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DJI Quadcopters

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25/06/2015 5:47:00 AM by


Decoding Quadcopters & What Makes DJI a Global Quad Rotor Brand

Quadcopters are widely regarded as the more practical, highly efficient evolution over helicopters. Yes, quadcopter or quadrotor is another step in the continuing tale of how we have mastered the science of flight and continue to take giant leaps in this niche. However, the manner in which Quadcopters continue to expand their range of applications suggests limitless possibilities. It also underlines a fact—Quadcopters deserve a category, a definition, that does not term them as mere modern-day advancements over helicopters or just another step forward in the niche of unmanned aircraft (drone) technology. Different names that refer to quadcopters:

  • Drones
  • Quadrokopter
  • Quad-copter
  • Quadrocopter
  • Quadrotor
  • Quadrotor
  • UAV
  • UAS
Getting Familiar with Quadcopter

Unmanned, compact, and highly maneuverable with brilliant electronic stabilization even in adverse conditions—features that define Quadrotors. 

For a purist, a Quadcopter can be described as a multi-rotor helicopter, propelled and lifted by four rotors. This includes two clockwise turning and two counter-clockwise turning rotors. This is why all Quadcopters are often grouped under multi-rotor RC—perhaps, the fastest expanding field when radio-controlled, fast hovering, vertically lifted platforms are discussed. Here, the four propellers are set-up in a crosswise arrangement. The incomparable level of stability provides quadcopters several advantages over the modern range of scalable helicopters. The vertically oriented propellers here need lesser maintenance, are more agile and less prone to failing completely even if one propeller malfunctions. Small-scale quadcopters serve as excellent UAVs. The lighter frames and precise rotor mechanisms mean easier navigation through challenging environments and minimal risk of damages, i.e. to the vehicle itself and the natural surroundings (critical for inhabited areas).

 Understand: Contemporary Quadcopter Trends

The evolution in quadcopter technology has delivered far beyond its conceptual, intended purpose. Core advantages of quadcopters, accomplished via counter-rotation and greater maneuverability, are still in place but the applications are no longer limited to just overcoming limitations of previous-generation vertical flight mechanisms. Today, quadcopter tech is seldom referred to as advanced aircraft technology. Quadcopters are commonly interpreted as a radio-controlled platform that makes it effortless to vertically hover and move in all directions, opening the doors to many creative uses. This includes aerial photography or filming. As digital images become a staple requirement, quadcopters are delivering an important solution. From geographical mapping (general & hyper-selective) to capturing awesome landscape shots, quadcopters are finding increased acceptance. These are also a recreational tool for hobbyists who are thrilled by acrobatic quads executing unbelievable rolls and flips!

 Here, we decode every aspect of a quadcopter’s functions, and explain why DJI has surfaced as a globally respected brand in this segment.
List of primary advantages of quadcopters:
  • Mechanically simple—easy to construct, assemble and repair models
  • Superb thrust and power with reasonable fuel consumption
  • Excellent maneuverability with never-before agility
  • Maximum room for unmanned functions
  • Great directional/navigational control
  • Brilliant hovering ability
  • Exceptional stability
List of primary applications of quadcopters:


  • Value-for-money aerial imagers—photography and video filming
  • Easy-to-deploy, negligible-risk aid for recovery efforts during emergencies
  • Multiple military applications, from aerial imagery to inspections
  • Efficient surveillance and law enforcement device
  • Easy to manage disaster management tool
  • Photography (& 3-D mapping) for recreational, professional or environment exploration purposes
  • Helping long-distance multi-craft communication as a part of aerial networks

 Evolving Quadcopter Marketplace: For Pros & Enthusiasts

A quadcopter equipped with 3D robotics can be your license to aerial heaven. Whether you want to film a video or hover and capture images that were previously beyond your realm, the amalgamation of robotic and rotor technology will makes things possible. You will discover a new dimension of auto-piloting so advanced that it might make your presence look like a formality! The quad copter marketplace is overflowing with autonomous UAV options but despite the presence of progressive features like GPS guidance, many of the quad rotors are beyond the untrained consumer. 

