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DJI Ronin-M: Revolutionizing Cinematography Cameras

Posted 18/07/2015 at 7:37 PM
DJI Ronin-M: Revolutionizing Cinematography Cameras

The original DJI Ronin had already impressed us with its out-of-the-box approach but the DJI Ronin M has gone a step ahead, and raised the benchmarks for gimbals. The Ronin-M isn’t just another solution for brilliant on-the-move photography. It is about adding new horizons to your creative perspective. A superb advancement in the niche of image-capturing technology, the Ronin-M is undoubtedly the new standard for camera-mounting solutions. There is none other, as nimble, as resolute, and as prepared as the Ronin-M—the reason why we call it the first, true samurai of filmmaking gimbal!

Innovation that Impresses with its Simplicity

Smooth and stable footage with high level of precision and stability that was unknown to short moviemakers and documentarians—this is what the DJI Ronin-M promises and delivers with shocking ease. Lightweight, portable and easy to use, the Ronin-M liberates you from the shackles that existed in outdoor photography. Leagues ahead of its now humbled counterparts, the DJI Ronin-M delivers the power of a professional set-up with unrivalled flexibility. Pro-grade build means the Ronin-M is a wise selection for the explorative cinematographer, perhaps the best technological gift aerial filmmakers could have wished for. Some key characteristics:

  •  Extremely compact
  •  Exceptionally light
  • Ensures precise balancing
  • Fast and easy to set up
  • Unparalleled flexibility
  • Solid magnesium frame
  • SmoothTrack Control
  • Long lasting battery
  • Extraordinary precision control
  • Mobile Bluetooth assistant software

Space-smart & Sturdy

In order to ensure excellent performance in rugged conditions, the Ronin-M uses a solid frame. This high-end magnesium frame offers remarkable stiffness to the structure while maintaining easy maneuverability. Durable-yet-classy, this frame lets you shoot with any fear. The DJI Ronin-M looks every bit like a trained, in-shape warrior. Weighing in at about half of the original Ronin, the Ronin-M can easily fit into your backpack—seems like it has been put on a heavy-duty training regimen to get ripped and better! You can carry it anywhere without any worry. Well-engineered, this brilliant innovation is resilient enough to support up to 8 pounds camera set-ups. Highly versatile, the fine-tooled gimbal system boasts of U-shaped arm for holding the camera plate.

Fast and Accurate Balancing

This highly efficient gimbal lets you capture brilliant professionally stabilized videos without any hassles. You simply have to mount your camera, balance it and tap a button. The modern Auto Tune Stability technology offers exceptional tuning and balancing easily so that you donot need to play around with options and a clutter of buttons.

Easy Disassembly

The ease of assembly is matched by the ease of dismounting and disassembling. If you want to capture tight, space-starved shots, the stabilized gimbal system is a great pick for you. The top handlebars easily and quickly twist off to help you achieve different shooting configurations.

SmoothTrack Control

SmoothTrack technology helps to make the DJI Ronin-M more intuitive. It seems to react to your perception about the change of angles. More customization options come in the form of SmoothTrack where you can easily choose between speed, acceleration and deadband. The option of ‘Single Axis Follow Mode’ empowers you to lock more than one axis with ease.

Brilliant Battery & Motors

Well-engineered, this gimbal system has a runtime of over 6 hours and it boasts of built-in over depletion and overcharge protection to offer maximum protection. Equipped with powerful brushless motors, the Ronin-M delivers optimal performance along with improved torque and low vibration. The Digital Absolute Positioning Encoders enhances precision in each axis and offers an array of controllable motion on the tilt (105⁰ Up, 165⁰ Down) and roll (± 110⁰) axes.

Second Operator Option

If you have more than one operator, maneuvering the camera and ensuring precise framing can be challenging. The Ronin-M makes this easy by disbanding the first and second operator’s handling. While you can shoot at a preferred angle, the second operator holding on the Ronin-M does not need to worry about bothering you.

Multiple Mode Ronin-M Stabilized Gimbal System
Underslung Mode
  •  Lets you hold the camera at chest level
  •  Makes it easy to film effortlessly
  •  Great for common shooting modes
Upright Mode
  • Perfect for shooting at or above eye-level
  • Prudent choice for flipping and lifting
  • Offers you freedom to access clicks and video shots above a crowd
  • Great pick for capturing shots from the car’s sunroof
Briefcase Mode
  • Eases taking shots in narrow spaces
  • Helps to capture the perfect shot during doorway shooting
  • You can carry it vertically, close to your legs, just like a briefcase

Ease of Mounting & Maneuvering

Using the Ronin-M with a tripod, jib, or crane is child’s play via its exclusive quick-release system. This mechanism is highly compatible with an array of universal connections. You simply have to eradicate the top bar assembly and place the Ronin-M. The Thumb Controller is an add-on but recommended accessory. It offers you more control over the camera’s action via a compatible built-in receiver.

One Bluetooth App for Myriad of Options

You can change settings on-the-go without tinkering with multiple options. Auto Tuning, monitoring the status, adjusting favorite settings, and customizing SmoothTrack becomes effortless with the DJI Assistant App.

Present-perfect & Future-ready

The Ronin-M comes with an easy to download and update firmware. You can do this online without the need of professional guidance. The entire process is as easy as using the samurai gimbal. At this moment, it is hard to think of any improvements that the Ronin-M might need but considering that perfectionism can be chronic, there is always room to be surprised again…


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