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Capture the Best Sound with Zoom Audio Recording Equipment

Posted 4/12/2015 at 4:22 PM


Unless you are producing a silent movie, having high quality video is worthless if the captured sound is inaudible. While footages can be edited to reflect the best shots, the same can’t be said with audio. Therefore, it would be wise to use the best equipment available from the start. For this, thank heavens that Zoom has produced an impressive line of recorders and related accessories.

Zoom iOS Recorders


You can pair your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch with any of Zoom’s iOS recorders. These microphones work using the related HandyRecorder iOS app and they are attached to the device via the Lightning connector. If you need a device with a rotating mid-side capsule, then the iQ7 recorder is what you seek. Meanwhile, they X/Y microphone lay-out of the iQ6 allows you to capture side from the centre and the sides. Finally, the iQ5 allows you to use 90-degree, 120-degree, or M-S stereo recording.


Both the iQ6 and the iQ7 feature an analogy style gain wheel for adjustment of microphone sensitivity. Likewise, both the iQ5 and the iQ6 have built-in effects such as compression, EQ, and reverb which can be controlled through the iOS app. Finally, these three microphones can record between 44.1 and 48 kHz audio quality.

Zoom Handy Recorders


Even if you don’t have an iOS device, you can still record and enhance audio by using any of Zoom’s Handy Recorders. The H1 recorder sports an X/Y microphone configuration for perfect sound and it operates for up to ten hours with one AA battery. If you need to record lengthier sound, then you can enjoy up to 20 hours of operation with two standard AA batteries with the H2n recorder. Aside from an analogue Mic Gain wheel, it has additional functions like Lo-Cut Filter, Metronome, and Surround Mixer.


Perfect for musicians, the H4nSP Handy Recorder has built-in studio effects like guitar and bass amp modelling. With up to ten hours of continuous battery life, you can record four simultaneous channels through this device. For better noise reduction, the H5 recorder has shock-mounted microphones which operate up to 15 hours. This device can save audio in either WAV or MP3 formats.


Last but not the least, the H6 allows six-track simultaneous recording through its four microphone line inputs with XLR/TRS combo connectors. Operating for up to 20 hours with four AA batteries, it is also equipped with gain controls and -20dB pads for each input as well as built-in effects such as low-cut filtering, compression, and limiting.

Zoom Handy Video Recorders


Aside from audio recorders, Zoom also has an impressive line of handy video recorders that record superb video quality as well. First on the list is the Zoom Q8 Handy Video Recorder that has two XLR/TRS combo inputs and supports either WVGA or HD video formats of up to 2034 x 1296 pixels. It also comes with a detachable stereo X/Y microphone with Zoom interchangeable microphone capsule compatibility.


On the other hand, the Q4 Video Recorder is built with a full-colour, rotating LCD that can be detached for extended battery life. HDMI video output, whether for PAL or NTSC, is possible to HDTVs as well. The Q4 also has a three-position Mic Gain switch with Auto Gain control and Mic/Line-level input for connection for external microphones. It also has a battery life of more than two hours.

Zoom Recording Accessory Packs

To enhance your recording activity, optional accessory packs can be purchased for your Zoom recorders. The H1 Accessory Pack comes with a windscreen, a USB-type AC adapter, a USB cable, an adjustable tripod stand, a padded shell case, and a microphone clip adapter. On the other hand, the H2n Accessory Pack includes all of the items in the H1 pack plus a wired remote control with extension.

Meanwhile, the H4nSP Accessory Pack contains a hairy windscreen, a remote controller, an attenuator cable, a splitter cable, a hot shoe mount, and an AC adapter. The H5 Accessory Pack includes an AC adapter, an USB AC adapter, a USB cable, a wired remote controller, and a recorder case. It also comes with a hairy windscreen, a foam windscreen and an X/Y microphone capsule.


Finally, the H6 Accessory Pack includes a remote control, a padded case, a sponge windscreen, and a hairy windscreen. The pack also comes with the MSH-6 MS microphone capsule and the XYH-6 X/Y microphone capsule. As for video recorders, there is also an accessory pack for the Q3HD.

Other Zoom Recording Accessories

There are more accessories that you can use with your Zoom recorder. For additional protection, you can buy protective cases for the H4n, the H5, and the H6. Soft cases are also available for the Q4 and the Q8 video recorders. Also available are the BT-03 rechargeable battery for the Q8 and the BT-02 for the Q4. For additional recharging option, there’s also the AD-14 and the AD-17 adapter. Zoom also has a Li-Ion Battery Charger for the Q4 and the Q8.

For secure mounting, Zoom has a tripod stand for video recorders and a mini tripod for handy audio recorders. There’s also a microphone stand mount which works for recording concerts and a guitar headstock mount to capture guitar strumming. If you need to mount your H4n or H1 on a tripod, you can use the compatible hot shoe mount. You can also buy a silicone jacket for the Zoom H2. There’s also an available remote control for the H4n and a universal windscreen for all recorders.


Finally, Zoom also produces a number of attachable microphone capsules and related accessories. There’s the SGH-6 Shotgun Microphone Capsule and the MSH-6 Mid-Side Microphone Capsule. If you need X/Y recording, then there’s the regular microphone as well as the shock-mounted microphone for the H5 and the H6. A stereo shotgun microphone is also available for the said Zoom recorders. For additional flexibility, you can add the extension cable for microphone capsules to your set-up. A microphone stand adaptor for the PS 04 and a microphone clip adaptor are also ready for purchase.

Where to Buy Zoom Recording Products

All of the Zoom recording equipment and accessories mentioned here are now available at Camera Warehouse. Prices range from $9 for the Silicone Jacket for the H2 to $689 for the Zoom H6 Digital Recorder with Accessory Pack. Other recorders that can be purchased with a bundled accessory pack are the H5, the H4nSP, the H2, and the H1. All products come with 24 months Genuine Local Australian Warranty.

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