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Two New Sigma Teleconverters - TC-1401 and TC2001

Posted 15/09/2014 at 7:22 PM
 In addition to the 3 new lenses, Sigma also annoucned two new Teleconverters, the TC-1401 and TC2001. They will be available for Canon, Nikon and Sigma. Stock is due in October and our price is as per the following: 

Sigma 1.4X TC-1401 Teleconverter 

Sigma 2.0X TC2001 Teleconverter

This is what Sigma has to say:


The teleconverters TC-1401 and TC2001 are developed as dedicated attachments for Sigma Global Vision lenses. By mounting it in between a telephoto lens and a camera, the TC-1401 and TC-2001 will magnify a lens’ focal length by 1.4 and 2 times, respectively. Both models now incorporate Special Low Dispersion (SLD) glass elements, the TC-1401 with 1 and the TC2001 with 2 SLD elements, which offer excellent aberration correction and maintain the exceptional image quality of the original lens.  The TC-1401 will be sold for the street price of $349, and the TC2001 will be sold for $399. Availability is still yet to be announced for both teleconverters.

The teleconverters come packed with additional special features – its power distribution is designed for Sigma lenses of large diameter. Without affecting the lens performance, these options offer stable image quality through the zoom at every focal length and on the corners of the frame. Additionally, the tele converters are designed for high durability – being both dust and splash-proof. These new teleconverters are capable of shooting effective AF at F8, if the camera can do so.


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