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Sony Alpha price drops huge savings to be made

Posted 2/12/-1 at 10:00 AM

UPDATE! More price drops below...

UPDATE! It's 8:30pm on Friday and we've just received confirmation on the new pricing. The following prices are now in effect:

Original message:
BREAKING NEWS...we are very pleased to report that Sony have announced price reductions to all Alpha 100 kits. We are waiting for final confirmation of these prices, but we know that the RRP has dropped by up to $300!

I can confirm that the twin lens kit will immediately drop by $100 to $1699 with further reductions pending confirmation from our suppliers. If you're considering buying a digital SLR today, I strongly urge you to consider this new, low priced camera amongst your choices. What's more, we have stock of all models right now!

The Sony Alpha 100 offers some fantastic features:

  1. Sony Super SteadyShot
    The Alpha 100 has image stabilisation in the form of Sony's Super SteadyShot built into the camera body. This means that any lens attached to the camera becomes and image stabilised lens saving you lots of money over the term of your ownership.
  2. Dual Anti-Dust System
    The camera combines a dual vibration mechanism and speciliased anti-dust coating on the CCD to protect the sensor against dust - the bain of the digital SLR photographer's life!
  3. High Stamina Battery
    The standard battery supplied with the Alpha 100 is capable of 750 shots from one charge.
  4. High-Resolution CCD
    The 10.2 megapixel APS-C sensor allows large-format and high quality photographs with reduced noise.

The drop in price is going to bring this camera right down in contention with the Canon EOS 400D and Pentax K10D, and offers further savings over the Nikon D80.

More information as we receive it.

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