Master Instruments CX1500 Video Camcorder and Camera Universal Charger


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  • For Select Lithium Ion Video, Camcorder & Digital Camera even NiCD/NiMH AA/AAA Batteries
  • 100-240VAC Input
  • 8.4VA Output
  • Switchmode SAA and 12VDC Car Plug
  • 9 Months Australian warranty with MI Australia

The Master Instruments Video Camcorder and Camera Universal Charger is used for select Lithium Ion Video, Camcorder & Digital Camera even NiCD/NiMH AA/AAA Batteries. It features 8.4VA Output with 100-240VAC input and comes with Switchmode SAA and 12VDC Car Plug.

Product Features in Detail


Elegant packaging
This universal battery charger comes attractively packaged in a clam shell than can be hung or free standing. The unit has a built in base plate & includes additional adaptor plates that will fit the majority of major brand lithium ion battery packs for Video/Camcorder/Digital Cameras.

Includes adaptor plate
Adaptor Plate now included for charging 1 to 4 AA or AAA size NiCd or NiMH batteries.

Fast charging time
Charging time - standard batteries will take around an hour to charge & high capacity batteries from 2-6 hours dependant on the battery capacity.

LCD charge indicator display
Features LCD charge indicator display.

Model No CX1500
Description Lithium Ion Video, Camcorder & Digital Camera + NiCD/NiMH AA/AAA Battery Charger
Brand Master Instruments
Input 12VDC via car cigarette lighter plug or 100-240VAC power supply included
Output Auto voltage detect 8.4VA. SAA, GS, UL, CE approved
Width 25mm
Height 130mm
Length/Breadth/Depth 72mm
Weight 400g
Inner Quantity 2
Outer Quantity 12
Compatible With: Aosta 024-910001-10 Master DCB-NB2L Panasonic DMW-BCC12
Benq 02491-0015-00 Master DCB-NB2LH Panasonic DMW-BL14
Benq 02491-0017-00 Master DCB-NB3L Panasonic DMW-BM7
Benq DLI-102 Master DCB-NP1 Panasonic DMW-BMA7
Canon BP-2L12 Master DCB-NP100 Panasonic PV-DBP5
Canon BP-2L14 Master DCB-NP120 Panasonic VQ-VBA12
Canon BP-2L5 Master DCB-NP20 Panasonic VSB0418
Canon BP-406 Master DCB-NP200 Panasonic VSB0419
Canon BP-407 Master DCB-NP40 Panasonic VSB0471
Canon BP-412 Master DCB-NP400 Panasonic VW-VBA05
Canon BP-422 Master DCB-NP60 Panasonic VW-VBA10
Canon BP-508 Master DCB-NP80 Panasonic VW-VBD07
Canon BP-511 Master DCB-NP900 Panasonic VW-VBD1
Canon BP-512 Master DCB-NPFC10 Panasonic VW-VBD140
Canon BP-514 Master DCB-NPFE1 Panasonic VW-VBD1E
Canon BP-522 Master DCB-NPFR1 Panasonic VW-VBD2
Canon BP-535 Master DCB-NPFT1 Panasonic VW-VBD21
Canon BP-608 Master DCC-NP-40 Panasonic VW-VBD210
Canon BP-617 Master VB-BP970G Panasonic VW-VBD22
Canon BP-911 Master VB-CGA-D54S Panasonic VW-VBD25
Canon BP-914 Master VB107 Panasonic VW-VBD2E
Canon BP-915 Master VB114 Panasonic VW-VBD3
Canon BP-924 Master VB120 Panasonic VW-VBD33
Canon BP-927 Master VB214 Panasonic VW-VBD40
Canon BP-930 Master VB220 Panasonic VW-VBP10
Canon BP-950G Master VB221 Pentax D-L12
Canon BP-970G Master VB2L12 Pentax D-LI50
Canon NB-1L Master VB312 Pentax D-LI7
Canon NB-1LH Master VB320 Pentax D-LI8
Canon NB-2F12 Master VB408 Pentax D-Li63
Canon NB-2L Master VB416 Polaroid PR-105DR
Canon NB-2L12 Master VB422 Polaroid PR-110DG
Canon NB-2LH Master VB428 Polaroid PR-111DG
Canon NB-3L Master VB441 Polaroid PR-200L