 To simplify the equation, more user-friendly UAVs are being created that are manageable via mainstream web-enabled devices like smartphones, computers, or tablets. You get the ease of combining third-party cameras for capturing images with greater degree of stabilization. For the toughest of maneuvering scenarios, the touch-free interface makes camera-working so straightforward. These technologies are now being adopted across the global hub of quad makers. They are trying to make flight management as natural as your instincts, so intuitive that the drone seems to understand your mindset.

However, the intuitive functionality includes more guidance options. This includes point-and-click programs, many of which can be configured on a smart device of your choice without any software overhauls. This includes devices running on various platforms, from Android to Windows, Linux and OS X.

Latest quadricopter options include Wi-Fi control via apps that are now available on the iOS and Android marketplace. You have the assurance of finding a quad that is suitability sized to your budget and the ability to function in your environment—indoors and outdoors. Many of these can be easily controlled via virtual joysticks. From hovering to landing and automatic takeoff, each functionality has been optimized for effortless ease. Even doing a quick set of 360-degree flips is now much easier to execute.

The range of FPV cameras too is expanding with great enthusiasm. This includes light cameras for quadcopter that capture images with great precision without compromising on the picture quality. Some of these cameras weigh just 1 gram and can still provide a 500+ TV line output!


As consumers demand more from their quad purchase, built-in camera that can relay quality photos or 720p videos to a selected device, like a smartphone, are fast becoming a standard. Sharing digital content directly from the device too is easy. Some quad copters come with a secondary camera. Usually installed on the base, this makes choosing the perfect landing spot much easier—a huge benefit for amateurs.

Imaging-optimized drones are getting smaller, easy to handle while the main body is becoming more durable and lightweight that can outlast a few crashes and some untrained handling. The aerodynamic construction is more agile and has the credentials to carry a heavier payload than previous-generation quads. From precision fitting spares to accessories that can be added without bothering the structural integrity, the quadcopter marketplace is growing…

Quadcopter Tech Continues to Challenge Itself and Raise the Bar


Stabilized to precision with a range of innovative technologies, multi-rotors are a perfect blend of functionality and performance. The gyroscope is the primary technology at play here, including 3 axis and 6 axis Gyroscopes. A summarized version of each gyroscope:

  • 3-axis Gyroscopes are technologically equipped at auto-balancing the roll and pitch.  When set-up properly, the quadcopter can hover mid-air with centered transmitter controls. This is the ideal scenarios since the quadcopter should not drift in either direction when hovering—often referred to as Attitude Displacement. Even when the pilot navigates using the stick, some degree of drift sets in and this has to be corrected using the 3-axis design. With an efficient design in place, the pilot can return the unit into the hiving position.
  • 6-axis Gyroscope stabilization offers three accelerometers in addition to 3-axis gyroscopes that offers greater acceleration in 3 directions. These accelerometers also ensure quicker response to attitude displacement. Technologically advanced, 6-axis stabilization allows the quadcopter to automatically adjust wind gusts and stabilize itself even after bumping.
 DJI: Setting Benchmarks and Redefining Applications for Quadcopters

DJI is the heart of quadrotor creativity, constantly churning solutions that seem to do the impossible. This isn’t just about ultra-modern technology, it is about bringing creativity into tech, creating all-in-one flying platforms that have no boundaries in terms of applications.

Whether you are looking for a quadrotor or UAV, DJI has a solution to offer being the most holistic, globally acknowledged provider in this segment. From creating nifty radio-controlled aircraft-like devices to engineering all-sized unmanned aerial vehicle models, DJI continues to roll out multi-rotor options for recreational, academic and commercial causes. Its impressive line-up of simple-to-pilot quadcopters are transforming the unthinkable in aerial imagery into reality.

DJI quadcopters assure you terrific images and Full-HD videos without breaking into your savings. From entry-level aerial photo & video solutions to multi-rotors that demand professional handling, DJI covers the entire spectrum. The designs are dynamic, often a bit too sci-fi to believe, but a practical result of function first and aesthetics later philosophy at DJI.

The approach to technology at DJI is beyond the idea of just creating. It is about envisioning the impossible, following it up with serious research, and then transforming inspired thoughts into reality. From quads that seem as simple to assemble as DIY models to the Phantom 2 Vision+ series, if there is an aerial imaging requirement, DJI always seems to have the answer.

