Sony High Performance Shotgun Microphone Adapter Kit XLR-K3M

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  • Frequency Response: 20 Hz to 22,000 Hz
  • Audio Input Jacks: INPUT1/INPUT2 Jack (3-pin XLR/TRS, female type, phantom-power compatible
  • Mic Standard Input Level: -50 dBu (ATT=10)
  • Mic Standard Recording Volume Level: -20 dBFS
  • Line Standard Input Level: +4 dBU
  • Line Standard Recording Volume Level: -20dBFS
  • INPUT3 Jack (stereo mini-jack, plug-in-power compatible)
  • Standard input level: -66 dBU
  • Standard recording volume level: -20 dBFS
  • Weight: 187g (6.6oz)
  • Dust and Moisture Resistant

Sony's High-Performance Shotgun Microphone Adapter Kit (XLR-K3M) may just be the answer to every vlogger, photographer, and filmmaker enthusiasts' dream. Now you have better control and flexibility for recording across various inputs. This new XLR adapter kit supports 3 audio lines with 2 combo XLR/TRS connectors and a single 3.5mm stereo mic connector. 


Users have XLR/TRS INPUT 1 and INPUT 2 for professional audio capture with the highest quality using extensive audio control. Furthermore, the combo XLR/TRS connectors may also be used to receive input from line sources, like electronic musical instruments. 


INPUT 1 and INPUT 2 audio level control may be linked or unlinked as needed. The moment inputs are linked it is no longer necessary to adjust INPUt 1 and INPUT 2 independently. This makes stereo recording super easy. LINK is compatible with AUTO and MANUAL record level modes. 



Product Features in Detail


Amazing Sound, Low Noise

Connect this to compatible camera which features built-in digital audio interface via the Multi Interface Shoe, its audio signal directly transfers to the camera in digital form. This way no degredation occurs. There is also a simple switch which makes this compatible with a massive range of cameras using analog interface. 


Connectivity with Great Versatility

This XLR Adapter Kit has 2 XLR/TRS combo jacks plus a single 3.5-mm stereo mini mic jack that is provided for input. These combo jacks are also switchable for line and mic input, or mic input with 48 V phantom power. 


Ease of Setup

A great amount of flexibility is given for use with camera cages and professional rigs. Audio extension cables are available, which allows the location of the XLR adaptor on user's rig to be adjusted as needed.


Wireless Connectivity 

You simply need to clip your XLR adaptor to the Multi Interface Shoe on a compatible cam for direct power and audio connection, making batteries or cables totally unnecessary. The Multi Interface Shoe gives intelligent connectivity and control for various accessories. This gives users maximum mobility and flexibility for a system shooting. 


Suppresses Mechanical Noise

Equipped with an advanced vibration and shock suppressing design, the XLR Adapter Kit can minimize low-frequency handling noise which can easily degrade your audio quality. It has a direct on-camera mounting option without any need for more connecting cables. This reduces the risk of handling noise which could ruin your audio capture. 


Extensive Control Capability

It is equipped with comprehensive controllability during the recording stage. This makes the post processing workflow so much easier. Record level (AUTO/MANUAL), attenuator, record level link (INPUT 1- INPUT 2), and low-cut filter (100/300 Hz) controls are supplied.


Super-Directional Shotgun Mic Provided 

The XLR Adapter Kit also comes with super-directional monaural mic (ECM-XM1) and wind-noise-reducing fur-type windscreen. 

Compact, lightweight design weighing just 6.6 oz (187 g)
Two Phantom-power capable XLR/TRS inputs
Standard 3.5-mm microphone input with plug-in power
Digital-interface compatible Multi Interface Shoe for clear sound
Comprehensive manual control and flexible rigging for professional use
This product comes with 2 Years Warranty with Sony Australia. Our products are sourced from authorised Australian suppliers and therefore come with genuine Australian warranty. Camera Warehouse does not participate in 'Grey Market' or 'Parallel Import' activities.
Sony XLR-K3M, Fur Windscreen, ECM-XM1 Shotgun Microphone, MI Shoe Cable, Limited 1-Year Warranty
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Sony High Performance Shotgun Microphone Adapter Kit XLR-K3M
Sony High Performance Shotgun Microphone Adapter Kit XLR-K3M
Regular Price A$1,098.00 Special Price A$909.22 save: A$188.78


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