VSGO Lens Pen

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  • High Grade Soft Nylon Brush
  • Suitable for Cleaning Lenses, Filters & Binoculars
  • Carbon Tip with Nanoscale Active Carbon Powder
  • Cleans Stains and Dirt
  • Includes Microfibre Cloth

The VSGO Lens Pen is a cleaning tool that is suitable for cleaning lenses, filters & binoculars. It is of a high grade soft nylon brush, carbon tip with nanoscale active carbon powder that makes it easy to clean stains and dirt. The pen comes with microfibre cloth.

Product Features in Detail


Soft and fine brush
The brush is made of a high grade nylon that sweeps off dust in the seam of camera resulting to no damage and no static.

Anti static high-grade nylon
The brush precisely sweeps off dust and dirt from the camera body it adopts a high-grade nykon

High efficient cleaning with Nanometer materials
The multilaminated nanoscale active carbon powder that can effectively absorb oil stain, fingerprint, dirt on lens without hurting coating.

Superfine microfiber and powerful cleaning
The microfiber cloth diretcly cleans contact lens, sensor and other delicate surface.

Brush Carbon Tip with Nanoscale Active Carbon Powder
Microfibre Cloth 15cm x 15cm
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VSGO Lens Pen
Cleaning Cloth

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VSGO Lens Pen
VSGO Lens Pen


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