Canon NB-4L Master VB511 Premier 024-910001-10
Casio NP-20 Master VB514 Premier 02491-0017-00
Casio NP-30 Master VB522 RCA BB-75L
Casio NP-40 Master VB535 RCA BB-90L
Contax 186003 Master VB607 RCA EPO96FL
Contax BP1500S Master VB608 Ricoh DB-20
Digimaster LP27 Master VB610 Ricoh DB-30
Digital Concepts BP2LCL Master VB615 Ricoh DB-40
Duracell CP1 Master VB620 Ricoh DB-43
Duracell DR2 Master VB712 Ricoh DB-60
Duracell DR3 Master VB812 Rollei 02491-0015-00
Energizer ER-D100 Master VB814 Saft CL-200
Energizer ER-D120 Master VB907 Saft CL-212
Energizer ER-D200 Master VB915 Saft RC9616
Energizer ER-D210 Master VB927 Samsung SB-L110A
Energizer ER-D300 Master VBDU07 Samsung SB-L160
Energizer ER-D310 Master VBDU14 Samsung SB-L320
Fujifilm NP-100 Master VBDU21 Samsung SB-L480
Fujifilm NP-120 Master VBF10 Samsung SLB-0737
Fujifilm NP-30 Master VBF200 Samsung SLB-0837
Fujifilm NP-40 Master VBF550 Samsung SLB-1037
Fujifilm NP-60 Master VBF730 Samsung SLB-1137
Fujifilm NP-80 Master VBF750 Sanyo DB-L10
GP GPVJL003 Master VBF950 Sanyo DB-L20
GP GPVJL004 Master VBFF50 Sanyo DB-L30
GP VCL001 Master VBFF70 Sanyo DB-L50
GP VCL003 Master VBFP50 Sanyo UR-211
GP VCL006 Master VBFP70 Sanyo UR-421
GP VCL007 Master VBFP90 Satter 06BP200
GP VCL008 Master VBFS21 Satter 06BP85
GP VCL009 Master VBL160 Satter 06RH25
GP VCL010 Master VBL2 Sharp AD-S30BT
GP VJL001 Master VBL22 Sharp AD-S31BT
GP VJL002 Master VBL320 Sharp AD-T50BT
GP VJL003 Master VBQM51 Sharp AD-T51BT
GP VJL004 Master VBQM71 Sharp BT-L1
GP VJL005 Master VBQM91 Sharp BT-L11
GP VPL001 Minolta NP-200 Sharp BT-L11U
GP VPL002 Minolta NP-400 Sharp BT-L12
GP VPL005 Minolta NP-500 Sharp BT-L12U
GP VSL002 Minolta NP-700 Sharp BT-L1U
GP VSL006 NEC TH71-464 Sharp BT-L2
GP VSL008 Nikon EN-EL1 Sharp BT-L22
GP VSL009 Nikon EN-EL10 Sharp BT-L221
Gateway 024-910001-10 Nikon EN-EL2 Sharp BT-L226
Gateway 02491-0017-00 Nikon EN-EL3 Sharp BT-L226U
Genius 084-07042-001 Nikon EN-EL5 Sharp BT-L227
Grundig BPL-98 Nikon EN-EL8 Sharp BT-L241
Grundig BPL-99 Olympus BLM-1 Sharp BT-L2U
Hewlett Packard L1812A Olympus Li-10B Sharp BT-L31
Hewlett Packard R07 Olympus Li-12B Sharp BT-L41
Hitachi DZ-BP14 Olympus Li-20B Sharp BT-L441
Hitachi DZ-BP14R Olympus Li-40B Sharp BTL-22U
Hitachi DZ-BP14S Olympus Li-42B Sony LIP-10
Hitachi DZ-BP14SW Olympus PS-BLM1 Sony LIP-4WM
Hitachi DZ-BP16 Panasonic 024-910001-10  
Hitachi DZ-BP28 Panasonic AG-BP15P  
Hitachi DZ-BP7S Panasonic AG-BP25  
Hitachi MP-BP1 Panasonic AGBP-15A  
Hitachi VM-BPL13 Panasonic AGBP-25A  
Hitachi VM-BPL13L Panasonic BP-DC2  
Hitachi VM-BPL27 Panasonic CGA-001  
Hitachi VM-BPL27L Panasonic CGA-D07S  
Hitachi VM-NP700 Panasonic CGA-D54S  
JVC BN-V101 Panasonic CGA-DU06  
JVC BN-V107 Panasonic CGA-DU07  
JVC BN-V114 Panasonic CGA-DU07E/1B  
JVC BN-V207 Panasonic CGA-DU12  
JVC BN-V214 Panasonic CGA-DU14  
JVC BN-V306 Panasonic CGA-DU14E/1B  
JVC BN-V312 Panasonic CGA-DU21  
JVC BN-V408 Panasonic CGA-DU21E/1B  
JVC BN-V416 Panasonic CGA-S001E  
JVC BN-V428 Panasonic CGA-S002  
JVC BN-V507 Panasonic CGA-S002E  
JVC BN-V514 Panasonic CGA-S003  
JVC BN-V606 Panasonic CGA-S004  
JVC BN-V607 Panasonic CGA-S004A  
JVC BN-V615 Panasonic CGA-S005  
JVC BN-V628 Panasonic CGA-S005E  
JVC BN-V712 Panasonic CGA-S006  
