Samyang AF 18mm f/2.8 Auto Focus Lens For Sony FE Mount


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  • Ultra-Compact, Lighweight Lens
  • Prime Lens with 8 Specialized Elements
  • With Linear Stepper Motor
  • Wide-Angle Lens with Depth
  • The Ultimate Travel Companion
  • A Multi-Use Lens for Any Occasion

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Travel Photographers, cinematographers, and other creatives will be thrilled with the release of the new Samyang AF 18mm F2.8 Auto Focus Lens For Sony FE Mount. In this new innovation, the perspective of both photographers and videographers meet to make sure these innovations keep up with the needs of the users. This advanced, high-quality camera lens is specifically engineered to allow every individual to fully explore the boundaries of their creativity and tell their story.


This ultra-compact lens only weighs 145g, having a wide field-of-view of 100° on full-frame. Of its 9 glass elements, 8 of them are specialized and its linear STM motor gives super fast and extremely precise autofocusing. Capture unforgettable moments with stunningly breathtaking quality. Deepen and broaden your photographic world with the new AF 18mm F2.8 FE and discover a world of possibilities. Read on for more detailed information.


Product Features in Detail

Super Wide But Tiny

Amazing performance has never been this tiny. The new AF 18mm F2.8 FE is the first ultra-wide angle lens coming from the lineup of the Tiny series. It is super lightweight, weighing only 145g, and has a super wide-angle view of 100°. It can be easily held in one hand, this high performance with a spectacular design makes the lens highly suitable for mirrorless cameras and provides deep satisfaction to its users. 


Ultra Lightweight Lens Perfect for Travel

Weighing 145g (excl. hood and cap) this is the most compact and lightweight lens in the AF 18mm wide-angle segment. Because you don't have a heavy and bulky lens weighing you down, capturing shots and shooting films become a breeze. 


Prime Lens with 8 Specialized Elements

This prime lens has a total of 8 specialized elements from the 9 in total (3 low dispersion, 2 high refractive, 3 aspherical). This translates to a high level of sharpness, with minimal chromatic aberration and distortion. This makes it perfect for landscape pictures, travel photos, indoor shots, and even astrophotography- each one in high definition and crisp colors. This allows a stunning finish to any photograph.


With A Linear Stepper Motor

This lens is equipped with fast and stable autofocus through the use of a Linear Stepper Motor. The innovative Samyang AF captures every moment and turns it into a work of art users an experience.


Wide-Angle Lens with Depth

Because of the full-frame 100° angle view of the AF 18mm F2.8 FE, you're sure to end up with sweeping vistas in one amazing shot. It only shows its great ability to demonstrate a broad perspective and depth that enables photographers to maximize their creative side. 


The Ultimate Travel Companion

With its tiny size, a wide angle-of-view and spectacular definition, photographers on-the-go can capture all their amazing vacation moments. The lens features Samyang's signature color rendering and refinement, all in one compact lens, especially made for travel. 


A Multi-Use Lens for Every Occasion

Regardless if you wish to capture the magnificent nature around you using a gimbal or even a drone, this lens is the perfect companion to answer all your photography needs.


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Samyang 18mm f/2.8 Auto Focus Lens for Sony FE Mount,  Front Lens Cap, Rear Lens Caps,  Lens Hood,  Lens Case

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Samyang AF 18mm f/2.8 Auto Focus Lens For Sony FE Mount
Samyang AF 18mm f/2.8 Auto Focus Lens For Sony FE Mount

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