Feiyu Tech G6 Max 4-in-1 Handheld Gimbal Stabilizer

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  • For Cameras up to 1200g
  • 3-Axis Motor Lock
  • Supports Mirrorless, Compact, GoPro & Smartphones
  • Supports Vertical/Portrait Mode Shooting
  • 280° Tilt, 330° Roll, and 360° Pan Movement
  • Multi-Function Magic Focus Ring 2.0
  • Built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth for Remote Control
  • Inception Mode and Portrait Mode
  • 9 Hour Built-In Battery Life
  • Integrated OLED Display
  • Splash-proof Design

A portable and more advanced stabilizer has come to be a part of your daily photography. Featuring the Feiyu Tech G6 Max, a 4-in-1 handheld gimbal stabilizer with 3-axis motor lock that supports mirrorless, compact, GoPro & smartphones. This stabilizer can easily handle cameras up to 1200g. The sliding arm makes it easy to balance the camera with its 280° tilt, 330° roll, and 360° pan movement. You can control the gimbal via a smartphone via the Feiyu ON app. Check battery level/ work mode/camera status and other essential status on the G6 Max via the built-in integrated OLED screen and capture movement over a long period using time lapse mode and even inception mode and portrait mode. Magic Focus Ring 2.0 features a 25% improvement in sensitivity including enhancement of zoom and focus on compatible devices. Using a Feiyu Tech 2200mAh battery and an upgraded algorithm, it works for as long as 9 hours. A 1/4"-20 hole at the bottom of the grip can be used for additional attachments such as tripods and dual grips. The smartphone can also be charged at the dedicated USB slot on the gimbal. This stabilizer is also splash proof, giving you the chance of shooting with confidence using your GoPro or other weather resistant camera.

Product Features in Detail

Still 1 for 4 with an Increased Payload
The new and improved high torque, magnetic, brushless motors boast a 50% increase in output, making the gimbal compatible with Mirrorless Cameras, Smartphones, Sports Cameras and Compact Cameras. The G6 Max can carry up to 1.2kg, which support the combination of more cameras and lenses to provide more flexible use.

Half A4 paper size
Compared to the G6 Plus, the payload of the G6 Max has increased, but the volume has decreased by 20%. With its new compact design, the G6 Max can be used one-handed and can be packed away with ease.

New Motor Lock Design & Quick Release System
Each axis is equipped with physical motors locks. These new motor locks can be used to make balancing easier and protect the gimbal during transport. This new additional allows the gimbal to be set up quickly and easily so you don't miss the action.

Multi-function'Magic Focus Ring' 2.0, With Improved Sensitivity
The multi-function "Magic Focus Ring" is upgraded to 2.0 and its sensitivity is increased by 25%. It supports control of zoom/focus, three-axis rotation, and adjustment of parameters such as ISO, WB, and exposure values.

Larger OLED Screen and Upgraded Interactive Experience
Equipped with a low-power OLED screen, the screen area is increased by 200% compared with G6 Plus, which more intuitively displays the parameters of gimbal and camera, current working mode, power consumption,Bluetooth connection,etc. It also supports the operation of "Inception", "Instant Vertical Photography" and "Motion Time-lapse", as well as setting "strength setting", "hand wheel setting", "camera parameters" bringing an excellent user experience.

9 Handy Shooting Modes
The modes of the G6 Max have been upgraded too. The G6 Max comes complete with 9 functional modes, which meet the needs of any professional videography and daily recording, allowing you to shoot like a pro. Without the need for the App, it can be operated with just one hand, and professional shooting can be made simple.

Scientifically Designed for a comfortable experience
It is made of aerospace aluminium alloy with light weight and no loss of texture; The arc design of the handle follows the ergonomic principle, and the flexible silicone on both sides makes the grip more comfortable and labor-saving; The well thought out button layout allows you to use most operations, such as shooting and mode selection with one hand.

Splash-proof design for more shooting environments
The whole gimbal adopts waterproofing technology, which can will protect it from splashes and dust. Therefore, it can follow the photographer into a variety of complex shooting environments.

WiFi control + cable control for more choices
The G6 Max supports both WiFi and cable connection to the camera for freer and easier control of your shooting. The gimbal can control photography, videography, zoom and focus, as well as adjusting settings such as ISO, WB, Exposure, and shooting modes.

Long Battery Life & Reverse Charging
The gimbal has a runtime of 9 hours to meet daily shooting needs. At the same time, the G6 Max supports reverse charging to supply power to the camera and other devices to ensure you can shoot for as long as you need.

