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How the MagMod Diffusers and Modifiers Make Flash Photography Easier

Posted 3/04/2017 at 3:59 PM

Without question, camera flashes can enhance the mood and texture of your photographs. But while getting the desired effect is made easy, setting it up for usage is not. While hook and loop fasteners can mount the flash modifier, there is no guarantee that it will cling for a long time. Likewise, gels and adhesives may not last for long. There are even products that fit only one type of flash and you need to spend more to cover multiple flash heads. The accessories can be as heavy as the flash itself and can take much space too.

However, those are problems of the past thanks to the Magmod Flash Modifiers. What started as a Kickstarter project is now taking the photography world by storm thanks to its flexibility, durability, and lightness. You don’t have to figure out which attachments to use for they fit most DSLR flashes.

How MagMod Flash Diffusers and Light Modifiers Work
MagMod Flash Modifiers | Cmaera Warehouse
Magmod Flash Modifiers are embedded with two strong rare-earth neodymium magnets that hold and mount its accessories together. Likewise, disassembling the set-up is also a breeze. There is no need to constantly adjust straps and tapes as you switch camera flashes. Each MagMod accessory is made from high quality silicone rubber that can withstand unfavourable weather conditions and can be folded away for easier storage. With a system as simple and versatile as this, you can focus on capturing great images.
MagMod MagGrip
MagMod MagGrip | Camera Warehouse Australia

The magic of MagMod starts with the MagGrip. It serves as the base accessory for all other diffusers and modifiers to cling on. It fits any flash head due to its flexible silicone rubber construction and can hold other MagMod items via the rare-earth magnets. The MagGrip retains its elasticity despite repeated use and it can hold as many modifiers and diffusers that you wish to utilize.

MagMod Flash Diffusers and Modifiers
MagMod MagGrid | Camera Warehouse Australia

To add dramatic effects, you can use a variety of MagMod Flash Modifiers. The MagGrid 2 eliminates unwanted light spills through its honeycomb grid that provides a 40-degree beam pattern. Two or more MagGrids can be used at once for greater light control. Meanwhile, you can change the flash colour by using the MagGel Holder that can firmly hold MagMod gel filters.

Speaking of gel filters, MagMod offers various sets that can inject the perfect hue to your photograph. There’s the Standard Gel Set which contains the following filters: ½ blue, ½ straw, ½ plus green gels, full CTO, ½ CTO, ¼ CTO, 8x Neutral Density, and the Opal Frost Diffusion gels. Also available is the Artistic Gel Set which includes gels the following colours: Amber, Aqua, Coral, Cyan, Lavender, Lime, Pink, and Rose. Likewise, the Creative Gel Set bundles these colours: Blue, Green, Magenta, Orange, Purple, Red, Teal, and Yellow. For safe storage, you can also purchase the MagGel Wallet which can hold up to 24 MagGels and 12 MagMasks.

MagMod MagBounce | Camera Warehouse Australia
Aside from changing the colours, MagMod also gives you the capability to control the intensity and direction of the flash. With four magnets to connect with the MagGrip, the MagMod MagBounce modifier can be adjusted to four different positions so that you can direct the light where you want it. It also increases the flash size by 300% for brighter images and diffuses light through its white silicone structure. It is like having a portable softbox that you can bring anywhere!
MagMod MagSnoot | Camera Warehouse Australia
Meanwhile, the MagMod MagSnoot gives you the power of five modifiers in one accessory. Due to its collapsible design, it provides various beam patterns of 40 degrees, 20 degrees, 15 degrees, and 12.5 degrees respectively. It also has an integrated gel slot that can carry up to two gel filters for you to modify the light density or temperature.
MagMod MagBeam Wildlife Kit | Camera Warehouse Australia
On the other hand, the MagBeam provides up to 2 or 3 effective extra stops of useable light. This translates to more light at a greater distance as the flash recycles four times faster. Likewise, you can shoot at a lower ISO to capture images with less noise. Using this brings out a hard-edged, focused light that is comparable to a stage spotlight. You can purchase this as part of the MagBeam Kit or the MagBeam Wildlife Kit which is ideal for outdoor photography.
MagMod MagMask Standard Pattern Set | Camera Warehouse Australia
To enhance the capability of the MagBeam, various MagMask Pattern Sets are available as well. Set 1 features the Wave, the Orb, the Dream, and the Dots patterns while Set 2 includes the Blossom, the Bubble, the Flare, and the Scatter patterns. Finally, the Standard Set contains the Diagonal, the Slit, the Spot, and the Window patterns. All of these discs are made of stainless steel and are fully compatible with the MagMod MagBeam.
MagMod MagSphere Flash Diffuser | Camera Warehouse Australia

Better than a bare flash, the omni-directional MagMod MagSphere Flash Diffuser softens the light from the camera flash to highlight certain elements of a photograph. It also has an integrated gel slot that can carry up to two gel filters at once. The MagSphere attaches to the MagGrip and it comes with a carrying pouch for easy transport. Because the flash need not work as hard to pass the MagSphere, it conserves battery power for longer shooting.

If you wish to have some of these MagMod modifiers in one set, you can check the Basic Kit for Hotshoe Camera Flashes which already contains the MagGrip, the MagGrid 2, the MagGel Holder, eight filter gels, and a carrying pouch.

MagMod Lenses and MagMod Transmitter Band
MagMod Basic Kit | Camera Warehouse Australia

To create even wider beam patterns, MagMod has also created a Telephoto Lens that provides up to three additional light stops. There is also the MagMod Wide Angle Lens which works well with MagMask discs. If you are using a wireless transmitter with your set-up, better secure it with the MagMod Transmitter Band which attaches to any camera flash head.

MagMod Availability and Warranty

All MagMod Light Modifiers and Flash Diffusers mentioned here are available at Camera Warehouse. For more details about these products, you can call at (02) 9558 3116 or leave a message at [email protected]. You can also visit the physical store at 695A Princes Highway, Tempe, New South Wales 2044 or check the Facebook page. Camera Warehouse does not ‘Grey Import’ products or participate in Parallel Import activities.

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