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Setting the record straight WE DO NOT GREY IMPORT!

Posted 2/12/-1 at 10:00 AM

It has come to our attention that some of our competitors are claiming that our prices are low, particularly in relation to Pentax digital cameras, because we 'grey import' them.

Grey importing is sourcing the cameras overseas to obtain better prices, but means the cameras do not have a local warranty.

I'd like to state, categorically, that WE DO NOT GREY IMPORT, and neither have we EVER done so. Furthermore, anyone spreading these false rumours should be aware that they are libelous, and therefore illegal, and we will use the full powers of the law to ensure that they are penalised for doing so if discovered.

Our prices are low simply because years of experience has taught us that our customers prefer them that way, but ALL of our products are sourced directly from the manufacturer or authorised distributors in Australia, and ALL include standard warranties with those parties.

These rumours are malicious and unfounded, and designed purely to gain a competitive advantage over Camera-Warehouse that can't be achieved any other way. Our customers are requested, therefore, to treat them with the contempt they deserve, and let us know when it happens so that we can put an end to it.

Thank you.

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