Compatible Camera/Smart- phone SONY: Mirrorless camera such as α7sII/7SM2(55mm/1.8),α6300/α6400/α6500(28-70mm), QX1 etc.; Pocket camera such as: RX100 IV/ RX100 V/RX100VII/RX100 M5A/ RX100M6/ RX100M7, RX1RII, WX500, HX90 etc.
Canon:Mirrorless camera such as : EOS R&RP, M50, M5, M6, G7X, 100D ,200D, etc.
Panasonic: G6, G7, GH5S, GH5, GX85, LX10 etc.
Other Mirrorless camera: BMPCC(first version),Fuji XT20,Leica D-lux etc.
Action Camera:Sony RX0,SJCAM J6legend,GoPro5/6/7,Sony FDR-X3000R、HDR-AS50R etc.
Smartphone:Attach smartphone adapter (standard accessory) before mounting.
The width of smartphone should be 54-88mm.
The size of compatible cameras for reference :
Camera height(include the height of viewfinder)≤105mm
The distance from screw hole to the right edge of camera ≤87mm
Maximum length at lens direction: about 125mm
Payload 1.2kg/2.65lb
Weight 665g(include built-in battery, Not include the accessories of camera,smartphone adatper etc.)
Battery type 2200mAh,7.4V,Charge it via USB-C port on gimbal, Built-in battery can not be removed.
Battery time 9 hours(Successfully tested on 600g camera in show mode at well-balanced status) Battery time is depended on the actual payload.
Charging Use USB C cable for charging via Type C port,Recommend using 5V/2A adapter for charging battery. Quick charging is forbidden.
The charging indicator will flash at display when charging, and shows full charge symbol when fully charged.
Charging time Approx: 3 hours (5V/2A)
Water-Proof Grade Splash proof
Rotatable Range Tilting range:280°(with limitation)
Rolling range:330°(with limitation)
Panning range:360°(without limitation)
Mounting Camera/Gopro/Smartphone (before powering on) Place tilt motor on right side(from user view, as picture shown)
Camera: Mount the camera on quick release plate, slide it into the fixed plate
from left to right, then fix the safety lock while it is in a suitable position.
Smart phone:It needs to attach smart phone adapter(standard accessory) on the quick release plate before mounting smart phone.
Action camera: Before mounting Gopro , tighten T clamp adapter (a standard accessory) on the fixed plate by 1/4inch thumb screw.
Balancing (before power on) Unlock axis motor:G6Max has 3-axis motor locks, unlock the tilt/roll axis to release storage status firstly. Place the cross and slide arm to its working position ,then lock the axis motor for mounting and balancing the camera. Make sure to unlock each axis motor in order when balancing. Please well-balanced the gimbal before powering on .
Tilt axis balance: Follow the balance step as: camera upward balance/forward balance; when the camera can stay still in any angle ,balance is done successfully.
Roll/Pan axis balance: Move the cross arm left-right to balance the axis. Tighten the axis ring when well-balanced.
Power ON/OFF Power ON/OFF:Long press the power button, the display will show “Power ON/OFF” and release it when you hear the beep tone.
Button explanation Mode abbreviation:Pan mode-HF;lock mode-LK; Follow mode-TF;All follow-AF
★ Function button(front side):
1.Single tap: switch between pan mode(default)/lock mode
2.Double tap: Follow mode, double tap the trigger button to reset .
3.Triple tap:All follow mode, double tap the trigger button to reset.
★ Shutter button——similar as camera shutter button
Control camera after connecting gimbal via cable/Wifi(Please refer to the compatible list for more cameras)。
1.Half-way press:Focusing
2.Single press:photography/ start/stop video recording
★ Trigger button(back side):
1.Long press: Fast follow, release the button to back to previous mode
2.Double tap: Reset, go back to pan mode, 3-axis return to its initial position.
3.Triple tap:Selfie mode
★Power button(right side)
Single tap:Flip to next page
Long press:Power ON/OFF
★ Camera mode button(right side)
Single tap:Switch between photo/video mode
Triple tap:Switch front and rear camera (working with smart phone &Feiyu ON APP)
Manual lock:Manually move the tilt axis to a desired position at any mode, and hold for half a second. New tilt position is automatically saved.
Working with Smartphone & Feiyu ON APP Connect to Feiyu ON APP(noted:G6max can not control original camera of smartphone)
Joystick:Control the smartphone movement to right/left/up/down directions
Function button(front side):Switch between four working modes
Shutter button(front side):photography/video recording( working under its current mode)
Camera mode button(right side):Single tap to switch between photo/video recording mode, triple tap to switch front and rear camera.
Multi-function knob:
Long press:Switch between the gimbal control/camera control
Single tap:Gimbal control: switch and control pan/roll/tilt axis rotating directions.
