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Underwater Housings

Underwater Housings are among the most effective camera accessories when you want to capture shots in shallow or deep waters. A staple for underwater photographers, these housings come to your rescue when you want to take the camera when snorkeling or click shots when scuba diving. A brilliant innovation, underwater housings are made from special materials like aluminum. These are often sold as a part of underwater photography packages, where Aqua View finders and standard depth ratings are often the first questions among the buyers.
Buy the Best of Genuine Underwater Housings
We offer you a handpicked selection of the best-in-class camera accessories ranging from lenses and memory cards to underwater housings. Our assortment of housings has been procured from the best brands. The list has been curated to offer options that provide an assurance of image-capturing capabilities in the most challenging aquatic conditions.
Our range of original, globally respected underwater housing brands includes Canon, Dicapac, Panasonic and Olympus. From over/under to split image-capturing requirements, you will find an underwater housing for every application.
Buying Underwater Housings at Our Store
Located in Australia, we are constantly serving swimming and deepwater diving enthusiastic customers. We ensure our range of underwater housings bring together the best features demanded in this segment. Every housing on display is first analyzed for its manufacturer’s technical support, weatherproof & waterproof capabilities, rugged construction, and resilience to neglectful handling.
Buy With Confidence 
Our stock is sourced from authorised Australian suppliers meaning you will get genuine Australian manufacturers warranty! 
 FujiFilm Underwater Housing View FujiFilm Underwater Housing details
FujiFilm WP-FX420 POA
FujiFilm WP-FX700 POA
FujiFilm WP-FXF80 Underwater Housing POA
* Prices include GST
 Canon Underwater Housings View Canon Underwater Housings details
Canon CY1-6597 Diffuser for WP-DC21 POA
Canon WP-DC22 Underwater Housing POA
Canon WP-DC24 Underwater Housing POA
Canon WP-DC26 Underwater Housing POA
Canon WP-DC28 Underwater Housing POA
Canon WP-DC29 Underwater Housing POA
Canon WP-DC30 Underwater Housing POA
Canon WP-DC31 Underwater Housing POA
Canon WP-DC310L Slim Waterproof Case POA
Canon WP-DC32 Underwater Housing POA
Canon WP-DC320L Waterproof Case for IXUS 220HS POA
Canon WP-DC33 Underwater Housing POA
Canon WP-DC34 Underwater Housing POA
Canon WP-DC35 Underwater Housing POA
Canon WP-DC36 Waterproof Housing POA
Canon WP-DC37 Underwater Housing POA
Canon WP-DC38 Underwater Housing POA
Canon WP-DC39 Underwater Housing POA
Canon WP-DC40 POA
Canon WP-DC41 Underwater Housing POA
Canon WP-DC42 Underwater Housing POA
Canon WP-DC44 Underwater Housing for G1X POA
Canon WP-DC45 Underwater Housing POA
Canon WP-DC46 Underwater Housing for PowerShot SX240HS and SX260HS POA
Canon WP-DC50 POA
Canon WP-DC55 Underwater Housing for G7X Mark II $325.00
Canon WP-DC70 POA
Canon WP-DC80 Underwater Case POA
Canon WP-DC800 Underwater Case POA
Canon WP-DC9 Underwater Housing POA
Canon WP-DC90 Underwater Cases POA
Canon WP-V1 Underwater Housing for Legria HF20 and HF200 POA
Canon WP-V2 Underwater Housing POA
Canon WP-V3 Underwater Housing POA
* Prices include GST
 Olympus Underwater Housings View Olympus Underwater Housings details
