F-Stop Camera Bags

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F-Stop Bags and Accessories are built to withstand the demanding conditions of the rugged outdoors. As a photographer documents the wild, he needs durable bags to carry everything that he needs. Thus, the nylon-made Mountain Series Expedition Packs can provide just that. The biggest among these backpacks is the Shinn that carries 80 litres in volume while the smallest is the Lotus which has ample space for 32 litres. There’s also the 30-litre Kashmir UL which works best for females. Also included in the series are the 40-litre Ajna, the 50-litre Tilopa, and the 70-litre Sukha.

In order to store the items neatly and securely inside these bags, there also a variety of F-Stop Internal Camera Units that can satisfy any preference. The biggest of which is the Master-Cine which fits only the Shinn. Also available are the Master-Telephoto, the Pro X-Large, the Pro-Large, and the Pro-Small. For more compact spaces, you may select from the Slope-Large, Slope-Medium, Shallow-Medium, Shallow-Small and Micro Tiny ICUs. To avoid scratches, you can also use the large, the medium and the small F-Stop lens cases that have elastic pouches.

For smaller and less demanding camera set-ups, the F-Stop Mountain Series Component Cases such as the Navin, the Elkhorn, and Redfern can provide sturdy and ample space. The ICUs, the lens cases, and the component cases can be attached to the F-Stop backpacks with the help of small and large Gatekeeper straps. Safekeeping storage cards is also made possible by the six-slot CF Wallet. Also, the small and large rain covers will come in handy to protect what’s inside the F-Stop bag from rainwater. Speaking of water, you can also carry up to three litres of which to drink via the Hydration Sleeve.

All our F-Stop bags come with Genuine Australian Warranty from authorised distributor F-Stop.
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