Read ahead to understand how DJI is becoming synonymous with quadcopters, including some of its most famous offerings. 

DJI: Leagues Ahead of its Counterparts!
  • Gives the freedom to customize, to do more with the DJI SDK platform
  • Offers drones equipped with impressive battery power and stability
  • Provides models with the smallest learning curve—perfect for amateurs and first-time quadcopter users
  • Designs are user-friendly, compact and light without compromising the performance
  • Covering greater distances, with more speed, DJI becoming a norm with its quad rotors flying up to 35 miles and up to 400 feet
  • Incorporates the latest features like GPS and stabilizing sensors
  • Complete surveillance solutions that are useful for sports training, roof inspections, firefighting, and archaeology
  • Intelligent orientation control, simple assembly and robust construction
  • Gives room to create apps for iOS and Android platforms
  • Delivers exceptional handheld camera stabilization

DJI Ready-to-Fly Offerings

The highly integrated Phantom Series flying platform offers immersive flying experience. It is perfect for aerial filming and Live View. The most popular options include:

  • Phantom 1
    •  Small sized, ready-to-Fly VTOL
    •   Comes with integrated multi-rotor aircraft for aerial filming 
  • Phantom 2
    • Compact and unified flying platform
    •  Highly compatible with DJI Zenmuse aerial gimbals
    •  Offers freedom to assemble with your own camera
  •  Phantom 2 Vision
    •   Makes capturing14MP photos and HD videos effortless
    •  Offers category-best live view
    •  Easy-to-fly aerial system
    • Includes a built-in camera
  • Phantom 2 Vision+
    •  Flagship Phantom 2 with a 3-axis stabilization gimbal
    •  Uses 14MP HD Camera
    • Delivers live view via mobile app
  • Phantom FC40
    •  Comes with 720p 30fps HD Video Support
    •  Offers ease of control via iOS or Android app
    • Perfect pick for aerial cinematography beginners
    • Delivers full FPV experience up to 100m via 2.4G Wi-Fi connection
  • Phantom 3
    •  Powerful yet easiest to maneuver
    •  Designed to offerterrific three-dimensional flying experience
  •  Inspire
    •   All-in-one flying platform
    •  Features like Live HD Video Feed and modular 4K camera
    •   Equipped to offer dual operator support

DJI Flying Platforms:

1. Spreading Wings

  •   Professional flight platforms with high-end technology
  •  Great for aerial photographers and cinematographers

2. Spreading Wings S1000+

  •  Portable, strong and stable innovative arm design flying platform
  •  Ensures clearer footage with minimum vibrations

3. Spreading Wings S1000

  • Boasts of latest Frame Arm design
  • Portable flight platform with low gimbal mounting position
  •  Extremely stable
  • Perfect for cinematography and aerial photography

4. Spreading Wings S900

  •   Engineered for professional aerial photographers and cinematographers
  •  Lightweight platform features a range of shooting angles

5. Spreading Wings S800 EVO

  • Hex-Rotor Platform with exceptional Power Reserve
  • Equipped with optimal performing Power System
  • Recommended for professional aerial photography

6. Spreading Wings S800

  • Uses an integrated frame arm design
  • Equipped with WooKong-M compatibility
  • Hex-rotor aircraft is a great flying platform for surveillance

7. Flame Wheel ARF KIT

  •  An excellent multi-rotor platform
  • Recommended option for recreational and amateur applications
DJI Flight Controllers for Multi-Rotors:


1. A2
  •   Precise Multi-Rotor stabilization controller
  •  Ensures complete solution for aerial photography
  • Compatible with all multi-rotor platforms
  • Perfect pick for Zenmuse gimbals, DJI video downlink, Ground Station and iOSD

2. WooKong-M

  •  Most preferred Flight Control System option
  •  Especially designed for industrial, commercial, and professional multi-rotor platforms

3. Naza-M V2

  • All-in-one, compact design
  • Multi-rotor autopilot system
  • Independent PMU in addition to superb function extension


4. Naza-M Lite

  •   Entry-level flight controller
  •  Designed for lightweight multi-rotor
  • Well-acclaimed by aero model hobbyists


