Manfrotto Kit Handle and Accessory Bar for TwistGrip

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  • Fits Smartphones
  • For TwistGrip and Other Clamps
  • Thick, Wide Wrist Strap
  • Grippy Rubber Insert
  • Accessory Bar with Two Cold Shoes
  • 2 Years Standard Australian Warranty

Shoot comfortably using your smartphone and capture those moments including perfect lighting and audio with the Manfrotto Kit Handle and Accessory Bar for TwistGrip. The handle with two cold shoes on either ends has a 1/4"-20 screw for attachment to the Accessory Bar while the bar has 1/4"-20 screw on top for connection with the Manfrotto TwistGrip and other compatible smartphone clamps. The handle features a grippy rubber insert and a thick, wide wrist strap.

Product Features in Detail

TwistGrip System
The TwistGrip System is a phone camera rig that gives you multiple possibilities for connecting additional accessories to boost your smartphone’s potential. These accessories are conceived to support social photographers, but they also take still and video shooting to a whole new technical level. This system is the ideal solution for smartphone users who are interested in photography and want to increase their device’s photographic capabilities to use it as a valid alternative to their DSLR. 

Choose the set-up and combination that best suits your shooting preferences and explore new ways of being creative with your smartphone thanks to Manfrotto HandGrip and BaseGrip, the smartphone video rig .

Ideal Handheld Stabiliser
Manfrotto HandGrip is the ideal handheld camera stabiliser accessory for TwistGrip, Manfrotto’s universal smartphone mount. This ergonomic handle supports your smartphone comfortably and safely and boosts TwistGrip’s potential. These accessories are ideal for different approaches and occasions. HandGrip connects quickly and easily to TwistGrip’s base thanks to its ¼” universal screw. You can also connect it to a tripod thanks to the universal attachment featured on its base. With its ergonomic rubber grip and comfortable wrist strap, this sturdy solution is the perfect smartphone stabiliser, keeping your device secure while you concentrate on shooting flawless pictures and videos.

The BaseGrip
Manfrotto BaseGrip is a valuable tool for turning your smartphone into an effective alternative to your DSLR. This accessory bar provides multiple options for adding photography and video accessories to a smartphone. BaseGrip connects to the TwistGrip’s base quickly and easily thanks to its ¼” universal screw, and accommodates any accessory. Thanks to its multiple universal attachments, it always gives you maximum versatility and modularity for your smartphone shots.

Compact, Easy to Carry
Designed with its users in mind and high-appeal Italian style, the TwistGrip System is compact, easy to carry around and very versatile. It’s practical to use and works perfectly in all situations, in all its many configurations. Its stylish look and feel and finishing perfectly match TwistGrip. Manfrotto HandGrip is entirely Made in Italy and its high-quality aluminium body ensures perfect stability for all smartphone models. The TwistGrip system is based on versatility and modularity.

Weight 155 g
Collection/Series Twistgrip
Top Attachment Element 1 1/4''
Bicolor Element 1 No
Height Element 1 11 cm
Length Element 1 2.2 cm
Width Element 1 3 cm
Color Element 1 dark gray
Material Element 1 Aluminum
Maximum Working Temperature Element 1 60 C
Minimum Working Temperature Element 1 -30 C
Mounting Method Element 1 1/4''
Quick Release Element 1 No
Top Attachment Element 2 1/4'', cold-shoe
Bicolor Element 2 No
Height Element 2 13.5 cm
Length Element 2 1.5 cm
Width Element 2 3.3 cm
Color Element 2 dark gray
Material Element 2 Aluminum
Maximum Working Temperature Element 2 60 C
Minimum Working Temperature Element 2 -30 C
Mounting Method Element 2 1/4''
Quick Release Element 2 No
This product comes with 2 Years Standard Australian Warranty. Our products are sourced from authorised Australian suppliers and therefore come with genuine Australian warranty. Camera Warehouse does not participate in 'Grey Market' or 'Parallel Import' activities.

Manfrotto Kit Handle and Accessory Bar for TwistGrip
Ergonomic Handle for TwistGrip Smartphone Clamp
Accessory Bar
2 Years Standard Australian Warranty

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Manfrotto Kit Handle and Accessory Bar for TwistGrip
Manfrotto Kit Handle and Accessory Bar for TwistGrip


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