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Seven Reasons Why the DJI Goggles is the Perfect Drone Companion

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27/04/2017 10:14:00 AM by Camera-Warehouse


As virtual reality is gaining rapid strides nowadays, the demand for first person view technology is soaring. This is very evident with VR gaming boxes and simulators. Thus, DJI has responded by introducing the DJI Goggles. Designed for seamless FPV flying with DJI drones, it provides a new dimension for aerial photography and videography. Here are seven reasons why this is the perfect complement for your DJI quadcopters.

1) Head Tracking – Imagine controlling your camera drone with your head. This is possible through the Head Tracking Flight mode. It drifts to the left or right when you turn your head or yaw that way. Likewise, it stops turning when you keep your head straight. Meanwhile, only the gimbal moves during the Head Tracking Gimbal mode.

2) Intelligent Flight Mode – The DJI Goggles are ideal for the drone’s Intelligent Flight Mode which includes the TapFly for quick navigation, ActiveTrack for moving subjects, and Terrain Follow options. Aside from the Head Tracking Mode, the Fixed-Wing Mode is also available to make the DJI drone fly straight and glide for a more realistic flight.

3) High Resolution Display – Typically, screens inside VR goggles are divided into two 1280x1440 planes the cuts off certain sections in 16:9 resolution. With the DJI Goggles, you get two 1920x1080 screens that provide more pixels than a typical 2K screen. This translates to a wider and clearer view of what the drone camera is focusing at.

4) Low Lag Transmission – With a low latency of 110ms, you can avoid live feed delays while enjoying views of either 720p/60fps or 1080p/30fps in close range. Meanwhile, the built-in antennas in the comfortable headband provide 360 degrees of coverage to have uninterrupted connection with the drone.

5) Wear it as if it is not there – This FPV goggles come with a headband that minimizes pressure on the face by spreading the weight evenly. This level of comfort makes it easy to wear this for hours without feeling uneasy on the face.

6) Compatible with DJI drones – Thanks to the DJI OcuSync wireless transmission system, you can connect the DJI Goggles with the Mavic Pro, the Phantom 4 drones and the DJI Inspire aerial video cameras. Talk about convenient hands-free control!

7) Versatile functionality – The DJI Goggles has an HDMI Input for watching films or playing games. Meanwhile, you can listen to its accompanying music by plugging in headphones into the Audio Input. Firmware upgrades and access to tracking functions can be activated via the Micro USB Input while additional file storage can be plugged onto the Micro SD Card slot.

This innovative DJI product is now available at Camera Warehouse for $748 (price subject to change without prior notice). For more details about the DJI Goggles, you can visit the Camera Warehouse website or send an email at You may also call at (02) 9558 3116 or go to the Camera Warehouse physical store at 695A Princes Highway, Tempe, NSW 2044. Camera Warehouse is an Authorised Australian Dealer of DJI products and they do not engage in Grey Market or Parallel Importing activities.


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