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You are here : Home > Camera-Warehouse Digital Camera News > Nikon Releases Firmware Version C 1.10 for D810 DSLR Camera

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Nikon Releases Firmware Version C 1.10 for D810 DSLR Camera

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30/10/2015 7:34:00 AM by Camera-Warehouse

Nikon Releases Firmware Version C 1.10 for D810 DSLR Camera


With several operational bugs biting the Nikon D810 DSLR Camera, the company has released an update to its firmware to take its latest software from C 1.02 to C 1.10. This update addresses issues regarding confusing display information. The new Nikon firmware also answers concerns regarding the camera’s failure to correctly record in HDR mode.


One of the glaring bugs for C 1.02 is that audio static is produced when third-party HDMI recorders are used during Movie Live view. That being said, C 1.10 reverses this concern via an external recording control option that allows camera controls to be used even if it is connected with an HDMI recorder that supports the Atomos Open Protocol. However, you must choose an option other than 576p or 480p for output resolution.

The following updates are also included in the C 1.10 firmware:

  • Correction of distance information display during camera playback for pictures taken via an external flash in distance-priority manual mode.
  • Adjustment of the brightness setting during live view photography display especially when the command dial is turned to set exposure compensation with On (auto reset) selected for b Metering/exposure > b4 Easy exposure compensation > Easy exposure compensation in Custom Setting Menu.
  • Appearance of the maximum aperture indicator while the preview button stops the lens to the same setting.
  • Release of shutter when still images are taken during movie live view
  • Adjustment of audio volume for movies played with hidden indicators during full-frame playback.
  • Production of negative exposure compensation value for RAW images that were processed via the corresponding option in the Retouch menu.
  • Prevention of overexposed frames after the first one when the Exposure Smoothing option during interval timer photography is turned on.
  • Proper assignment and sequencing of file numbers
  • Correction of missing characters and character parts that were missing during the SETUP>Location data>Position and SETUP>AF fine-tune>List saved values displays.
  • Partial changes in the help text.

·  The Nikon D810 DSLR Firmware C 1.10 can be downloaded here for Windows and Mac OS computers. You can also read more about the D810''s features here.

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