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You are here : Home > Inca 1 Hour AA/AAA Fast Charger (with car adapter)

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Inca 1 Hour AA/AAA Fast Charger (with car adapter)Bookmark and Share

Categories: AA Batteries, AA Battery Chargers, Inca Chargers,
Inca 1 Hour AA/AAA Fast Charger (with car adapter)
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Inca 1 Hour AA/AAA Fast Charger (with car adapter) $49.00 Ships today

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Product Summary

 *1 Product Features

*1.1 Application Range
Suitable for 1~4 pieces of AA / AAA Ni-Cd or Ni-MH batteries
*1.2 Microprocessor Controlled
*1.2.1 –Delta v cut off
The charger stops charging once the microprocessor detects the batteries are fully charged.
*1.2.2 Timer Protection
For safety use, charging termination is also controlled by timer.
*1.2.3 Defective and Non-rechargeable battery detection
Safety Protection for using the charger if you attempt to charge defective or non-rechargeable batteries, If you charge non-rechargeable and rechargeable together, detection may not work properly.
Charging rechargeable alkaline batteries may result in battery leakage.
*1.3 Other protections
*1.3.1 Reverse Polarity Protection
It protects the charger and batteries against incorrectly installing batteries.
*1.3.2 Over Current Protection
Maintains constant charging current during the charging cycle.
*1.3.3 Over Temperature Protection
Protects the batteries from being damaged by overheating, the charging will automatically terminate when the temperature of charger or battery reach to 60oC + 5oC.
*1.4 Trickle Charge After Full Charge
After batteries are fully charged, there will still be a small pulse charge current applying to batteries.
*1.5 Refresh function
The charger has the pre-discharge function, when the battery is discharged to 1.0V, the charger can automatically switch to charging status to charge the battery.
*1.6 Individual LCD display the Charging process
The grid of battery figures rolling in charge status indicates the battery is CHARGING correspondingly. If the battery has been charged for 50% nominal capacity, the first grid will stop rolling; If been charged for 75% nominal capacity, the second grid will also stop rolling; and If been fully charged , the third grid will stop rolling and display full power and end charging.
If you need to pre-discharge the battery, switch to discharge status, the LCD will display the battery is in refresh process, after the battery discharge to 1.0V, the charger can automatically switch to charging.
*2.1 Input
AC/DC Adapter(DC5.0V) or USB 5.0v
*2.2 Charging Currents
AA×2 1000mA,AA×4 500mA;
AAA×2 1000mA,AAA×4 500mA
*2.3 Discharge Currents
*2.4 Charging Voltages
1.4V DC For individual charge
*2.5 Battery Leakage Current
Maximum 0.5mA
*3 Mechanical Tests and Requirements
*3.1 Drop test
Drop from 3 feet height onto an oak board of 10 mm thick. The test shall be carried out 3 times respectively in 3 different surfaces of the case.
Requirement: The charger should still meet High-Voltage Shock Test.
*3.2 Bending test (Electrical cord)
Loading: The plug and S/R should withstand weight of 200 gram.
Cycles: Swing 120o left to right for1000 cycles.
Speed: 20 cycles/min.
Expected result: The cord should still be conductible.
*3.3 Surface
Damage and rusting are not permitted.
*4 Environmental Conditions
*4.1 Operating Temperature
0°C to 40°C, best at 25±2°C
*4.2 Storage Temperature
-20°C to 60°C, best at 25±5°C
*4.3 Normal operation humidity range
Below 85%R.H., non-condensing


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