Nikon Z7 Price and Release Date

Posted 23/08/2018 at 9:13 PM

Australian Price for the Nikon Z7 and Release Date

Nikon just raised the bar on full frame mirrorless cameras; it's called the Z Series with two models Z7 & Z6 plus 3 lenses and an adapter so you can use the vast range of F mount lenses on the new Z series cameras (look out Sony!)

We know a product is going to be popular when customers contact us weeks and weeks before the announcement and ask us for pricing, availability and wanting to know how to pre-order before the product is even official! 

Are you thinking what i'm thinking...? When will is be available? What's the price gonna be? 'TELL US THE PRICE SON'. 

As we've mentioned previously, there's ALWAYS a delay with official pricing being released in Australia compared to the rest of the world but for once - we actually have a fairly firm price from announcement on some of the products!

Australian RRP Price for Nikon Z 7 + FTZ Mount Adapter has been set at $3499 and at Camera-Warehouse it will cost you $3448

Nikon Z 6 + FTZ Mount Adapter RRP is $5499 and price here will be $5448

So far, we are led to believe that the release date for the first shipment is expected to start shipping around October 2018 






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