JVC BN-V714 Panasonic CGA-S006E  
JVC BN-V812 Panasonic CGA-S101E  
JVC BN-V814 Panasonic CGA-S301  
JVC BN-V907 Panasonic CGA-S301A  
JVC BN-VF707 Panasonic CGA-S302  
JVC BN-VF714 Panasonic CGA-S302A  
JVC BN-VF733 Panasonic CGP-D105  
Jenoptik LP37 Panasonic CGP-D110  
Kodak 8499741 Panasonic CGP-D110E  
Kodak KLIC-3000 Panasonic CGP-D120 Sony NPFS30
Kodak KLIC-5000 Panasonic CGP-D210 Sony NPFS33
Kodak KLIC-5001 Panasonic CGP-D220 Sony NPFT1
Konica DR-LB1 Panasonic CGP-D28A Sony NPQM50
Konica DR-LB4 Panasonic CGP-D320 Sony NPQM51
Konica Minolta NP-1 Panasonic CGP-D815 Sony NPQM70
Konica Minolta NP-200 Panasonic CGR-B202A Sony NPQM71
Konica Minolta NP-400 Panasonic CGR-B403A Sony NPQM90
Konica Minolta NP-600 Panasonic CGR-D08A Sony NPQM91
Konica Minolta NP-700 Panasonic CGR-D08R Toshiba PDR-BT1
Konica Minolta NP-800 Panasonic CGR-D08S Toshiba PDR-BT2
Konica Minolta NP-900 Panasonic CGR-D08SE Toshiba PDR-BT3
Kyocera BP-1000 Panasonic CGR-D105 Toshiba PDR-BT9
Kyocera BP-1100R Panasonic CGR-D110 Uniden BT-1003
Kyocera BP-800S Panasonic CGR-D120 Varta V270
Kyocera BP-900 Panasonic CGR-D16A Varta V271
Leica BP-DC1 Panasonic CGR-D16S Varta V272
Leica BP-DC2 Panasonic CGR-D16SE Varta V273
Leica NP-100 Panasonic CGR-D210 Varta V274
Leica NP-80 Panasonic CGR-D220 Varta V275
Maginon 02491-0017-00 Panasonic CGR-D28A Varta V277
Master DCB-AD50 Panasonic CGR-D28S Varta V278
Master DCB-BLM-1 Panasonic CGR-D53A Varta V279
Master DCB-CGAS001 Panasonic CGR-D53D Varta V280
Master DCB-CGAS002 Panasonic CGR-D815A Varta V281
Master DCB-CGAS003 Panasonic CGR-DU06 Varta V282
Master DCB-CGAS004 Panasonic CGR-DU07 Varta V283
Master DCB-CGAS005 Panasonic CGR-S001 Varta V284
Master DCB-CGRS006 Panasonic CGR-S002 Varta V285
Master DCB-CGRS101 Panasonic CGR-S004E Varta V286
Master DCB-CGRS602 Panasonic CGR-S006 Varta V287
Master DCB-DBL10 Panasonic CGR-S006E Varta V290
Master DCB-DBL20 Panasonic CGR-S101 Varta V291
Master DCB-DRLB4 Panasonic CGR-S602 Varta V292
Master DCB-ENEL1 Panasonic CGR-S602E Varta V293
Master DCB-ENEL2 Panasonic CGR-V14 Varta V296
Master DCB-ENEL3 Panasonic CGR-V14SE Vivanco BL1367L
Master DCB-ENEL5 Panasonic CGR-V26 Vivanco BP0937L
Master DCB-ENEL8 Panasonic CGR-V610 Vivanco BP2767L
Master DCB-KLIC-5001 Panasonic CGR-V620 Vivitar 024-910001-10
Master DCB-LIP10 Panasonic CGR-V620T Vivitar 02491-0017-00
Master DCB-Li-40B Panasonic DMW-BC7 Yashica BP-1000
Master DCB-NB1L Panasonic DMW-BCA7 Yashica BP-800S
Master DCB-NB1LH Panasonic DMW-BCB7 Yashica BP-900
This product comes with 9 Months Australian Warranty with Master Instruments. Our products are sourced from authorised Australian suppliers and therefore come with genuine Australian warranty. Camera Warehouse does not participate in 'Grey Market' or 'Parallel Import' activities.


Master Instruments CX1500 Video Camcorder and Camera Universal Charger
World voltage 100V-240V switch mode AC/DC adapter
Cigarette lighter plug cord
Battery adaptor plates
User manual
9 Months Australian Warranty with Master Instruments

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Master Instruments CX1500 Video Camcorder and Camera Universal Charger
Master Instruments CX1500 Video Camcorder and Camera Universal Charger

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