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Wowed by Kodak Pulse digital photo frame

Posted 7/06/2010 at 3:41 PM
Kodak Pulse digital photo frame

*** UPDATE: Sorry, the Kodak Pulse frame cannot connect to Google Picasa as previously reported.


There were a couple of products that stood out for me at last week's PMA show in Melbourne, where all the manufacturers showcase the latest and greatest in their range.

Kodak is not a brand that normally stands out. Their cameras are reliable, great value and take excellent pictures, but they're not sexy. But this year, one Kodak product really caught my attention. The Kodak Pulse digital photo frame.

At $149, Kodak are never going to win prizes for value for the Pulse as some 7" frames are now available for <AU$50, but in terms of innovation, the Pulse takes the prize. As well as now standard features like wireless connectivity (so you can load images from a wireless computer network), and the fact that there's no software to install, the Pulse will now also check for images on your Facebook account, or Kodak Gallery site.

And you can send your photos to an email address provided as part of the Kodak Gallery service, which will also show on your Pulse frame. With the explosion of mobile photography from devices like the iPhone and other web-enabled digital cameras, this is a great feature.

The next time you're about to go on leave, buy one of these frames for your work desk and make your colleagues green with envy as the frame automatically updates with pictures of you sipping on your margarita by the beach before the glass is even empty!

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