Sky-Watcher Telescopes

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When it comes to astrophotography, Sky-Watcher Telescopes will give you a clear view of the skies and capture it in pictures. Made from durable material, these are some of the best telescopes in the entire galaxy. At Camera Warehouse, we offer a number of reflector and refractor telescopes which can cater to your preferences. Whether you are a novice or an expert, there’s a compatible telescope for you.
For the uninitiated, Sky-Watcher Refractor Telescopes are the typical telescopes that we see. These barrel-type telescopes feature a small lens eyepiece that is parallel to the large objective lens. Starting hobbyists will find the Sky-Watcher 60/700 AZ2 Refractor Telescope suitable for their needs because of its 120x magnification. Meanwhile, the experienced ones will enjoy the Sky-Watcher 120/900 Black Diamond ED Doublet Refractor Telescope. Refractor telescopes are often better in protecting optics against air currents due to its sealed tube.
On the other hand, Sky-Watcher Reflector Telescopes uses a parabolic secondary mirror to reflect the light that passes through the bigger, primary mirror. Usually, the reflector kind is more compact than their refractor counterparts. Also, it has a shallower depth of field which results to brighter images. Some of the more notable Sky-Watcher Reflectors in the market today are the Sky-Watcher 76/700 AZ1 which has an improved light gathering power and the Sky-Watcher 190/1000 Maksutov Newtonian Photo Reflector Telescope with a wide 195mm diameter.
There are also Sky-Watcher Dobsonian and Sky-Watcher Cassegrain Telescopes available. Most of the Dobsonians being sold feature a collapsible truss-tube which makes it space-friendly and easy to transport. Likewise, Cassegrains telescopes fuse reflector and refractor elements together to deliver views at even smaller barrels. To enhance your set-up, you can also purchase related accessories such as tripod mounts, counterweight, polar scopes, t-rings, tube rings, and shutter release. Buy Sky-Watcher items now and for sure, the sky’s the limit for your images.
All our Sky-Watcher products come with 5 Years Genuine Australian Manufacturer’s Warranty.
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