Olympus PT-050 Underwater Housing for XZ-1 Camera POA
Olympus PT-051 Underwater Housing POA
Olympus PT-052 Underwater Housing for Tough TG-820 Digital Camera POA
Olympus PT-057 Underwater Housing for TG-850 and TG-860 Cameras POA
Olympus PT-EP01 Underwater Housing POA
Olympus PT-EP03 Underwater Housing POA
Olympus PT-EP08 Underwater Housing for OM-D E-M5 Camera POA
Olympus PT-EP10 Underwater Housing for the E-PL5 Digital Camera POA
Olympus PT-EP11 Underwater Housing for OM-D E-M1 Camera POA
Olympus PT-EP12 Underwater Housing for the E-PL7 Digital Camera POA
Olympus PT-EP13 Underwater Housing for the E-M5 Mark II Digital Camera POA
Olympus PT-EP14 Underwater Housing for E-M1 Mark II $1,688.00
Olympus Underwater Housing for TG-4 and TG-3 PT-056 $398.00
Olympus Underwater Housing for TG-5 PT-058 $428.00
* Prices include GST
 Olympus Underwater Housing Accessories View Olympus Underwater Housing Accessories details
Olympus JS-T01 Joint Screw POA
Olympus MC-T01 Mount Coupling POA
Olympus PAD-EP08 Underwater Port Extension Adapter $188.00
Olympus PBC-E01 Body Cap POA
Olympus PBC-E05 Body Cap POA
Olympus PBC-EP01 (w) Body Cap POA
Olympus PBC-EP02 Front Soft Cover POA
Olympus PBC-EP08 Replacement Body Cap POA
Olympus PER-E01 Lens Port for EC-14 1.4x Teleconverter $198.00
Olympus PFCA-02 Fiber Optic Cable Adapter $69.00
Olympus PFC-EP05 Flash Window Cover POA
Olympus PFC-EP12 Underwater Flash Window Cover POA
Olympus PFL-E01 Underwater Flash Housing POA
Olympus PFUD-05 LCD Lens Hood POA
Olympus PFUD-057 LCD Hood POA
Olympus PFUD-07 LCD Lens Hood POA
Olympus PFUD-E01 LCD Lens Hood POA
Olympus PFUD-E03 LCD Lens Hood POA
Olympus PFUD-E05 LCD Lens Hood POA
Olympus PFUD-E06 LCD Lens Hood POA
Olympus PFUD-EP01 LCD Hood POA
Olympus PFUD-EP11 LCD Hood POA
Olympus PFUD-EP12 LCD Hood POA
Olympus PFUD-EP13 LCD Hood POA
Olympus PJKT-EP03 Port Cover POA
Olympus PMLA-01 Macro Lens Adapter POA
Olympus PMLA-02 Macro Lens Adapter POA
Olympus PMLA-EP01 Macro Lens Adapter POA
Olympus POL-029 O-Ring For PT-029 and PT-034 POA
Olympus POL-030 O-Ring For PT-030 POA
Olympus POL-032 O-Ring For PT-032 and PT-038 POA
Olympus POL-033 O-Ring For PT-033 and PT-035 POA
Olympus POL-037 O-Ring for PT-037 Underwater Housing From $58.00 View options
Olympus POL-041 O-Ring For PT-041, PT-048 and PT-051 POA
Olympus POL-042 O-Ring For PT-042 and PT-043 POA
Olympus POL-050 O-Ring for PT-050 POA
Olympus POL-053 O-ring for PT-053 & PT-056 $58.00
Olympus POL-054 O-Ring for PT-EP12 POA
Olympus POL-054-2 O-Ring for PT-054 POA
Olympus POL-201A Front O-Ring For PFL-01 POA
Olympus POL-201B Rear O-Ring For PFL-01 POA
Olympus POL-202 O-Ring For PFL-01 POA
Olympus POL-E03A O-Ring For PT-E03 POA
Olympus POL-E03B O-Ring For PT-E03 POA
Olympus POL-E05A O-Ring For PT-E05 POA
Olympus POL-E05B O-Ring For PT-E05 POA
Olympus POL-E06A Rear O-Ring For PT-E06 POA
Olympus POL-E06B Front O-Ring For PT-E06 POA
Olympus POL-E301 O-Ring for PPO-EP01 Lens Port POA
Olympus POL-EP01 O-Ring For PT-EP01 POA
Olympus POL-EP03 O-Ring for PT-EP03 POA
Olympus POL-EP13 O-Ring for PT-EP13 POA
Olympus POL-U1 O-Ring For UFL-1 Underwater Flash POA
Olympus POSR-EP01 Anti-Reflection Shading Ring POA
Olympus POSR-EP02 Anti-Reflection Shading Ring POA
Olympus POSR-EP03 Anti-Reflection Shading Ring POA
Olympus POSR-EP05 Anti-Reflection Shading Ring POA
Olympus POSR-EP06 Anti-Reflection Shading Ring POA