Camera control:Set parameter on APP(WT,MF,ISO,WB, EXP,EV etc.)
Rotate:Adjust the direction or parameter under its controlled.
Working with Camera Connect camera Wifi via Feiyu ON APP at first time, after connection is done. The camera is under the control to take photo/video/zoom/follow focus(it will reconnect automatically in the next time)
Joystick:Control the camera movement to right/left/up/down directions
Shutter button:Half-way press to focusing, single press to control shooting/video recording( working under its current mode)
Camera mode button:Single tap to switch camera mode(suitable for some camera model, Please refer to controllable camera list for more details)
Multi-function knob:
Long press:Switch gimbal control/camera control
Single tap:Gimbal control: switch and control pan/roll/tilt axis rotating directions.
Camera control:switch between focusing/zooming(Please refer to the controllable camera list for more details)
Rotate:Adjust the direction or parameter under its controlled.
Connect to cameras & control camera USB cable control:Connect USB C port on fixed plate to camera via USB cable (Sony camera use 
Multi port cable, Panasonic camera use Remote port )
Use TYPE C to MULTI USB cable can control Sony camera, Use TYPE C to DC2.5 USB cable can control Panasonic camera.(Please refer to controllable list)
WIFI Control
Gimbal can connect to camera via Feiyu ON App and WiFi. When connection is done, camera could be controlled the operation of photography/video recording/zooming/follow focus.
The controllable list is continually updating
Connect to camera WIFI Steps:
(1)Enter camera Wifi interface as below:
◆Gopro:Swipe down the main screen—connect(choose2.4G)-Wireless Connections(ON)—Gopro App—gain password.
◆Sony method 1:Menu—Application list—Smart Remote Embedded【 a6300,A7S2 etc. Or similar camera model】
◆Sony method 2:Menu—Net work—Ctrl w/ Smartphone(ON)—connection【a6400 etc. Or Similar latest camera menu】
◆Canon:Menu—Communication setting—Built-in wireless setting—select,Wi-Fi function—connect to smartphone—register information.
◆Panasonic:Select setup—WIFI—WIFI function—New/Connection—remote shooting & view obtain Wi-Fi name and password.
(2) Tap camera connection icon on Feiyu ON App main screen.
(3) Select camera brand -camera model
(4) Select corresponding Wifi name and enter its password
(5) Waiting connection.
(6) After App prompt the connection is succeeded, the Wifi icon on gimbal screen will be lighted (no slash)
Disconnect WIFI:Press trigger button for six times, the display shows “Clear WIFI”, turn the joystick to right to confirm the disconnection of WIFI.
Standard accessories USB C cable × 1
Canon shutter release cable: Type C to Micro × 1
Canon shutter release cable: Type C to Type C × 1
Sony shutter cable: Type C to Multi × 1
Panasonic Shutter release: TYPE C to DC2.5 × 1
FUJIfilm/Canon shutter release cable:Type to TRS2.5 × 1
Gopro adapter*1
smartphone adapter*1
long screw*1
EPP bag*1
Optional accessory extendable bar; monopod ;monitor; Lateral smartphone holder; wireless MIC kit
Extended Interface 3pcs 1/4inch thread hole(2 pcs at the left and right side of handle, 1pcs at the bottom of handle)
Main functions (for users) Capable of control camera shooting/video recording/focusing/zooming
Change different modes of gimbal by one button, It is pretty straight-forward to get information from OLED screen, such as camera connection/Bluetooth connection/control object and battery indicator of the gimbal. etc.
Just one touch and you will directly enter inception shooting/Vlog selfie/Tik Tock vertical shooting , and get more popular shooting mode.
Set speed/interval/exposure time for Long exposure timelaspe shooting on APP. And can set the start/ finish route on gimbal for auto-rotation mode.
Connect camera via WiFi/USB cable to control photography/video recording/follow focus/zooming and setting camera parameters .
Available to customize trigger button/motor power/shooting scene(follow speed& dead zone),controlled object etc.
Initialize the gimbal when it is not level or not working properly.
Manually lock the tilt axis at any angle.
Available to update the firmware , parameter setting, and virtual joystick operating via Feiyu ON.

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Feiyu Tech G6 Max 4-in-1 Handheld Gimbal Stabilizer
Action Cam Adapter
Smartphone Adapter
Long Screw
USB Type-C Cable
Sony Shutter Cable (USB Type-C to Multi Port)
Panasonic Shutter Cable (USB Type-C to 2.5mm DC)
Carry Bag

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Feiyu Tech G6 Max 4-in-1 Handheld Gimbal Stabilizer
Feiyu Tech G6 Max 4-in-1 Handheld Gimbal Stabilizer
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