Master Instruments Sony NP-FH100 Camcorder Battery


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  • Lithium-Ion
  • 2900mAh Capacity
  • 6.8 Voltage
  • 6.12Wh Power
  • Suitable for Select Sony Video Cameras
  • This Battery Also Replaces Sony NPFH30, NPFH40, NP-FH50, NPFH60, NPFH70, NPFH90l & NP-FH100
  • 9 Months Australian Warranty with MI Australia

Description Video and Camcorder Battery
Application Video and Camcorder
Original Brand Sony
Chemistry Lithium Ion (Li-Ion)
Voltage 6.8V
Watt Hour 6.12Wh
Nominal Capacity 2900Ah
Width 32mm
Height 18.9mm
Length/Breadth/Depth 45.1mm
Weight 41g
Suitable for Sony DCR-30 Sony DCR-HC26E Sony DCR-SR62
Sony DCR-DVD103 Sony DCR-HC27 Sony DCR-SR62E
Sony DCR-DVD105 Sony DCR-HC27E Sony DCR-SR65
Sony DCR-DVD105E Sony DCR-HC28 Sony DCR-SR67
Sony DCR-DVD106 Sony DCR-HC28E Sony DCR-SR67E
Sony DCR-DVD106E Sony DCR-HC30 Sony DCR-SR70E
Sony DCR-DVD108 Sony DCR-HC30E Sony DCR-SR72E
Sony DCR-DVD109 Sony DCR-HC30G Sony DCR-SR75E
Sony DCR-DVD109E Sony DCR-HC30L Sony DCR-SR77E
Sony DCR-DVD110E Sony DCR-HC30S Sony DCR-SR80
Sony DCR-DVD115E Sony DCR-HC32 Sony DCR-SR80E
Sony DCR-DVD150 Sony DCR-HC32E Sony DCR-SR82
Sony DCR-DVD150E Sony DCR-HC33E Sony DCR-SR82C
Sony DCR-DVD202E Sony DCR-HC35E Sony DCR-SR82E
Sony DCR-DVD203 Sony DCR-HC36 Sony DCR-SR85
Sony DCR-DVD203E Sony DCR-HC36E Sony DCR-SR87
Sony DCR-DVD205 Sony DCR-HC37 Sony DCR-SR87E
Sony DCR-DVD205E Sony DCR-HC37E Sony DCR-SR90E
Sony DCR-DVD304E Sony DCR-HC38 Sony DCR-SX40
Sony DCR-DVD304Q Sony DCR-HC38E Sony DCR-SX40L
Sony DCR-DVD305 Sony DCR-HC39E Sony DCR-SX40R
Sony DCR-DVD305E Sony DCR-HC40 Sony DCR-SX40S
Sony DCR-DVD306 Sony DCR-HC40E Sony DCR-SX43
Sony DCR-DVD306E Sony DCR-HC40S Sony DSLR-A230Y
Sony DCR-DVD308 Sony DCR-HC40W Sony DSLR-A330Y
Sony DCR-DVD308E Sony DCR-HC41 Sony DSLR-A380
Sony DCR-DVD310E Sony DCR-HC42 Sony DSLR-A390
Sony DCR-DVD403 Sony DCR-HC42E Sony HDR-CX100
Sony DCR-DVD403E Sony DCR-HC43E Sony HDR-CX100E
Sony DCR-DVD404E Sony DCR-HC44E Sony HDR-CX105E
Sony DCR-DVD405 Sony DCR-HC45 Sony HDR-CX106E
Sony DCR-DVD405E Sony DCR-HC45E Sony HDR-CX11E
Sony DCR-DVD406 Sony DCR-HC46 Sony HDR-CX12
Sony DCR-DVD406E Sony DCR-HC46E Sony HDR-CX12E
Sony DCR-DVD407E Sony DCR-HC47 Sony HDR-CX12MS
Sony DCR-DVD408 Sony DCR-HC47E Sony HDR-CX300
Sony DCR-DVD410E Sony DCR-HC48 Sony HDR-CX500
Sony DCR-DVD450 Sony DCR-HC48E Sony HDR-CX500V
Sony DCR-DVD450E Sony DCR-HC51E Sony HDR-CX520
Sony DCR-DVD505 Sony DCR-HC52 Sony HDR-CX520V
Sony DCR-DVD505E Sony DCR-HC52E Sony HDR-CX520VE
Sony DCR-DVD506 Sony DCR-HC53E Sony HDR-CX6
Sony DCR-DVD506E Sony DCR-HC62 Sony HDR-CX6EK
Sony DCR-DVD508 Sony DCR-HC62E Sony HDR-CX7
Sony DCR-DVD510E Sony DCR-HC65 Sony HDR-CX7K/E
