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Digital Video Camera Accessories

 Metz LED Video Lights View Metz LED Video Lights details
Metz Mecalight LED 160 DSLR / Video Lighting $62.00
Metz Mecalight LED 320 DSLR / Video Lighting $105.00
* Prices include GST
 Manfrotto Video Lights View Manfrotto Video Lights details
Manfrotto ML120 LED Light $89.00
Manfrotto ML240 Mini-24 LED Light $129.00
Manfrotto ML360 LED Light $159.00
* Prices include GST
 Glanz Video Lights View Glanz Video Lights details
Glanz LED Macro Ring Light LED48A $95.00
Glanz LED144AS Video/DSLR Light with Li-Ion Battery $179.00
Glanz LED312AS Video/DSLR Light with Li-ion Battery $309.00
Glanz VA LED 98A Video Light $119.00
* Prices include GST
 Luxmen Video Lights View Luxmen Video Lights details
Luxmen 12100FCR 12V 100 Watt Lamp For 935TK $10.95
Luxmen 1250BRL 12V 50 Watt Lamp For 935TK $11.95
Luxmen 935T Sunpro Video Light $399.00
Luxmen LED120 Video/DSLR Light $169.00
Luxmen Ledpro X6 Video/DSLR Light $239.00
Luxmen Ledpro X8 Video/DSLR Light From $409.00 View options
Luxmen VS-1000 From $159.00 View options
* Prices include GST
 Canon Video Lights View Canon Video Lights details
Canon VFL-1 Video Flash Light $199.00
Canon VFL-2 Video Flash Light $189.00
Canon VL-10Li Video Light $175.00
Canon VL-3 Video Light $95.00
Canon VL-5 Video Light $129.00
* Prices include GST
 Canon Microphones View Canon Microphones details
Canon DM-100 Directional Microphone $269.00
Canon DM-50 Directional Microphone $339.00
Canon DM-E1 Directional External Microphone POA
Canon MA-300 Microphone Adapter $269.00
Canon MA-300 Microphone Adapter $249.00
Canon SMV1 Surround Sound Microphone $259.00
* Prices include GST
 Olympus Microphones View Olympus Microphones details
Olympus SEMA-1 Stereo Microphone Adapter Set $149.95
* Prices include GST
 Nikon Microphones View Nikon Microphones details
Nikon ME-1 Stereo Microphone $219.00
* Prices include GST
 Rode Microphones View Rode Microphones details
Rode Broadcaster Microphone $442.00
Rode Classic II Microphone $1,918.00
Rode HS2 Headset Microphone $319.00
Rode K2 Microphone $649.00
Rode Lavalier Lapel Microphone $211.00
Rode M1 Microphone $139.00
Rode M1-S Microphone $152.00
Rode M2 Microphone $158.00
Rode M3 Dual-power Condenser Microphone $152.00
Rode M5 Condenser Microphone $178.00
Rode Micro Boompole $64.00
Rode NT1 Microphone (Kit w/SMR Shock mount) $298.00
Rode NT1000 Microphone $495.00
Rode NT1-A Microphone From $255.00 View options
Rode NT1-S (Mic Only) $349.00
Rode NT2000 Microphone $799.00
Rode NT2-A Microphone $396.00
Rode NT3 Condenser Microphone $284.00
Rode NT4 Microphone $614.00
Rode NT5 Microphone From $244.00 View options
Rode NT55 From $317.00 View options
Rode NT6 Microphone $383.00
Rode NTG-1 Microphone $277.00
Rode NTG-2 Microphone $310.00
Rode NTG-3 Microphone $627.00
Rode NTG-3B Microphone $627.00
Rode NTG4 Directional Condenser Microphone $355.00
Rode NTG4+ Directional Condenser Microphone with Inbuilt Battery $384.00
Rode NTG-8 Microphone $719.00
Rode NTK Microphone $627.00
Rode NTR Active Ribbon Microphone $779.00
Rode NT-USB USB Microphone $189.00
Rode PinMic Lapel Microphone POA
Rode PinMic Long Lapel Microphone POA
Rode Podcaster USB Broadcast Microphone POA
Rode Procaster POA
Rode Reporter Microphone $169.00
Rode RODELink Digital Wireless System Kit for Filmmakers $429.00
Rode S1 Microphone From $317.00 View options
Rode Smartlav+ Lavalier Microphone for Smartphones $57.00
Rode Stereo Video Microphone $231.00
Rode Stereo VideoMic Pro Rycote On-Camera Microphone $289.00
Rode Stereo VideoMic X Microphone $666.00
Rode Video Microphone $145.00
Rode VideoMic Go Microphone $94.00
Rode VideoMic Me Microphone $79.00
Rode VideoMic Pro Camcorder and DSLR Microphone $229.00
Rode VideoMicro Compact On-Camera Microphone $79.00
* Prices include GST
 Sony Microphones View Sony Microphones details
Sony ECM-HST1 Compact Stereo Microphone $189.00
Sony ECM-HW1 Wireless Microphone $299.00
Sony ECM-MSD1 Stereo Microphone $189.00
* Prices include GST
 Dicapac Underwater Case View Dicapac Underwater Case details
Dicapac WP-D20 Underwater Digital Video Camera Case POA
* Prices include GST
 Video Brackets View Video Brackets details
Camera-Warehouse DSLR Movie Rig $199.00
Ricoh Extension Adapter for Theta TE-1 $49.00
Glanz Video Accessory Bracket VA 2224B $28.00
Camera-Warehouse Video Bracket $19.95
Ricoh WG Camera Holder O-CH1470 POA
Ricoh WG Flat Adhesive Mount O-CM1471 POA
Ricoh WG Grip Adapter O-MA1531 POA
Ricoh WG Handle Bar & Bike Mount O-CM1472 POA
Ricoh WG Helmet Strap Mount O-CM1536 POA
Ricoh WG Magnet Mount O-CM1535 POA
Ricoh WG Suction Cup Mount O-CM1473 POA
Ricoh WG Wrist Strap Mount O-CM1533 POA
* Prices include GST
 Fostex Audio Interface Devices View Fostex Audio Interface Devices details
Fostex AR-4i Audio Interface for iphone4 POA
* Prices include GST

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