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New Digital Camera Deals page

Posted 30/03/2007 at 4:05 AM
Busy, busy, busy...that's us, working hard to provide you with the broadest range of products at the lowest possible prices. As the latest innovation to our website, we are now offering a list of what we think are probably the best camera deals and special offers in Australia.

If you're a regular visitor to our site, you'll know that we offer a bespoke quote service for any orders totalling 3 or more items. That's 3 of the same product, 3 different products, or a combination of the same and different...you get the idea!

Anyway, as promised, we are happy to announce that these offers will now be made public. So, if someone has been given a crazy deal on a Canos EOS 400D bundle, for example, everyone has the opportunity to buy at the same price - you benefit from the hard negotiation skills of our other customers. We reckon that's only fair.

As ever, there are some rules. The quotes provided are based on stock and pricing information at that time, which is obviously subject to variation. Therefore, the quotes are subject to final confirmation by us. I.e. if we're out of stock of a discounted item, we might not be able to offer the price quoted. This rarely happens, though, as most of our discounts are based on regular prices. If you'd like more clarification, please check out legal notices page.

So, where is it? Here...view the latest digital camera deals.

We will very shortly be adding a new tab to the product pages to allow you to view any related deals within the product detail page.

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