Sony DCR-DVD602 Sony DCR-HC85 Sony HDR-HC3
Sony DCR-DVD602E Sony DCR-HC85E Sony HDR-HC3E
Sony DCR-DVD605 Sony DCR-HC94E Sony HDR-HC3HK1
Sony DCR-DVD605E Sony DCR-HC96 Sony HDR-HC5
Sony DCR-DVD610 Sony DCR-HC96E Sony HDR-HC5E
Sony DCR-DVD650E Sony DCR-SR100 Sony HDR-HC7
Sony DCR-DVD653 Sony DCR-SR100E Sony HDR-HC7E
Sony DCR-DVD653E Sony DCR-SR190E Sony HDR-HC9
Sony DCR-DVD703 Sony DCR-SR200 Sony HDR-HC9/E
Sony DCR-DVD703E Sony DCR-SR200C Sony HDR-HC9E
Sony DCR-DVD705 Sony DCR-SR200E Sony HDR-SR10
Sony DCR-DVD705E Sony DCR-SR210E Sony HDR-SR10/E
Sony DCR-DVD708 Sony DCR-SR220 Sony HDR-SR10D
Sony DCR-DVD708E Sony DCR-SR220D Sony HDR-SR10E
Sony DCR-DVD710 Sony DCR-SR290E Sony HDR-SR11
Sony DCR-DVD755 Sony DCR-SR300 Sony HDR-SR11/E
Sony DCR-DVD755E Sony DCR-SR300C Sony HDR-SR11E
Sony DCR-DVD803 Sony DCR-SR300E Sony HDR-SR12
Sony DCR-DVD803E Sony DCR-SR30E Sony HDR-SR12/E
Sony DCR-DVD805 Sony DCR-SR32E Sony HDR-SR12E
Sony DCR-DVD805E Sony DCR-SR35E Sony HDR-SR5
Sony DCR-DVD808E Sony DCR-SR36E Sony HDR-SR5C
Sony DCR-DVD810 Sony DCR-SR37E Sony HDR-SR5E
Sony DCR-DVD810E Sony DCR-SR38E Sony HDR-SR7
Sony DCR-DVD850E Sony DCR-SR40 Sony HDR-SR7E
Sony DCR-DVD905 Sony DCR-SR40E Sony HDR-SR8
Sony DCR-DVD905E Sony DCR-SR42 Sony HDR-SR8E
Sony DCR-DVD908E Sony DCR-SR42A Sony HDR-TG1
Sony DCR-DVD910 Sony DCR-SR42E Sony HDR-TG1/E
Sony DCR-DVD92 Sony DCR-SR45 Sony HDR-TG1E
Sony DCR-DVD92E Sony DCR-SR46 Sony HDR-TG3E
Sony DCR-HC16 Sony DCR-SR46E Sony HDR-TG5V
Sony DCR-HC16E Sony DCR-SR47 Sony HDR-UX10
Sony DCR-HC17 Sony DCR-SR47E Sony HDR-UX10E
Sony DCR-HC17E Sony DCR-SR47L Sony HDR-UX19E
Sony DCR-HC18 Sony DCR-SR47R Sony HDR-UX20
Sony DCR-HC18E Sony DCR-SR47S Sony HDR-UX20/E
Sony DCR-HC19E Sony DCR-SR48 Sony HDR-UX20E
Sony DCR-HC20 Sony DCR-SR48E Sony HDR-UX3E
Sony DCR-HC20E Sony DCR-SR50 Sony HDR-UX5
Sony DCR-HC21 Sony DCR-SR50E Sony HDR-UX5E
Sony DCR-HC21E Sony DCR-SR52E Sony HDR-UX7
Sony DCR-HC22E Sony DCR-SR55E Sony HDR-UX7E
Sony DCR-HC23E Sony DCR-SR57E Sony HDR-UX9E
Sony DCR-HC24E Sony DCR-SR60 Sony HDR-XR100
Sony DCR-HC26 Sony DCR-SR60E Sony HDR-XR150
Compatible with Sony NP-FH50 Sony NPFH40 Sony NPFH70
Sony NPFH100 Sony NPFH50 Sony NPFH90
Sony NPFH30 Sony NPFH60  
This product comes with 9 Months Australian warranty with MI Australia. Our products are sourced from authorised Australian suppliers and therefore come with genuine Australian warranty. Camera Warehouse does not participate in 'Grey Market' or 'Parallel Import' activities.

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Master Instruments Sony NP-FH100 Camcorder Battery
Master Instruments Sony NP-FH100 Camcorder Battery

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