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You are here : Home > Master Instruments DCB-NB2LH Rechargeable Battery

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Master Instruments DCB-NB2LH Rechargeable BatteryBookmark and Share

Categories: Master Instruments Batteries,
Master Instruments DCB-NB2LH Rechargeable Battery
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Main Product

Master Instruments DCB-NB2LH Rechargeable Battery $40.00 Ships tomorrow

Total AU$ 

* All prices include GST
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Product Summary

  • Lithium-ion
  • 750mAh Capacity
  • 7.4 Voltage
  • 5.55Wh Power
  • Suitable for Select Canon Cameras
  • Replacement Battery for Canon BP-2L5, Canon BP-2LH, Canon NB-2L, Canon NB-2LH, Canon E160814, Digital Concepts BP2LCL, Energizer ER-D120
  • 12 Months Genuine Australian Warranty

DCB-NB2LH is a replacement lithium Ion rechargeable battery for Canon BP-2L5, Canon BP-2LH, Canon NB-2L, Canon NB-2LH, Canon E160814, Digital Concepts BP2LCL, and Energizer ER-D120. It offers 7.4 Voltage with a normal capacity of 750mAh and 5.55Wh power. It is suitable for select Canon Cameras.

Product Features in Detail


Canon DC301 Canon MD100 Canon MVX350i
Canon DC310 Canon MD101 Canon MVX35i
Canon DC320 Canon MD110 Canon MVX40
Canon DC330 Canon MD111 Canon MVX40i
Canon DC410 Canon MD120 Canon MVX45i
Canon DC420 Canon MD130 Canon Optura 30
Canon DS126151 Canon MD140 Canon Optura 40
Canon Digital Rebel XT Canon MD150 Canon Optura 400
Canon ELURA 40MC Canon MD160 Canon Optura 50
Canon ELURA 50 Canon MD215 Canon Optura 500
Canon EOS 350D Canon MD225 Canon Optura 60
Canon EOS 400D Canon MD235 Canon PC1018
Canon EOS Digital Rebel XT Canon MD245 Canon PowerShot G7
Canon EOS Digital Rebel XTi Canon MD255 Canon PowerShot G9
Canon EOS Kiss Digital N Canon MD265 Canon PowerShot S30
Canon EOS Kiss Digital X Canon MV5 Canon PowerShot S40
Canon Elura 40MC Canon MV5i Canon PowerShot S45
Canon Elura 50 Canon MV5iMC Canon PowerShot S50
Canon Elura 60 Canon MV6 Canon PowerShot S60
Canon Elura 65 Canon MV6i Canon PowerShot S70
Canon Elura 70 Canon MV6iMC Canon PowerShot S80
Canon Elura 80 Canon MV790 Canon VIXIA HF R10
Canon Elura 85 Canon MV800 Canon VIXIA HF R100
Canon Elura 86 Canon MV800i Canon VIXIA HF R11
Canon Elura 90 Canon MV830 Canon VIXIA HG10
Canon FV500 Canon MV830i Canon VIXIA HV20
Canon FVM100 Canon MV850i Canon VIXIA HV30
Canon FVM100KIT Canon MV880X Canon VIXIA HV40
Canon FVM20 Canon MV880Xi Canon ZR100
Canon FVM200 Canon MV890 Canon ZR200
Canon FVM30 Canon MV900 Canon ZR300
Canon HFR106 Canon MV901 Canon ZR400
Canon HFR16 Canon MV920 Canon ZR500
Canon HFR18 Canon MV930 Canon ZR600
Canon HG10 Canon MV940 Canon ZR700
Canon HV20 Canon MV950 Canon ZR800
Canon HV30 Canon MV960 Canon ZR830
Canon IVIS HF R11 Canon MVX200 Canon ZR850
Canon IXY DV3 Canon MVX200i Canon ZR900
Canon IXY DV5 Canon MVX20i Canon ZR930
Canon IXY DVM3 Canon MVX250i Canon ZR950
Canon LEGRIA HF R17 Canon MVX25i Canon iVIS DC300
Canon LEGRIA HFR106 Canon MVX300 Canon iVIS HF R10
Canon LEGRIA HFR16 Canon MVX30i Canon iVIS HG10
Canon LEGRIA HFR18 Canon MVX330i Canon iVIS HV30

Included in the Box

     Master Instruments DCB-NB2LH Rechargeable Battery
     9 Months Genuine Australian Warranty

Warranty Information

     This Master Instruments DCB-NB2LH Rechargeable Battery comes with 9 Months Genuine Australian Warranty.
     Our products are sourced from authorised Australian suppliers and therefore come with genuine Australian warranty. 
     Camera Warehouse does not participate in 'Grey Market' or 'Parallel Import' activities.


Tech Specs

Description Digital Camera Battery
Application Digital Still Camera
Original Brand Canon
Chemistry Lithium Ion (Li-Ion)
Voltage 7.4V
Watt Hour 5.55Wh
Nominal Capacity 750mAh
Width 33.3mm
Height 16mm
Length/Breadth/Depth 45mm
Weight 43g
Suitable for Select Canon Cameras
Compatible with Canon BP-2L5, Canon BP-2LH, Canon NB-2L, Canon NB-2LH, Canon E160814, Digital Concepts BP2LCL, Energizer ER-D120



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