Overview of what to expect from Handheld Gimbals:

  •  Popular options include the Ronin-M—compact and lightweight
  • An immersive pick for filmmakers
  • Offers ease to shot full HD videos
  • Provides endless shooting solution for every filmmaker
  • DJI Ronincomes withhandheld 3-axis camera stabilization
  • Recommended for filmmaking professionals


Overview of what to expect from Aerial Gimbals:

  •  The two, most popular options include the Zenmuse H4-3D & Zenmuse H3-3D
  • Amazing degree of shot stability
  • Assurance of smooth, haze-free aerial footage
  • Recommended for capturing images where demanding maneuvering is involved
  • Affordable, highly stable DJI flight control systems 
New Era of DJI Quadcopters is here: Inspire - 1 & Phantom 3

We take this conversation further, giving you an insight into latest innovations from DJI. The first being Inspire 1—widely regarded as the most comprehensive, all-in-one packaged offering from DJI.

This flying platform seems to have overcome every limitation that existed in ready-to-fly systems. Eagerly awaited by aerial filmmakers, particularly those looking for 4K camera capabilities, the Inspire – 1 shoots 4K videos with amazing ease. It redefines imaging standards with the 12-megapixel camera that benefits from an aspherical element in the lens. It delivers unmatched stability, putting you in complete command of the view from the skies. Using an unconventional propulsion system for its flexible flight platform, it has been re-engineered with a focus on image quality and durability. You get the Adobe DNG RAW Support that turns average shots into breathtakingly captured views. Arms made of carbon fiber aid mid-air maneuverability. The 360-degree view translates into the ability to capture all-round shots. Managing your quadcopter isn’t difficult when you get an app dedicated for controlling the camera. Inspire – 1 promises ease-of-use with its Optional Dual-Operator Control - Fly that helps you share your camera’s vision. You get two remote controllers, one for the flier and another for managing the camera, making Inspire – 1 the first tag-team quad rotor in the marketplace!

Explore the Inspire – 1 & get the latest updates at:


We take this conversation further, giving you an insight into another latest from DJI—the Phantom 3 which delivers unparalleled image capturing experience among lightweight, easy-to-manage quadcopters. It is a complete package, more intelligent that anything that has impressed you so far. When you want to access views from the sky, when 1080p HD images are your only aim, you can trust the Phantom 3 for venturing as far as 1.2 miles (with its Lightbridge Technology) and get crisp shots. You get the best of Live HD view where you can improve the final rendition via Automatic Video Editing software. The Phantom 3 comes with an industry-first aerial video capacity, taking immersive footage to new highs. You also get the mobile app advantage, giving you unconditional control over the camera settings, including employing the Video Editor and Live Map Tracking.

Explore the Phantom 3 & get the latest updates at:

Welcome to the World of DJI Quadcopters Accessories

As quadcopters find more enthusiasts and professional uses, the demand for functional accessories is also rising. DJI’s range of quadcopter accessories includes all the standard options like Cases, Battery Chargers, Batteries, Backpacks, and Power Adaptors apart from some advanced accessories like:

·     Stabilizing Device H3-3D Gimbal

  • This is a self-governing precision inertial measurement unit
  • Provides true location information and easy control options
  • Comes bundled with camera features like canting, tilting and panning
  • Widely demanded as an integral accessory for the DJI Phantom 2

Thrust Boosted Self-tightening Propellers

  • Ensures great power & efficiency with an extra thrust on operability
  • Comes with clockwise and counter-clockwise plastic propeller
  • Self-tightening design offers stability and security to all propellers
  • Compatible with Phantom 1, Phantom FC40, Phantom 2, Phantom 2 Vision and Phantom 2 Vision+

 DJI Lightbridge

  •  2.4g Full HD digital video downlink
  • Capable of streaming up to 1080p 30 fps video
  • HDMI HD Display Support
  •  Innovative Dual Video Output Support ensures camerawork and pilot monitoring at same interval

 Landing Gear

  •  A high-end safety set
  •  Offers maximum protection to shell and camera on landing
  • Compatible with Phantom 2 & Phantom 2 Vision     

Explore our impressive line-up of quadcopter accessories at:


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