Sky-Watcher Star Adventurer 2i Photo Kit


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  • 11 lb payload capacity
  • Built-In Wi-Fi
  • Advanced Firmware features with free lifetime update
  • DC servomotor
  • Supports star-scape and time-lapse photography
  • Northern and Southern Hemisphere compatible
  • Built-in polar alignment scope
  • Includes polar scope illuminator
  • Runs on four AA batteries
  • Mini USB port for external power
  • Includes a ball head adapter with a 3/8″-16 screw

Sky-Watcher‘s Star Adventurer 2i Photo Package is an easy-to-use equatorial mount that offers accurate tracking capabilities for time-lapse and long-exposure wide-field astrophotography. Simply turn its dial to select from Lunar, Solar, or Star tracking modes, or four speeds from 0.5x to 12x if the modes are not exactly right. An integrated polar alignment scope with an included illuminator help the alignment process in either the Northern or Southern Hemispheres, and a date dial compensates for star drift over time to extend the usability of the scope.

Product Features in Detail

Best for Astrophotography

Stars are not stationary due to the Earth's rotation. Therefore, it's tough to capture them in photographs. However, the Sky-Watcher Star Adventurer 2I Pro allows long exposure to track the stars. Thanks to the high-precision motor and built-in polar scope, you can compensate for the star's movement by rotating the camera to the opposite direction of the Earth. The result is that the celestial objects in the camera's field of view do not move, eliminating star trails.

Additional accessories

Included with the Star Adventurer is a ball head adapter with a 3/8″-16 screw to mount a photo ball head to adapt it for use with a DSLR camera. A 2.5mm three-segment stereo jack is integrated into the mount and gives the mount the ability to control a compatible DSLR’s shutter release for long-exposure or time-lapse photography. Pre-programmed intervals, based on the tracking mode selected, optimize the exposure times for the subjects selected.

Meanwhile, the Star Adventurer mount features a Vixen-style dovetail saddle for compatible accessories and optical tube assemblies (OTAs). It has both 3.8″-16 and 1/4″-20 tripod mounts to fit on most astronomical, photo, or video tripods and is offered here without a tripod, OTA, or counterweights.

Payload 11 kg
Power Requirement 4 x AA batteries, up to 72 hr
Mini-USB port for external power
This product comes with 5 Years Genuine Warranty with Sky Watcher Australia. Our products are sourced from authorised Australian suppliers and therefore come with genuine Australian warranty. Camera Warehouse does not participate in 'Grey Market' or 'Parallel Import' activities.

Sky-Watcher Star Adventurer 2i Photo Kit

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Sky-Watcher Star Adventurer 2i Photo Kit
Sky-Watcher Star Adventurer 2i Photo Kit


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