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Nikon Releases Updated Firmware for D4S and D750 DSLR Cameras

Posted 2/12/2015 at 10:36 PM


Nikon has released the D4S 1.30 and the D750 1.10 firmware which features new control options for external recorders using the Atomos Open Protocol. Likewise, the updated firmware for the D750 has a vibration reduction function to address glitches wherein even VR lenses can’t contain image shake.

Common Features of the D750 Firmware 1.10 and the D4S Firmware 1.30

With the D750 firmware version 1.10 and the D4S firmware 1.30, an external recording control option is available to the HDMI item in the SETUP menu. This means that if the camera is connected to an Atomos-supporting recorder via HDMI, the camera’s controls can be used to regulate recording. However, the output resolution chosen in the SETUP MENU should be anything else except 576p or 480p.


For the D4S, you can choose any option except Auto for HDMI > Output resolution in the SETUP MENU when 640x 424; 30p or 640x 424; 25p is selected for Movie settings > Frame size/frame rate in the SHOOTING MENU.

Unique Updates for the Nikon D750 Firmware Version 1.10

Meanwhile, the D750 firmware 1.10 and the D4S firmware 1.30 shares a number of updates such as the removal of the four-second static on audio recorded through external HDMI recorders on movie live view and the non-release of shutter when photographs are to be taken during movie live view.


Both the D750 1.10 and the D4S 1.30 have also addressed the cases wherein the cameras won’t record correctly when high dynamic range is chosen during Shooting menu. They have also addressed the problem wherein the exposure compensation does not display the desired results for RAW images when negative values are chosen during Retouch menu. As for the D4S only, firmware version 1.30 also solves the wrong location of the focus point if the 5:4 option is chosen as image area.


On the other hand, the D750 firmware version 1.10 has addressed a number of issues including the wrong location of the focus point in the monitor. It has also fixed the glitch wherein the brightness of the live view photography display won’t change even if the command dial has already been rotated for adjustment. This issue is prevalent whenever the On for b Metering/Exposure – b3 Easy exposure compensation – Easy exposure compensation is chosen in the Custom Setting Menu.



Also, D750 firmware version 1.10 now displays maximum aperture indicator during Preview mode. It also solves the case wherein every frame after the first is overexposed when exposure smoothing is activated during interval timer photography. This new D750 firmware has also addressed inconsistencies between the speed, aperture and ISO sensitivity figures displayed during movie live view and the values used in the final movie file.


The Nikon D750 firmware 1.10 has also solved the instance when parts of the focus point disappear whenever the lens is zoomed while the framing grid is used. The inability to adjust volume during full frame playback of videos because indicators are hidden has also been corrected. Improper assignment of file number sequence has also been reversed while the missing characters on selected SETUP MENU options have also been negated. Some of the help text has also been edited.

Download Information for the D750 Firmware 1.10 and the D4S Firmware 1.30

You can download the Nikon D750 firmware version 1.10 here and the Nikon D4S firmware version 1.30 here. Both updates are available for Windows and Mac OS. You can also purchase the D750 and the D4S from the Camera Warehouse website.

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