Olympus POSR-EP07 Anti-Reflection Shading Ring POA
Olympus POSR-EP08 Anti-Reflection Shading Ring POA
Olympus POSR-EP09 Anti-Reflection Shading Ring POA
Olympus POSR-EP10 Anti-Reflection Shading Ring $58.00
Olympus PPFC-E01 Front Cap POA
Olympus PPO-E01 Underwater Lens Port for M.Zuiko 14-45mm f/3.5-5.6 Zoom Lens POA
Olympus PPO-E03 Underwater Lens Port for the Zuiko 50mm f/2.0 Macro Lens POA
Olympus PPO-E04 (for 7-14mm and 8mm Fish Eye Lens) Lens Port $1,128.00
Olympus PPO-E05 Lens Port for Zuiko 14-42mm f/3.5-5.6 ED Zoom Lens POA
Olympus PPO-EP01 Lens Port for PT-EP08 Underwater Camera Case POA
Olympus PPO-EP02 Lens Port for M.Zuiko Digital ED 8mm f/1.8 Fisheye Pro Lens $998.00
Olympus PPO-EP03 Lens Port $719.00
Olympus PPZR-EP01 Zoom Ring POA
Olympus PPZR-EP02 Zoom Ring POA
Olympus PPZR-EP03 Focusing Ring $68.00
Olympus PPZR-EP04 Zoom Ring $68.00
Olympus PPZR-EP05 Focusing Ring for 8mm F1.8 FISHEYE PRO LENS $108.00
Olympus PPZR-EP06 Zooming Ring $118.00
Olympus PRLC-05 Lens Cap POA
Olympus PRLC-07 Lens Cap POA
Olympus PRLC-08 Lens Cap POA
Olympus PRLC-12 Lens Cap POA
Olympus PRLC-14 Lens Cap POA
Olympus PRLC-16 Lens Cap POA
Olympus PRPC-EP02 Rear Cap POA
Olympus PST-E02 Hand Strap POA
Olympus PST-EP01 Hand Strap Red POA
Olympus PSUR-01 Step-Up Ring POA
Olympus PSUR-02 Step-Up Ring POA
Olympus PSUR-03 Step-Up Ring $48.00
Olympus PSUR-04 Step-Up Ring POA
Olympus PSUR-05 Step-Up Ring POA
Olympus PTAC-E01 Grip Bracket POA
Olympus PTBKC-02 Bracket POA
Olympus PTBK-E01 Flash Bracket POA
Olympus PTBK-E02 Underwater Bracket for PT-E05 POA
Olympus PTBKS-02 Short Arm Adapter POA
Olympus PTCB-E02 $136.00
Olympus PTDP-050 Underwater Flash Diffuser POA
Olympus PTDP-EP12 Underwater Flash Diffuser POA
Olympus PTDP-EP13 Underwater Flash Diffuser POA
Olympus PTMC-01 Macro Conversion Lens $208.00
Olympus PTMO-E05 Camera Mount POA
Olympus PTSA-02 Short Arm $88.00
Olympus PTSA-03 Long Arm $139.00
Olympus PTWC-01 Wide Conversion Lens $548.00
Olympus PWT-030 Balance Weight POA
Olympus PWT-037 Balance Weight POA
Olympus PWT-1AD Balance Weight POA
Olympus PWT-1BA Balance Weight POA
Olympus SG-T01 Steady Grip POA
Olympus Silica 5 Gel Large Pack of 5 $18.00
Olympus Silica 5S Small Pack of 5 $15.00
Olympus Silicon Gel for Underwater Housing O-Rings POA
Olympus UFL-1 Underwater Flash $329.00
Olympus UFL-2 Underwater Flash $629.00
Olympus UFL-3 Underwater Flash $498.00
Olympus UFLDP-3 Flash Diffuser $65.00
Olympus UFLDP-4 Flash Diffuser $63.00
Olympus UP-T01 Underwater Lens Protector POA
* Prices include GST
 Panasonic Underwater Housings View Panasonic Underwater Housings details
Panasonic DMW-MCFT3 Underwater Housing $429.00
Panasonic DMW-MCFT5 Marine Case POA
Panasonic DMW-MCFX01E Underwater Housing $459.00
Panasonic DMW-MCFX07 Underwater Housing $459.00
Panasonic DMW-MCFX30 Underwater Housing $399.00
Panasonic DMW-MCTZ5E Underwater Housing $399.00
* Prices include GST
 Dicapac Underwater Housing View Dicapac Underwater Housing details
Dicapac WPC10s Waterproof Case POA
Dicapac WP-D20 Underwater Digital Video Camera Case POA
Dicapac WPi20 Waterproof Case POA
* Prices include GST
 Sony Underwater Housings View Sony Underwater Housings details
Sony SPK-THC Sport Jacket (SPKTHC) $79.00
Sony SPK-WA Marine Sports Pack (SPKWA) POA
Sony Underwater Housing For Action Cam POA
Sony Underwater Housing for Sony RX100 V Camera $558.00
* Prices include GST

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