabinets come with five years Genuine Australian Warranty.

Order your own Wonderful Dry Cabinet from Camera Warehouse now. You can call at (02) 9558 3116 or leave a message at [email protected]. You can also visit the physical store at 695A Princes Highway, Tempe, New South Wales 2044 or check the Facebook page. Camera Warehouse does not ‘Grey Import’ products or participate in Grey Market or Parallel Import activities. The prices reflected here are correct as of 06/03/2017 and are subject to change without notification.

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