Metz Flashes

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What use is having a good camera without an equally good flash? With the Metz camera flash units, you know that you’re getting top quality. With close to seven years of tradition, their assurance of excellence has stood the test of time. What’s good about Metz flashes is that they are compatible with cameras developed by the major players. Be it Nikon, Canon, Sony, Pentax, Panasonic, Olympus or Leica, these flash devices will work just fine. Likewise, photographers will be in control of the intensity and angle of the flash thanks to its tiltable flash head.

The Metz magic starts with the Mecablitz 24 AF-1 that is TTL compatible and the Mecablitz 36 AF-5 which has an integrated autofocus flash metering. You can also use the Mecablitz 26 AF-1 and AF-2 with 90-degree vertical bounce and automatic unit shut-off. Meanwhile, the Mecablitz 44 AF-1 and AF-2 Digital Flash come with flash readiness indicator and correct exposure display. Also, you cannot disregard the Metz Mecablitz 52 AF-1 Digital Flash which is capable of first and second shutter curtain synchronisation.

The same synchronisation is also in the Metz Mecablitz 64 AF-1 Speedlite but it has a secondary reflector with two light levels. Finally, the Mecablitz 76 MZ-5 Digital Flash Unit is ideal for wedding and fashion photography due to its capability to fire in rapid succession. To unleash the full potential of Metz camera flashes, you can use a number of accessories with it. These supporting items include battery holders, bounce diffusers, bracket adapters, hot shoe adapters, connecting cables, and colour filters. Certainly, Metz flashes will have your expectations met if you buy these items now.

All our Metz Digital Camera Flashes come with 12 Months Genuine Warranty with CR Kennedy Australia.
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