Panasonic HC-V500GN-K FHD Camcorder
Key Features

- 100 x zoom / 38 x optical zoom
- 1.5MP 1/5.8" High Sensitivity MOS Sensor
- 3.0" Wide LCD monitor (230,400 dots)
- 2ch Stereo, Zoom Microphone
- Ultimate O.I.S. (5-Axis)
- Fine Image Quality (Full HD)
- 2D to 3D Conversion
- Auto / Manual focus
12 Months Genuine Warranty with Panasonic Australia


$490.00 Incl. GST


  • 100 x zoom / 38 x optical zoom
  • 1.5MP 1/5.8" High Sensitivity MOS Sensor
  • 3.0" Wide LCD monitor (230,400 dots)
  • 2ch Stereo, Zoom Microphone
  • Ultimate O.I.S. (5-Axis)
  • Fine Image Quality (Full HD)
  • 2D to 3D Conversion
  • Auto / Manual focus
  • 12 Months Genuine Warranty with Panasonic Australia

Get a grip on the Panasonic HC-V500GN-K FHD Camcorder and experience the ultimate clarity of the 1.5MP 1/5.8" High Sensitivity MOS Sensor power of video recording. Focus on your objects with the camera’s 100 x zoom and 38 x optical zoom. Get picture perfect images with its Ultimate O.I.S. (5-Axis) plus Auto / Manual focus. It has a 3.0" Wide LCD monitor (230,400 dots) which gives an entire preview of your captured moments. HC-V500GN records Fine Image Quality (Full HD) and also features 2D images to 3D Conversion for you to enjoy the thrills of the 3 dimension images. 

Product Features in Detail

Crystal Engine PRO
The processor Crystal Engine PRO instantly processes a large amount of information that applies to Full HD images, and further enhances Full HD quality. The processor produces smooth zoom shots in high resolution, even when the range exceeds the limit of optical zoom. The Crystal Engine PRO clearly delineates even the finest details of the object to capture, with extremely natural beauty. In addition, the technology of noise reduction (NR) was completely redesigned. The low frequency noise that appears when shooting in dim lighting was also reduced. Compared to previous Panasonic models, noise was reduced by approximately 40% *, while Intelligent Resolution technology ensures crisp, clear shots, which results in images beaming movement and beautiful colors.

Intelligent Resolution Technology
The Intelligent Resolution Technology incorporated in the Crystal Engine PRO uses edge detection technology to confirm the edges of objects within the image, then emphasize them giving optimum clarity. For example, it gives a perfect definition to the shapes and contours of objects like flowers. Conversely, it reduces noise and improves the smoothness of parts without edges, like the sky. The improved sharpness is especially effective for images that contain sensitive details. This highly advanced technology maximizes the beauty of Full HD images.

Sensor high sensitivity
Sensor High sensitivity of V500 / V500M has a higher level of sensitivity than conventional sensors, to provide dark scenes of greater brilliance and make them more beautiful. Ideal for shooting indoors, at parties, and in similar situations. Really expands its range of opportunities.

Recording 1080 / 60p (50p) compatible with AVCHD Progressive
The recording mode 1080 / 60p (50p) (60 progressive recording (50) Full HD, 1,920 x 1,080) handles almost twice as much information to the recording mode 1080i (interlaced). The fast-moving action such as sports scenes is recorded smoothly. Progressive recording V500 / V500M is fully compatible with the AVCHD Progressive standard.

Intelligent 50x Zoom
The V500 / V500M features an Intelligent Zoom function for up to 50x. When using Intelligent Zoom, Intelligent Resolution technology lets you shoot with high rates of rapprochement without altering the image resolution. You get well-defined images of highly detailed objects - without the blurry edges.

HYBRID OIS + uses five-axis correction to completely suppress blur across the spectrum from wide-angle shots with powerful close-up shots. Also it achieves superb effects when you are shooting and walking at the same time, allowing you to capture crisp, clear images without blur in virtually any situation.

Optical Image Stabilizer with Secure "OIS Lock"
The image stabilizing effect increases with the press and hold the indication "OIS Lock" on LCD function that maximizes blur detection sensitivity. Ideal for when you want to make an approach to a fixed angle, and the birding.

Wide Angle 32.4 mm *
The wide angle of 32.4 mm * covers more people and more of the background in the frame, compared to conventional models. It allows the main element of their decision fits without problem even if the decision is very close, and also can capture almost imperceptible sounds with the microphone. This is especially useful when you want to take a group photo in a small enclosure.

Recording still images
Still image recording 3MP
The still image recording mode lets you shoot with a maximum resolution of 3-megapixel * You can also simultaneously record still images and video to 3-megapixel. *.
* For images recorded with aspect ratio 16: 9.

Macro approaches to keeping a distance of 70cm in comparison to what you are taking. In addition, if you use the zoom maximum magnification is much easier to capture incredible close-ups without your body or camera to project a shadow on the person or object to their decision, while the background soft focus maintained.

LCD Wide 3.0 "intuitive touch control
The large LCD screen easy to view 7.6 cm / 3.0 "allows for intuitive touch control through the fingertips. When capturing images, you can use the Zoom Touch (Touch Zoom) to zoom in or out objects with just a touch with the fingertips, plus it also has the function of touch trigger (Touch shutter), to focus automatically, and take photos with the touch screen you want to portray. as for playback, also you can change the page image mosaics by sliding your fingertip across the screen. you have a smooth, intuitive operation, in addition to not have to take your eyes off the LCD screen.

