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Create Stunning Images with the Phottix Professional Photography Accessories

Posted 5/11/2015 at 5:57 PM

Every time you encounter an amazing picture online or on a magazine, take note that a lot of factors contributed to that outcome. Aside from the camera and the angles itself, a photographer uses his tools to create the best image. Speaking of the best, it will not be a surprise if most of them use products from Phottix. After all, it has become a household brand in the industry thanks to its 40 patents.


It’s not enough to elaborate here every item that Phottix sells. Rather, it should be done with order. Since we talked about creation, let’s run through the product line by going back to how everything on earth started.

It starts with the light


Phottix saw that there is a great need for lighting amongst photography professionals. So they said, “Let there be light”. Lo and behold, they created some of the best flashes equipment such as the Mitros and the Odin transmitters and receivers. Capable of sending signals for up to hundreds of feet away, it also allows flash groups to give photographers more options with the light available.


To make it a universal preference, they created compatible items for Canon, Nikon, and Sony. They did not stop there. They also built flash diffusers for various flash heads and flash mounts that allow a user to attach up to five flashes at once. Then, Phottix saw that it was good. Thus, they added more.

Phottix Triggers, Receivers, Remote Controls, and Timers


Then, Phottix said, “Let man have more control over the light”. Therefore, they created wired and wireless timers as well as more triggers and receivers. Their ingenuity gave rise to the Strato II receiver family as well as wireless shutter timer releases for Canon, Nikon, Olympus, and Sony. They also created TR-90 remote timers and wired remote controls. Now, man had the ability to fire the flash precisely. Phottix saw that it was good. Yet, they still added more.

Phottix Umbrella product line


Then, Phottix said, “Let’s give man the ability to play with light”.  They did just that by creating photo umbrellas of different kinds. They made reflective umbrellas that are good in letting the light bounce back towards the subject via its silver interior. Likewise, they made diffuser umbrellas that soften the light that shoots through its white interior. Not only that, they also gave birth to a bunch of umbrella softboxes with draw-string enclosure. Varos II umbrella holders were also created to keep it in place. Phottix saw that it was good. But, they added more.

Phottix Softboxes, Reflectors, Grids, Light Cubes and Beauty Dishes


Afterwards, Phottix said, “Let there be items that allow photographers to adjust the intensity of light”. With that, they made Octagon, Rectangle, and Strip softboxes. They also added circular and triangular reflectors that bring out different effects with natural light. To give photographers more options, they produced 2-in-1, 5-and-1, and 7-and-1 reflectors for more variations.


To add highlights around the subject, this company also gave rise to beauty dishes that can be used with front diffusers and photo grids. For product photography, there’s the 40 x 40 x 40 cm and the 80 x 80 x 80 cm light cubes that limits image glare inside. Phottix saw that it was good. But, they are keen to give more.

Phottix Attachable Photography Accessories



Phottix again said, “Let there be equipment that will make operating all of these easier”. So, they made light stands that support flash heads and softboxes as well as backdrop stands for seamless muslin backdrops. They also made several boom poles for precise light placement, speed rings for compatibility with other brands, sandbags for counterweight, swivels for easy angle adjustment, and bar mounts for using multiple items at once.


For good measure, they also made clamps and adapters to hold everything in place and gels to add colour to the flash. Phottix saw that it was good. However, they did not stop here.

Phottix Battery Packs and Related Items


Then, Phottix said, “Let’s give extra power to the light”. This marked the creation of battery packs that work with compatible battery brackets and battery grips. They also made a series of cables and cords that connect flash heads with power sources, transmitters, and receivers. A battery bag for AA batteries was conceived too. Phottix saw that it was good. Now, they were on to some finishing touches.

Phottix Carrying Bags and Cleaning Kits



Finally, Phottix said, “Let’s give photographers more products that will help them take care of these”. Thus, carrying bags of various sizes and cleaning kits were released. After this, Phottix saw that it was really good. However, they did not rest for more products are on the way.


As for professional photographers, they can rest with the fact that Phottix Professional Photography Equipment has them covered. So if you want to purchase these items, visit the related product pages at the Camera Warehouse website to learn more about this equipment. All Phottix items purchased from us come with 12 months Genuine Australian Warranty.


Start creating your photography masterpieces by buying Phottix items now!

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