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You are here : Home > Tamron AF 18-270mm F3.5-6.3 DI II VC PZD Camera Lens

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Tamron AF 18-270mm F3.5-6.3 DI II VC PZD Camera LensBookmark and Share

Categories: Tamron Zoom Lenses,
Tamron AF 18-270mm F3.5-6.3 DI II VC PZD Camera Lens
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Product Summary

  • Aperture of F/22 ~ F/40 (18mm-270mm)
  • ø62 Filter Diameter
  • PZD (Piezo Drive) piezoelectric AF motor 
  • Tamron’s Unique State-of-the-Art In-Lens Image Stabilization System
  • Low Dispersion (LD) Glass
  • Internal Focusing (IF) System
  • Hybrid Aspherical Elements
  • Zoom Lock (ZL) Feature
  • Compatibility: Only with APS-C DSLR Cameras
  • 24 Months Warranty with Maxwells International Australia

The New Tamron 18-270mm ultra zoom lens with F/22 ~ F/40 aperture features a new level of compactness, performance and speed thanks to the new PZD (Piezo Drive) AF motor. The Piezo drive is an innovative ultrasonic autofocus motor based on advanced piezoelectric design. The tamron 18-270mm PZD is considerably lighter, shorter and slimmer than any previous lens in its class. Tamron’s Unique State-of-the-Art In-Lens Image Stabilization System makes the lens perfect for shooting moving objects in a particular distance. Chromatic aberrations are reduced with the help of the lens' low dispersion (LD) glass. Optical performance and minimized illumination loss are improved by the internal focusing system. The Hybrid Aspherical Element of this innovative lens comes handy, providing ultimate imagery and compactness which give a more vivid output in photography. It is compatible only with APS-C DSLR Cameras.

Product Features in Detail

Tamron Di-II
Tamron Di-II lenses are engineered expressly for digital SLR cameras* with image sensors commonly referred to as APS-C, measuring approximately 24mm x 16mm. Rendering an ideal image circle for APS-C sensors, Di-II lenses are also include properties to optimize digital imaging performance.

Vibration Compensation (Tamron’s Unique State-of-the-Art In-Lens Image Stabilization System)
Handheld camera shake is the leading cause of blurry and unsharp pictures. Several leading companies now make lenses with built-in optical image-stabilization systems that sense the amplitude and direction of the shake and compensate by moving optical groups within the lens. Tamron’s exclusive new Vibration Compensation (VC) system that’s built into the Tamron AF28-300mm F/3.5-6.3 XR Di VC LD Aspherical (IF) Macro and the Tamron AF18-270mm F/3.5-6.3 Di-II VC LD Aspherical (IF) Macro lenses performs a similar function, but it executes it much more effectively due to its innovative breakthrough design.

PZD (Piezo Drive) piezoelectric AF motor
Piezoelectric drive replaces traveling wave energy with more efficient standing wave energy for higher AF performance with less weight and bulk. A vital contributor to compactness, PZD focuses quickly and precisely, assuring sharper results in demanding conditions with speed that captures spontaneous moments crisply—moments that might otherwise be lost to image softness. PZD is exceptionally quiet, making it ideal for nature, live performance shooting, golf and other conditions that demand quiet operation.

Low Dispersion (LD) Glass for Greater Lens Sharpness
|Low dispersion (LD) glass elements in a lens help reduce chromatic aberration; the tendency of light of different colors to come to different points of focus at the image plane. Chromatic aberration reduces the sharpness of an image, but glass with an extremely lowdispersion index, has less of a tendency to separate (defract) a ray of light into a rainbow of colors. This characteristic allows the lens designer to effectively compensate for chromatic aberration at the center of the field (on axis), a particular problem at long focal lengths (the telephoto end of the zoom range), and for lateral chromatic aberration (towards the edges of the field) that often occurs at short focal lengths (the wide-angle end of the zoom range.)

Hybrid Aspherical Elements Provide the Ultimate in Image Quality and Compactness
Tamron uses several hybrid aspherical lens elements in many lenses bearing the Aspherical designation. These innovative optics allow us to achieve the ultimate in image quality, and at the same time produce lenses that offer remarkable zoom ranges in extraordinarily compact packages. By perfecting theses cutting-edge advances for series production, Tamron has advanced the state of optical design, and virtually eliminated spherical aberration and image distortion from the high-power-zoom series.Through the effective application of Hybrid Aspherical Technology, one lens elemen tcan take the place of multiple elements without compromising performance. This is what allows us to produce remarkably compact long-range lenses that deliver a uniformly high level of image quality at all focal lengths and apertures.

Internal Focusing (IF) System
Internal focusing (IF) provides numerous practical benefits to photographers including a non-rotating front filter ring that facilitates the positioning of polarizing and graduated filters, and more predictable handling because the lens length does not change during focusing. Even more important, Tamron’s Internal Focusing (IF) system provides a much closer minimum focusing distance (MFD) throughout its entire focusing range. In addition, IF improves optical performance by minimizing illumination loss at the corners of the image field, and helps to suppress other aberrations that become more troublesome at different focusing positions.

Zoom Lock (ZL) Feature
Another original Tamron mechanical engineering concept is the Zoom Lock (ZL), a simple convenience feature that prevents undesired extension of the lens barrel when carrying the camera/lens unit on a neck strap.

Included in the Box

     Tamron AF 18-270mm F3.5-6.3 DI II VC PZD Camera Lens
     Flower-shaped Lens hood
     24 months warranty with Maxwells International Australia

Warranty Information

     This Tamron AF 18-270mm F3.5-6.3 DI II VC PZD Camera Lens comes with 24 months warranty with Maxwells International Australia.
     Our products are sourced from authorised Australian suppliers and therefore come with genuine Australian warranty.
     Camera Warehouse does not participate in 'Grey Market' or 'Parallel Import' activities.


Tech Specs

Model B008
Lens Construction (Groups/Elements) 13/16
Angle of View 75°33' - 5°55' (APS-C size equivalent)
Diaphragm Blade Number 7
Minimum Aperture F/22 ~ F/40 (18mm-270mm)
Minimum Focus Distance 19.3in.(0.49m) (entire zoom range)
Macro Magnification Ratio 01:03.8
Filter Diameter ø62
Weight 450g (15.9oz)*
Length 3.5in (88mm)**
Entire Length 3.8in (96.4mm)**
Diameter ø2.9 (ø74.4mm)
Accessory Flower-shaped Lens hood
Mount Canon, Nikon with Built-In Motor, Sony A mount***
*values given for Nikon AF cameras 
**Length is the distance between the mount face and the tip of the lens. Entire length is the distance between the tip of the lens and the tip of the protrusion.
***The Sony mount does not include the VC image stabilization functionality, as the body of the Sony digital SLR camera includes image stabilization functionality.



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