Conversion from 2D to 3D
Two-dimensional images can be easily transformed into three-dimensional function using 2D to 3D conversion. Simply connect the camcorder to a 3D compatible TV with an HDMI cable. Then, this feature 2D to 3D conversion uses the image processing capability of the processor to convert 2D images into 3D. This is an easy and casual way to enjoy the thrills of the third dimension

Advanced Playing highlights
Select the days of recording you want to see, and this innovative function automatically selects the most exciting scenes, arranges them, and plays, complete with music, or that the user has personally selected according to a specific time interval. To decide the degree of importance of a scene, consider the approach, panning, scene changes, and if there were faces or not. The V500 / V500M has advanced playback effects that include slow motion, still image fading, and flash playback. Four new effects modes - natural, pop, dynamic and classical - were also incorporated. Set different effects depending on the intent of your shots and enjoy memorable scenes the way you want to remember. Playback mode Special Face "Face Highlight Playback" gives priority to the faces of people who are registered with the Face Recognition function, for fast playback of scenes that are recorded with clarity, along with music.

Included in the Box

     Panasonic HC-V500GN-K FHD Camcorder
     AC Adaptor
     DC Cable
     AC Cord
     Reachargeable Battery Pack
     USB Cable
     USB Cable
     Bandled Software (HD Writer AE 4.0)
12 Months Warranty from Panasonic Australia

Warranty Information

     This Panasonic HC-V500GN-K FHD Camcorder product comes with 12 Months Warranty from Panasonic Australia.
     Our products are sourced from authorised Australian suppliers and therefore come with genuine Australian warranty.
     Camera Warehouse does not participate in 'Grey Market' or 'Parallel Import' activities.

Image Sensor /5.8" High Sensitivity MOS Sensor
Total Pixels 1.5 megapixels
Effective Pixles
Motion Image 1.30 - 1.12 megapixels [16:9]
Still Image 1.09 megapixels [3:2] / 1.30 - 1.12 megapixels [16:9] / 0.97 megapixels [4:3]
F Value F1.8 (WIDE) / F4.2 (TELE)
Optical Zoom 38 x
Focal Length 2.35 - 89.3 mm
35 mm Film Camera Equivalent
Motion Image 32.4 - 1345 mm [16:9]
Still Image 37.3 - 1419 mm [3:2], / 32.4 - 1345 mm [16:9], / 40.7 - 1547 mm [4:3]
Lens Brand Panasonic Lens
Standard Illumination 1400 lx
Minimum Illumination 4 lx (1/30, Low Light, Scene Mode), 1 lx (Color Night View)
Focus Auto/ Manual
Intelligent Zoom OFF 42 x
Intelligent Zoom ON 50 x
Digital Zoom 100 x/ 2500 x (The maximum value of zoom magnification)
White Balance Auto / Indoor1 / Indoor2 / Sunny / Cloudy / White set
Shutter Speed
Motion Image [60i / 60p] / Auto Slow Shutter ON : 1/30-1/8000 / Auto Slow Shutter OFF : 1/60-1/8000
Still Image 1/2 - 1/2000
Iris Auto/ Manual
Image Stabilizer Hybrid O.I.S.+ with O.I.S. lock
Recording Media SD/SDHC/SDXC Memory Card
Recording Format [AVCHD] AVCHD Progressive / [iFame] MP4
Compression Method MPEG-4 AVC/ H.264
Signal System 1080/ 60p, 1080/ 60i, 540/ 30p
Recording/ Playback Mode 1080/ 60p (28Mbps / VBR) , (1920 x 1080) / HA (17Mbps / VBR) , (1920 x 1080) / HG (13Mbps / VBR) , (1920 x 1080) / HX (9Mbps / VBR) , (1920 x 1080) / HE (5Mbps / VBR) , (1920 x 1080) / iFrame (28Mbps / VBR) , (960 x 540)
Thumbnail Display 20 thumbnails/page, 9 thumbnails/page, 1 thumbnails/page
Audio Recording System 1080/ 60p, HA, HG, HX, HE : Dolby Digital (2ch) / iFrame: AAC (2ch) / MP4: AAC (2ch)
Microphone 2ch Stereo (Zoom Mic)
Speaker Dynamic type
Recording Format JPEG (DCF/Exif2.2)
Recording Image Size
Still Image 3 megapixels (2304 x 1296), 2.1 megapixels (1920 x 1080) [16:9] / 2.8 megapixels (2064 x 1376) [3:2] / 2.6 megapixels (1856 x 1392), 0.3 megapixels (640 x 480) [4:3]
Simultaneous Recording 3 megapixels (2304 x 1296), 2.1 megapixels (1920 x 1080) [16:9]
Power Supply 3.6V (Battery) / 5.0V (AC Adaptor)
Power Consumption Max. 5.7W (Recording) / Max. 7.7W (Charging)
Dimensions (W x H x D) Approx. 52.5 x 65 x 119.5 [mm] (2.067 x 2.559 x 4.705 [inch])
Weight (w/o battery and SD card) Approx. 227g (0.500 lb)
LCD Monitor 3.0" Wide LCD monitor (230,400 dots)
HDMI Yes (mini)
USB 2.0 Hi-Speed
USB Charge Yes
AV Multi Yes
LED Video Light Yes
On-Screen Display Language English, French, Spanish
AC Adaptor Yes
AC Cable Yes
DC Cable Included AC adopter
Rechargeable Battery Pack Yes (1,790 mAh)
AV Multi Cable Yes
USB Cable Yes
Bandled Software HD Writer AE 4.0
Panasonic HC-V500GN-K FHD Camcorder

Panasonic HC-V500GN-K FHD Camcorder

$490.00 Incl. GST