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Enjoy Non-Stop Photography Adventures with F-Stop Camera Bags

Posted 3/12/2015 at 5:31 PM

You know that your photography equipment will not fail you. But what about the bag that carries them? For this, you need not look for anything else but F-Stop Camera Bags. Built to be a trusted companion in all your rugged adventures, their products are trusted by some of the most prestigious photography studios and professionals.

F-Stop Mountain Series Expedition Packs


As F-Stops flagship products, the Mountain Series Expedition Packs offer enough space for everything you need to carry for a lengthy trip. The biggest among these backpacks is the Shinn that carries 80 litres in volume while the smallest is the Lotus which has ample space for 32 litres. There’s also the 30-litre Kashmir UL which works best for females.


Aside from these heavy-duty backpacks, there’s also the 40-litre Ajna, the 50-litres Tilopa and the 70-litre Sukha. These bags are equipped with a Hypalon base and Advanta polyurethane film to protect your photo gears. Attachment points for Gatekeepers are also available for you to carry more items. Except for the Kashmir UL which comes only in Black colour, all F-Stop Mountain Series Expedition Packs come in Black, Green, Blue, and Orange colours.

F-Stop Mountain Series Internal Camera Units

In order to store your photography items neatly, you can use the Mountain Series backpacks with F-Stop’s Internal Camera Units. With foam-padded dividers that are attachable by Velcro, you can adjust the spaces to ensure that no item is stored loosely. These ICU’s also come with a detachable lid and are made from heavy-duty, industrial cross stitching.


The biggest among F-Stop ICU’s is the Master-Cine which is the only unit that perfectly fits the Shinn. It is used for large camera set-ups such as rigged video gear with attached bodies. There’s also the Master-Telephoto which can house super-telephoto set-ups. For large kits and moving super telephoto glass, there’s the Pro X-Large ICU. Meanwhile, the Pro-Large ICU is best for large camera kits without super-telephoto lenses and the Pro –Small is reserved for cameras with medium-sized lenses.



If you would like some storage that hugs mounted gears of varied depths, then you need either the Slope-Large or the Slope-Medium ICUs. Sporting a tapered design, this allows the lens and the camera body to rest in a level orientation so that their weight sits closer to the back. For simple DSLR kits and mirrorless cameras, you can store them with the Shallow-Medium or Shallow-Small ICUs. Finally, the Micro-Tiny is the ideal item for small mirrorless kits, remote triggers, and pocket drives.

F-Stop Mountain Series Lens Cases


Since lenses are equipped with sophisticated glasses that are susceptible to scratches, it is just right to give them additional protection with the F-Stop Lens Cases. They come in three sizes: large for zoom and telephoto lenses, medium for standard lenses, and small for fixed zoom and mirrorless camera lenses. These have an elastic pocket for lens cloth as well as two D-rings for strap attachment.

F-Stop Mountain Series Component Cases
With MOLLE attachment system at the back, the Mountain Series Component cases can be attached to a belt or a backpack side panel. They are also built with multiple internal zippers and elastic mesh pockets. If you are seeking for a medium-sized compartment, then the Elkhorn works best for you. If you long for something compact, then there’s the Redfern pouch. Also, you can carry a pro-sumer body with a wide angle zoom lens with the Navin which you can carry on your waist, on your shoulder or on your chest.
F-Stop Mountain Series Accessories
They may be the smallest or lightest among the F-Stop bunch. However, you can’t disregard the importance of these accessories. To carry enough water on your expedition, there’s the hydration sleeve which is compatible with most water bladder brands. Be prepared against rain or snow with the F-Stop Backpack rain cover which comes in two sizes: small and large. To organize your flash cards, you can store them inside the CF Wallet which has six transparent slots. Finally, gatekeepers (large and small sizes) are available to attach tripods onto the main pack.

F-Stop Mountain Series items are now available at the
Camera Warehouse website. All items come with 12 Months Genuine Australian Warranty with CR Kennedy. So whether you are scaling the terrains or navigating the wild, nothing will stop your exploits when you have F-Stop backpacks, ICUs, equipment bags, and accessories as your companion.

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