Sony Shotgun Microphone ECM-B1M


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  • Compact Microphone for Super Directivity
  • Wireless connectivity
  • Bypasses inbuilt A/D audio converter
  • Suppression of Mechanical Noise
  • Frequency response: 40 Hz to 20,000 Hz
  • Pickup Pattern: Super-directional/undirectional/omnidirectional (selectable)
  • Front Sensitivity: -20 dBFS (01.Pa, 1kHz)
  • Intrinsic Noise: 14 db SPL or less (0 dB= 2x10-5 Pa)
  • Maximum Input Sound
  • Pressure Level: 120 dB SPL
  • Dynamic Range: 106 dB or more
  • Dust and moisture resistant

Sony has finally released its High Performance Shotgun Microphone ECM-B1M. Users are now able to capture audio that is sure to be clean, noise-free and of high quality with its Digital Audio Interface. The new hardware channel enables direct recording to the camera using digital transmission through the Multi Interface Shoe, eliminating the need for cablewires. Because the camera's inbuilt A/D audio converter is bypassed, unwanted noise that is picked up during mic-to-cam transmission is no longer a problem


Comprehensive audio controls for the microphone can be found on the rear panel for fluid and fast control. It can be easily switched between the Digital/Analogue signal, adjust its audio level, and change the attenuator switch to achieve accurate audio results. 


Build into the microphone are three directivity audio capture that is selectable. You can choose between super-directional(classic shotgun), undirectional, and finally the omnidirectional, which depends on the environment. It also has 8 individual microphone capsules that work with built-in digital signal processing which results in outstanding performance and flexibility. 


Product Features in Detail


3 Directivity Modes

Its advanced digital signal processing allows three switchable directivity patterns in a single versatile microphone. You can choose from directional, undirectional, and omnidirectional. 


Compact Microphone for Super Directivity

The mic has eight high-performance units that work with a newly developed algorithm that is beamforming. This provides extremely sharp directivity which rejects off-axis sound effectively. This is easily achieved by a compact mic with a length of only 3.91". 


Low Noise, Great Sound

Connect it with the Multi Interface Shoe of a compatible cam. Just remember that it has to have a built-in digital audio interface. This way the audio signal is automatically directed to the cam in digital form. Thus, degradation never happens. A simple switch is also available that makes it compatible for a massive range of cameras with analog interface. 


Suppression of Mechanical Noise

It possesses an advanced vibration and shock suppressing design which effectively minimizes handling or low-frequency noise which commonly degrades audio quality. Additionally, it no longer needs connecting cables so noise is transmitted to the mic mechanically when using connectors and cables. 


Effective Filter Resulting in Crystal Clear Sound

Because of its low-cut filter cutting out subsonic noise that is achieved through digital signal processing, audio quality is maximized at the recording stage. This reduces the need for cumbersome post processing. 


Wireless Connection

Just clip the mic into the Multi Interface Shoe on a compatible cam for direct audio and power connections, eliminating the need for extra batteries or cables. Sony's Multi Interface Shoe provides intelligent control and connectivity for various accessories. This gives you maximum mobility and flexibility for a system shooting.


Wind Screen Equipped

Sony's ECM-B1M is equipped with fur-type windscreen which reduces wind noise which is a common problem during outdoor shoots. 


Vital Controls

It is supplied with control for record levels, analog output compatibility for a massive range of cameras, and an attenuator which makes it easy to reach optimum signal levels. This makes the microphone highly versatile and this level of control leads to smooth and stress-free post-production.


Compact, lightweight design, 99.3mm (4 in) long, and 77.3g (2.8 oz)
Pickup pattern: Super-directional / Unidirectional / Omnidirectional (selectable)
Digital-interface compatible Multi Interface Shoe for clear sound
Comprehensive manual control for optimal sound capture
Wind screen supplied
This product comes with 2 Years Warranty with Sony Australia. Our products are sourced from authorised Australian suppliers and therefore come with genuine Australian warranty. Camera Warehouse does not participate in 'Grey Market' or 'Parallel Import' activities.
Sony ECM-B1M Shotgun Microphone, Fur Windscreen, Limited 1-Year Warranty
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Sony Shotgun Microphone ECM-B1M
Sony Shotgun Microphone ECM-B1M


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