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DJI Spark Price

Posted 10/06/2017 at 1:14 PM



Camera drones used to be bulky devices. But now, DJI has changed the game again by revealing the Spark HD Mini Drone. Even though it just weighs 300g and is as big as a soda can, it packs a dependable punch for your aerial footages. Perfect for entry-level users and hobbyists, the Spark is also equipped with a number of features that translate to easy and worry-free usage.

Sensor and Lens

DJI Spark White

Inside its small frame is a 1/2.3 inch CMOS sensor that gives the Spark its 1080p HD Video capture capability. The sensor also allows the shooting of still photos with a 12-megapixel maximum and makes the drone more sensitive to light. Because of this, the media produced is sharper while the colours are precisely reproduced. On the other hand, the 25mm f/2.6 lens reduces colour aberration and distortion through five elements that are grouped as one.

Speed and Control

There are those who would argue that a small drone like the Spark will be carried away by strong winds. However, its slick but aerodynamic design lets it soar with minimal wind resistance. Likewise, the DJI Spark’s camera and gimbal provides more stability as it cruises through the air. If the camera shakes or the shutter rolls, the photos and videos captured are kept stable by the two-axis Mechanical Gimbal Stabilization. This DJI HD drone can also propel through strong winds with speeds of up to 50 kph via the Sport Mode.

Dependable Flight Awareness and Safety

The DJI Spark Mini Drone is packed with a reliable Flight Autonomy system that includes a 3D sensing system that makes it aware of its surroundings, including potential obstacles. The system also includes a Vision Positioning System, dual-band GPS, and 24 powerful computing cores that provide accurate hovering. Meanwhile, the high-precision inertial measurement helps land the Spark safely. Speaking of safety, the drone’s GEO system is the key to responsible flying as it gives alerts when it goes near secured areas such as stadiums or airports.

Incredible Stills and Videos

Staying true to previous DJI drone models, the Spark enhances every shot with several creative options. For photos, the Pano mode adjusts the drone’s gimbal to capture horizontal or vertical panoramas. To let your subject stand out from the background, the ShallowFocus mode uses 3D Vision Technology to provide a shallow depth of field.

The DJI Spark can also assist in recording amazing footages through any of the four QuickShots. The Rocket shot lifts the drone up while the camera points downward while the Dronie shot locks the camera on the subject as it flies backward before it drifts upward. As it name says, the Circle shot roams around the target. Finally, the Helix shot lifts the Spark up while spirals around the subject.

TapFly and ActiveTrack

With the help of vision technology, TapFly makes navigation easy as tapping a mobile device screen or the screen in the Spark’s remote controller. With one touch, the mini drone flies to that direction. Selecting Coordinate brings the Spark to the area tapped while maintaining altitude. Meanwhile, the Direction option keeps flying onto the tapped direction.

The DJI Spark can also stay close to subjects with its ActiveTrack system that analyzes objects and stays on them depending on their moving speed and category. There’s the Profile option to follow the subject from a fixed perspective and the Trace mode that keeps the subject in focus from upfront, behind, or around it.

Hands-free Control

Even if you don’t have a tangible controller, the Spark can still work through PalmControl mode that functions using deep learning gesture recognition. As this option is activated, the drone depends on hand movements to direct its flight. Selfies can also be taken by making a frame using the left and right thumbs and index fingers.

A Good Sport

Speed is the name of the game for the Sport Mode of the DJI Spark. As it sets the gimbal to a first-person view mode, the camera moves as you flies. With a top speed of 31 mph (50 kph), it maintain focus even if the subject moves fast.

Welcome Home
As a precautionary measure, the DJI Spark HD has a Return to Home button that recalls the drone to the preset home point immediately. When the battery gets low or the connection is lost, the GPS signal automatically brings the drone back and it uses the images that the camera snapped around the home point to determine where it is returning.
Intelligent Flight Battery and Remote Controller

Powering the DJI Spark is a rechargeable lithium-polymer 3S battery which has an electric potential of 11.4 volts and a capacity of 1480 mAh. Weighing just 95g, it can power the drone for up to 16 minutes on a single full charge. The DJI Spark Standard Combo comes with one battery while the Fly More Combo contains two batteries.

The DJI Spark Fly More Combo also includes a Remote Controller that can be used with a mobile device that is connected to the DJI GO 4 App. This combination provides a video transmission range for up to 2 kilometres. The dedicated battery of this remote controller can also last for about two and a half hours.

DJI GO App Compatibility

The free DJI GO App is available via download on iOS and Android devices. This application provides an additional control option aside from the Spark remote controller and the DJI Goggles. DJI GO features a collection of filters and editing templates to put up quick yet quality videos. This app also allows quick sharing of videos to social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.

Available Colours and Packages

The DJI Spark HD Mini Drone is available in five colours: Alpine White, Lava Red, Meadow Green, Sky Blue, and Sunrise Yellow. All colours are available for both the Standard Combo and the Fly More Combo. The Standard Combo includes six 4730S Quick Release Folding Propellers, one Intelligent Flight Battery, a Micro USB Cable, a battery charger, and a storage box.

Meanwhile, the Spark Fly More Combo includes a remote controller, a battery charging hub, eight folding propellers, four propeller guards, two batteries, a battery charger, a power cable, a Micro USB, a storage bag, and a shoulder bag.

Pricing and Related Accessories

All DJI Spark Standard Combos are worth $858 while all Spark Fly More Combos have a price tag of $1198. To enhance its functionality, related accessories can be purchased separately. The DJI Spark 1 Propeller Guard is worth $29 each while the Spark Part 2 4730S Quick-Release Folding Propellers cost $16 each.

The Intelligent Flight Battery is worth $79 while the Remote Controller can be owned for $259. Capable of charging up to three batteries at once, the Part 8 Battery Charging Hub costs $119 while an additional shoulder bag can be bought for $99. For an amazing first-person view experience, you can use the DJI Spark with the DJI Goggles which is worth $748.

For additional protection, the DJI Care Refresh is a one-year coverage plan that enables customers to get up to two full brand new or relatively brand new replacements for a small charge. Aside from Australia, this plan is also available in China, Hong Kong, Canada, China, the United States, and all European Union countries.

Availability and Warranty

The DJI Spark HD Mini Drone is available at Camera Warehouse. All of these drones, their supplementary accessories, and other related accessories come with genuine 12 months Australian warranty. To know more about the DJI Spark, you can send an email at [email protected] or make a phone call at (02) 9558 3116. You can also visit the physical store at 695A Princes Highway, Tempe, New South Wales 2044 or send a message at the Camera Warehouse Facebook page.

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