Nikon NIKKOR Z TC-2.0x Teleconverter

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  • Designed for Nikon Z mount Lenses
  • Increases the Effective Focal Length by a Factor of 2.0x
  • Two Aperture Stop Loss
  • Retained Autofocus (AF) and Vibration Reduction (VR)
  • Dust- and Drip-Resistance
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The TC-2.0x is Nikon NIKKOR Z mount lenses where it increases the effective focal length of the lens by a factor of 2.0x with two aperture stop loss. Teleconverters are widely used to expand the telephoto shooting range while utilizing the potential of the main lens. Its ultimate rendering can be used with affecting the performance of autofocus (AF) and vibration reduction (VR). This teleconverter is fluorine coated, making it dust- and drip-resistant.

Product Features in Detail


Double down. Lighten your load.
For those who chase impossible shots—birders, nature and wildlife photographers, aircraft, sports and action photographers—reach is key. But so is speed, nimbleness and being in the right spot. The Z TELECONVERTER TC-2.0x gives you the best of both worlds, doubling the reach of compatible Z lenses so you can bring shorter, lighter lenses into the field and still get the shot. Optimized for the compact mirrorless Z system, it retains 100% resolution, AF and VR functionality, minimum focusing distances and weather-sealing, all with superb rendering performance.

100% more reach. 100% resolution.
The lightweight, compact Z TELECONVERTER TC-2.0x doubles the native reach of compatible lenses—without any loss of resolution and outstanding image quality. You might already be approximating this effect with in-camera cropping, but that cuts out over 50% of your image sensor's pixels. With the Z TELECONVERTER TC-2.0x, you can achieve those tight compositions with the full resolution of your sensor by shooting in the native image area of your camera.

Forget it's even there.
On a compatible Z lens like NIKKOR Z 70-200mm f/2.8 VR S, the Z TELECONVERTER TC-2.0x retains all AF functionality and speed, VR capabilities and minimum focusing distance, with only 2 stops of light loss and very little weight and length gain. The lens' illuminated information panel will even display the correctly converted focal length when using the Z TELECONVERTER TC-2.0x. This is a perfect pairing.

Use every focus point.
Like so many aspects of the mirrorless Z system, the Z TELECONVERTER TC-2.0x defies traditional limitations. It can use every focus point of your Z series sensor all the way to f/11—unprecedented for teleconverters. Quickly acquire subjects at the edges of the frame and track them throughout your view.
AF accuracy may decrease and focusing speed may lower according to subjects and shooting situations.

Make a big deal of little things.
The Z TELECONVERTER TC-2.0x can turn a telephoto lens into a macro-style powerhouse. It maintains the close focusing capability of NIKKOR Z lenses while enlarging the reproduction ratio by 2.0x that of the main lens. When used with NIKKOR Z 70-200mm f/2.8 VR S, for example, you can zoom in to 400mm from just 3.28 feet away to reveal the tiniest details.

Added depth and impact.
NIKKOR Z lenses create some of the most beautiful bokeh effects imaginable. The Z TELECONVERTER TC-2.0x enhances these effects by reducing the depth of field by 50%. This separates your subject from those creamy backgrounds even more, so you can draw attention where you want it to be. Ideal for portraits and wildlife.

Ready for tough conditions.
Teleconverters often need to be taken on or off in the heat of the moment when you're in the field. The Z TELECONVERTER TC-2.0x is built for these moments. It has an anti-slip knurling tread for improved grip. It has Nikon's proprietary non-stick Fluorine Coat on the front and rear elements to make cleaning a breeze. And it has dust and drip sealing equivalent to that of an S-Line lens, ensuring your gear is ready for the toughest conditions.

Aspherical Lens
A lens with a curved, non-spherical surface. Used to reduce aberrations and enable a more compact lens size. Aspherical lenses minimize coma and other types of lens aberrations, even when used at the widest aperture. They are particularly useful in correcting distortion in wide-angle lenses and help contribute to a lighter, more compact design by reducing the number of standard (spherical) elements necessary. Aspherical lens elements correct these distortions by continuously changing the refractive index from the center of the lens.

Fluorine Coat
Photographers need gear that can withstand the elements. Nikon’s fluorine coat effectively repels dust, water droplets, grease or dirt, ensuring easy removal even when they adhere to the lens surface. Nikon’s fluorine coat endures a high frequency of lens surface wiping and its anti-reflective effect also contributes to the capture of clear images.

Super Integrated Coating
Nikon Super Integrated Coating is Nikon's term for its multilayer coating of the optical elements in NIKKOR lenses.

Lens mount Front: Nikon Z mount (exclusively for lenses that support teleconverters)
Rear: Nikon Z mount
Lens construction 8 elements in 5 groups (including 1 aspherical element and fluorine-coated front and rear elements)
Focal length 2x that of the main lens
Minimum focus distance Same as the main lens
Maximum reproduction ratio 2x that of the main lens
Depth of field 1/2x that of the main lens
Diameter x length (extension from lens mount) Approx. 72 mm/2.9 in. (maximum diameter) x 32.5 mm/1.3 in. (distance from camera lens mount flange); overall length 50.5 mm/2 in.
Weight Approx. 270 g (9.6 oz)
Supplied accessories BF-N2 Teleconverter Cap (front cap), LF-N1 Lens Cap (rear cap), CL-C4 Lens Case

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Nikon NIKKOR Z Teleconverter TC-2.0x
BF-N2 Teleconverter Cap (front cap)
LF-N1 Lens Cap (rear cap)
CL-C4 Lens Case

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Nikon NIKKOR Z TC-2.0x Teleconverter
Nikon NIKKOR Z TC-2.0x Teleconverter
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